JTHJ premiere will be a moving museum of Yashji’s work: SRK

Shahrukh KhanThe premiere for Yash Chopra’s last film “Jab Tak Hai Jaan” will be like a moving museum of the late filmmaker’s work, says Shah Rukh Khan and hopes it turns out to be a “memorable” event for the film fraternity.

“There will be a big screen, and a special sound system is being brought down by specialists who will make film-watching possible in areas which are not regular studios,” Shah Rukh, the leading man of JTHJ, revealed here Wednesday.

“It’ll be a moving museum of Yashji’s work, which kind of does not end, but continues with ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’. But somewhere down the line, the journey is still there,” added the 46-year-old, on the sidelines of the launch of a furnishings store, Bioscopewallah.

The Chopra family – the filmmaker’s wife Pamela, and sons Aditya and Uday – are planning the grand event.

“I don’t know the exact designing, that Adi (Aditya), Uday and Pam aunty must be doing with a lot of love and care. Hopefully, everybody will come, have a great time and enjoy this eventful and entertaining film,” he added.

Shah Rukh also said that the grand premiere was planned even before Yash Chopra’s death Oct 21.

“The decision to have a premiere was actually even before he passed away. We were thinking of how to do it. At that time the idea was that we’ll do the different aspects of cinema he has done – romance, thrill and everyone can party all around the studio,” Shah Rukh said.

JTHJ, releasing on Diwali Nov 13, also stars Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.



  • Yash chopra an insititue of movies.He is real showman of bollywood.We are very lucky for having film makers like him.From dhool ka phool to veer Zaara every movie he has made touched human felling expecting a Lot From his last venture along with SRK, kat and anuska starrer JTJH.best of luck

  • I just dont understand Salman Fans.

    THey said that agneepath is hit because of katrina . Now they r not even mentioning anthing abt katrina…

    Just heard Dabang 2 story has been added in series of 3 – 4 item numbers….
    They finally got a script which can complement their item numbers…….

  • Yash Chopra a true Legend! Will miss you dearly.. I hope he saved his best for Last! Would love to ee JTHJ turn out to be a brilliant movie out of respect for the work Yash ji has done!

  • @ Abhijit, Jo cult hoti hai uski jagah museum mein hoti hai. Hum to Jayenge SOS entertainment ke liye with gaza, baza and nagara.

  • @ sachin, Agar respect ke liye JTHJ dekhna hai to dekh liyo agar entertainment ke liye dekhna hai to phir ————-SOS.

  • why some one talking abt sos here who ever want to watch sos can watch, what is de point dragging sos here ?, both films r different, point to be noted is yash chopra’s movies never was mindless so definitely jthj would be 1 time watch

  • SRK #JTHJ used #ETT name to get screens KINGKHAN bhi bhai ke NAAM SE screen leta hai and idiot calls himself king. Looser!

  • @nuetral. . . Agneepath was hit not Bcoz of katrina but Bcoz of kat item no. Chikni chemeli in single screens. . . Dnt post half news okay. .

  • Sure jbtk hai jaan is much beeter than sos , sos is again copy fil of south like salman and amir, srk always produce new things and yashji too, if u want to watch some real thing than jthj is great but u want to watch again a copied film like makhi go and watch sos,

  • Karan, Yaar name me any real fim of SRK and any unreal fil of any actor. Think twice before commenting any thing. People go to theatre to get entertained. And this Diwali entertainment is SOS Size.

  • so many ppl r saying dey will watch sos coz of dabaang trailer like dat we srkians watched ett just coz of jthj teaser else who will salman khan mindless movie…at dat tym why does salman used srk popularity to get initial ?

  • Ajay had filed case against yrf for large screens by saying to exhibitors to give large no. Of screens 4 jthj if they want ett. . . Hw cheap Yak . .

  • Ajay had filed case against yrf for large screens by saying to exhibitors to give large no. Of screens 4 jthj if they want ett. . . . .

  • @ soroop, YRF were producer’s. They are entitled to take decision. Any way this Diwali Decision is ENTERTAINMENT – SOS SIZE.

  • @akshay, parampara was released in 1990 and it was a 1 time watch den, now u tell me which movie is better tees mar khan or parampara ?

  • @selfish,both films r under YRF so it’s der decision, suppose if jthj is releasing first den they might say the same if u want jthj den take ett else we wont give jthj

  • Not interested in watching oldy shahrukh doing the same repeated things with two young ladies. His antics and style is totally out of date will not pass the test of box office. Son of sardar appears to be a fresh entertaining movie. Waiting eagerly for its release.

    Jab tak hai jaan …epic disaster romantic saga..made for mentally disturbed human being like u …..

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