JTHJ, Talaash, Khiladi 786 – Was the wait worth it?

Last quarter of 2012 isn’t exactly going as per plans. ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, ‘Son of Sardaar’, ‘Talaash’ and ‘Khiladi 786’, all biggies boasting of superstar actors, were expected to put the box office on fire. Wait, before the box office comes in, they were also expected to be classics. Okay, let’s keep ‘Son of Sardaar’ and ‘Khiladi 786’ out of it. After all, the makers never promised a film that will be remembered or acclaimed for it’s content.

JTHJ SOS Talaash

Jab Tak Hai Jaan – Son Of Sardar – Talaash

However, ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ and ‘Talaash’ were expected to be on these lines, at least amongst the audience. One can go on and on about the ‘wow-this-film-looks-fab-on-paper’ conversations that were centred around the Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan starrers. In fact at the beginning of 2012, no one would have doubted the box office journey that these films would take. Content or no content! In the middle of this all, there came ‘Son of Sardaar’.

The results though have been a tad underwhelming!

Despite the centuries that two of these films have already scored, the fact still remains that they couldn’t score in two departments – ‘universal acceptance’ and ‘instant coffee results’. Yes, the argument would be that quite a few ‘so-called’ Bollywood blockbusters in the 100 crore club haven’t quite seen all around acceptance coming for them. Agree. However what they scored was providing ‘instant’ results.

For Diwali biggies it was always going to be difficult to accomplish that due to a clash. However if only there was ‘universal acceptance’, they would have at least continued to score ‘heavily’ in the second week. That didn’t happen and the results were there to be seen when Irrfan Khan’s ‘Life of Pi’ had collections higher than JTHJ and SOS.

With all films set to end their run by the time ‘Dabangg 2’ arrives next week, JTHJ collections would be best ever for Shahrukh but only a little better than ‘Ra. One’. As for ‘Son of Sardaar’, it too has just scraped through the 100 crore mark, as was the case with ‘Singham’ and ‘Bol Bachchan’.

The question that arises is – ‘Is this all that was expected from these films?’ Leave aside the crores earned and the profit/loss figure, weren’t these films expected to provide wholesome entertainment to audience? These are early days for ‘Talaash’ but same holds true for that as well which, after being pitched as THE Aamir Khan movie in the offering, it hasn’t quite seen all around accolades either from audience or critics.

Didn’t audience deserve better? Was the wait for these biggies indeed worth it?

Which of the following films 'disappointed' you the most?

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  • yep jthj dissapointed us the most!! afterall it was from a director who was a legend…and it was last chance for shahrukh to deliver an atbb…..sad but true :-jthj is currently just a hit!..

    really your last film deserved a better verdict as well as better hero!

  • son of sardar is the winner all the way. Despite yrfs illegal policy for screen booking it overcome the hardness.

  • Obiviously JTHJ…had gr8 expectations from this one…being Yash ji+ Srk+Kat+anu
    but it fail miserably (for me …my view point)
    even for me music was just average..
    see when it’s yash ji film (most probably romantic movie)…
    we have more than gr8 music…be it be…Chandni,Kabhi kabhi,Lamhe,Darr,DTPH..
    even Veer -Zara had superb music…
    but JTHJ…..lacked it …& doesn’t fall in that category..

    then being a yash ji film…expectations were high…
    again Chandi,Kabhi kabhi,Darr,Lamhe were all gr8…
    DTPH was just the weakest movie of yash ji before JTHJ…though DTPH was super-hit……but yash ji admit himself(in conversation with Karan Johar) that DtPH was his weakest film (in romantic note)

    but JTHJ is far below than DTPH…DTPH had gr8 music ..but JTHJ had avrg one….
    moreover….all yash ji films were clean family films….no kissing …short dressing etc…but JTHJ was full of that with weak plot…& too make the things worse Katrina was there…..she can’t act……
    however…..in previous yash ji movies ….Sridevi,Madhuri.Juhi,Rakhi etc etc ….had gr8 roles & they did justice to them…but Kat…she can’t act…
    the only saving grace of movie was Srk…most specifically as Samar anand …i liked his acting……+anu was good too…

    So all in all……….weak plot,avrg music,Katrina kaif …(no acting skills)…. all were disappointing…..
    the biggest debacle of 2012…………….

  • JTHJ was by far the biggest disappointment for me because I grew up dreaming of being the hero who would sing all those lovely dubbly songs and humming those melodies to the beautiful heroines. I was expecting a Dil To Pagal Hai style of romance and conflicted love interests but instead what we got was well a rather boring story which left me thinking towards the end of the movie: “did i really just watch a Yash Chopra romance???” So for me JTHJ takes first prize. Aamirs Talaash gave us The audience what was promised, a riveting screenplay with stellar performances. SOS was promising to be entertaining and it did entertain for whats it worth so no complains on that front. K786 for me was always looking like a Housefull meets Tees Maar Khan rather than Singham meets Rowdy Rathore masala film so I wasnt expecting anything decent and thats exactly what was offered. (the songs were atleast decent). Great article Indicine as always.

  • Well Universal acceptance is rare these days unless of course you are Salman Khan who is going through the best phase of his career.As far as Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Talaash are concerned they are class films which appeal mainly to urban audiences.These films have limited appeal in single screens.But if they have not collected 200 crores that does not mean that they have disappointed every one.They have been widely accepted in Overseas.How many crores a film earns does not decide whether it is great or not.For example how many people will say that Ek Tha Tiger is better than Barfi.Well people will say that Box office is the ultimate king so be it.Both Talaash and Jab Tak Hai Jaan are great films and will be remembered for long time and as an audience the film should appeal to you whether it is a blockbuster or a flop. Thank You.

  • Seriously first of all m thankful to indicine team for dis kind of article !
    and trust me dats d only question i wanted 2 ask everyone ..all these movies has got excellent opening & business nos. bcoz of star cast but i guess wasnt paisa wasool.
    Jab tak hai jaan and son of sardar specially was completely scrap. Superstar like srk n akki have no rights to play wid public money ( specially srk fans ) …wats d use of paying 250 + for ticket !i’ve seen sos n jab tak hai jaan n talash …….!
    most waited movies but finally ended in absolutely in nothing.

  • i cn do anything 4 aamir coz he’z my idol..bt talaash is’nt an aamir khan standard..im nt saying it’s a bad movie bt i want 2 see rang de basanti standard movie.bt talaash proved dat der is no one infront of him as per acting is concernd..

  • I think KHILADI 786 was a much better film than other Masala films like Ek Tha tiger and Son of SARDAR

    TALAASH and Jab TAK hai JAAN were superb

  • Talaash was amazing. Please remember the minimum promotions and the different concept of this film. Its the biggest suspense film in Indian cinema history and opened on a non holiday. Plus suspense is not mainstream at all yet look at the astounding figures. The reviews were mainly positive, not a single negative one & Rani and Aamir were mindblowing. JTHJ on the other hand was a complete disaster and embarrassment to watch. If it wasn’t for Anushka I would’ve walked out.

  • To me khiladi 786 disappointed a lot,9.5cr opening for akshay kumar film was even below raaz 3.As for jthj we assumed it to be a masterpiece but it didnt happen. Sos did well by ajay devgn’s range whereas Talaash wasnt an universal movie, didnt got any support from mass centers.

  • JTHJ was huge disapointment.bec yash chopra last release, AR rhman music, Gulzar shab.kat and anushka.srk, festive release.
    2-talash. an aamir khan movie released after slmost 4years.

  • Seriously one can’t expect a film like jthj as a last film of a legend with great artists & technicians.Thoroughly dissappointed.

  • Thoroughly dissappointed by jthj being a legend’s last film with great technicians & artists.I never expected this from the team.Seriously dissappointed.

  • For me K786 is the biggest disappointment …as it has the tag of khiladi series….
    second…if we talk abt action ..then i don’t think that akki has any matches in bollywood….
    third..it is a masala movie…which is trending now-a-days in bollywood…still K786 failed to make a better performance….
    i think..100 cr is tough for it…late alone collections of rowdy rathore..
    So…for me K786 is most disappointing….
    Now ..coming to Jab Tak hai jaan….
    its beyond my thinking…why they are considering it as disappointment…
    plz have a look on above concerned four movies…
    SOS …
    comedy cum action…highly appealing at mass centres…
    biggies like Ajay,sallu and sanju…
    still made 80 cr less than JTHJ…
    K786 …
    masala…i don’t have to say anything else…
    still tough to cross 100cr..
    suspense thriller…here i am agree..that this genre is not able to get much audiences..
    still it seems like it ll cross 100 cr…total credit goes to aamir..
    but it is also supposed to not cross the collection of JTHJ…
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan…..
    romance…evergreen formula ..but it will never make a great impact on audiences now-a-days…
    still this movie has made 120 cr in india and apprx. 80 cr in overseas…
    don’t forget..that it faced a strong competition from SOS…
    after surpassing all these troubles..JTHJ emerged as highest grosser among these fours…
    So..if u r still thinking that JTHJ is a big disappointment for u…then i respect ur thinking…
    but for me ..u all r totally wrong…..
    JTHJ is praised in India and overseas and it is still running in overseas..
    note that it is fifth week for it..
    can u tell me the name of any other movie…which has successfully run for 5 weeks in overseas market….???

  • @king, 3idiots and My name is khan lol, well actually they are running successfully for a year
    anyway i agree with your comment….

  • Surely JTHJ! In terms of collections as well as word of mouth… every1 expecting jthj can be able to break a 3idiots record despite d clashing. But at d end it failed to break even rowdy rathore record. when i came back to word of mouth, its a thing that no one snatched it from u when u get it. but again jthj fail, is dropping day by day n even d sos improved much ahead than jthj in week days, which shows the very bad of it’s word-of-mouth. overall average

    i didnt have much expectation on sos, what d film did is superb performance.. i dont think d film can be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with jthj in weekdays like it did. overall v-good

    talaash, also disappointed me although not like jthj, i believed that any aamir khan film ll definitely hold audience heart for many weeks… i didnt expect bumfer start for d film but i believed d quality of d film will hold audience for quit some weeks, but in vain. overall above-average

    k786, what disappointed me in that film is d title, this film didnt deserve to be among khiladi series at all, big mistake that d makers did. after i watched d trailer i knws this is kind of rohit shetty’s films which start being repetitive in bollywood, but d super success of d music add more expectation to me. yes d film didnt reach d label of success that suppose to be but d big surprise is sustaining of it’s weekdays running which shows audience especially on single screen really love d film . overall above-average

  • Not realy disspointed with JTHJ.

    Because after watching its first trailer i felt that it would be a boring movie & it came same.Only sympathy towards Yash Chopra saved it from becoming flop.

    Talaash & K786 disspointed little,both films felt short from expectetions.

    In all that SOS is winner.It performed realy well despite small release & low quality screens.

  • Srk’s films not performing well at BO.
    But when it comes on poll he never going loose.
    When Srk fans realise that these kind of polls doesn’t make any difference in their stars career.To boost his career he need BO figure & not votes in poll.

  • I never expected anything frm Jab tak…. Have
    Never expected frm yash raj after seeing veer
    Zaara i dont know y at all it is present
    In the list..

  • this article in itself is a disappointment . movies with universal acceptance are rare , there is once in the blue moon when movies like sholey , ddlj or 3 idiots happen . if movie making has been so easy job , every other movie had been accepted universaly . all the movies mentioned above were what they were promoted as , some enjoyed and some didn’t . thats ok! to buy a ticket and spead a word of mouth is in the hands of audiences. lets give at least some creative freedom to the makers so that they can make what they envision to. as there are different audiance who like different movies so there are different movies . then why pitch ‘u must entertain all !’ type of emotional cry ?

  • Senseless Article. As per your Verdicts JTHJ is Super Hit and SOS / Talaash are Hits, so what is the problem? When movies Flops you cry they are not becoming Hits when movies become Hits / Super Hits you cry Movies not becoming Blockbuster. When you guys will be satisfied? JTHJ and SOS struggled did you mention after 3rd Day Mumbai was closed how much business did they lost? Inspite of that they crossed 100 is not satisfactory wow. JTHJ is year 4th Highest Grosser behind ETT, RR and Agneepath that is not Satisfactory Business Wow. You are comparing insignificant movie like Life of Pie all languages business with JTHJ and SOS 2nd weekend and telling they underperformed Wow. Please tell what was Life Of Pie Hindi Business 1st weekend? Was it more than JTHJ and SOS? Before writing such useless articles check then write. This article is more of Joke to get some comments.

  • i saw talaash yesterday, its an awesum well written movie, hw cn u get disappointed by it ??? only coz such films dnt hav mass sppeal u cnt tell dey r disappointin , talaash had a limited audience n it wrked well in it , dere’s no qsn abt it, its a success !! haters get ovr it , aamir didn’t disappoint ! jb film universal nhi h toh universally accepted kaise hogi ???? apply ur brains !! u cnt expect evry film to b lyk massy dabangg

  • What a rubbish article. Everybody knew clash between sos and jthj is will affect each other greatly. What do you people think in india have no work they will just go to watch films every week . Big collections of any films is dependent on many factor. Talaash khiladi both got affected because of back to releases of big film. Most people generally tend to enjoy films in a certain gap of time in festive period especially the families. Sos and jthj went to collect more 200cr in 2 weeks. That is great thing. According to this article than jthj had to collect about 200cr to avoid being a dissapointment. Now 300cr in 2 weeks in box office is not so easy . Day dreaming, expecting false targets of collection even before the release of film without seeing the film is absolute stupidity. After seeing the content of the film and the first day response only then the collections should be estimated .

  • Just After watching the trailer & videos of JTHJ, i was one of the very first persons to predict that this movie will not only be the biggest disappointment of the year but it will also end up as being the biggest ever disappointment in the legendary yash chopra’s illustrious career and i was 100% right. ( jthj over-collected some 25+ crores because of yashji’s untimely death’s sympathy factor otherwise a “C” movie like jthj doesnt even deserve a 90 crores in india but i am really shocked at its overseas collections and just cant understand how NRIs bear to watch such srk’s craps).

    Though Talaash was not a bad movie but it was still way below the mr.perfect khan’s usual high standards so it gave a devoted aamir fanatic like me some disappointment (including its box office performance as i expected an “aamir” movie to earn nothing less than 125+ crores irrespective of its genre).

    SOS was to give family entertainment and it did just that and had it not been for jthj, it could have had collected some 20+ crores extra.

    Well k786 was made mainly for the masses and its single screen performances are still ok while multiplexes have mostly rejected it, so in a way it has achieved its objective but it will not cross the 100+ crores barrier so as a akki fan slightly disappointed..

  • what a stupid article all are saying that jthj is big disappointment dnt you know why jthj didnt cross 200 crore becoz of stupid poeple of india they are just watching rowdy rathor and dabangg
    jab tak hai jaan is the 3rd highest grosser in overseas that mean jthj is not disappointment u peolpe make them

  • @indicine… 3rd highest grosser overseas and just behind 3 idiots and MNIK, do you think its a disappointment. Means overseas people had good word of mouth and in india it was mixed. But that happens with every big movie. Mark my word that Dabangg 2 will also have a mixed WOM as ppl will compare it with dabangg.
    For me JTHJ and Talaash worked well. and the guy who is the first commenter here should read his comments before the release of Jthj, this guy never expected jthj to be huge hit infact he was too busy in spreading false info and comparing it will sallu movies and now the movie jthj disappointed him. Get a life dude.

  • I think it’s wrong to measure one’s (film) success value with just opening day figures. What ultimately matters is one’s opinion, did he truly like the movie? Was it worth the wait or money? Did it truly live upto one’s expectations? I think those what trully matters in the end.

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