Jolly LLB 2 Weekend Box Office Report: Excellent trend

Akshay Kumar’s Jolly LLB 2 has performed very well in its first weekend at the box office. The film has shown excellent growth and the trend is even better than ‘Rustom’ and ‘Airlift’ last year.

The ‘First Day to Weekend’ growth ratio of Akshay’s last few films is as follows:

  • Jolly LLB 2 – 3.86 times
  • Airlift – 3.69 times
  • Rustom - 3.57 times
  • Housefull 3 – 3.53 times

Jolly LLB 2 has been given the second widest release for an Akshay Kumar film in the last two years, only behind ‘Housefull 3’. The collections are good, but since the film started at a low level on Friday, a 7.5-crore hold on Monday would be excellent, while anything less than 6 crore would suggest that the film isn’t holding up after a good weekend.

The first weekend collections are as follows:

  • Friday – 12.5 crore
  • Saturday – 16.25 crore (30% growth)
  • Sunday – 19.30 crore (19% growth)
  • Weekend collections - 48 crore (approx)


  • the collections given by producers are in line with trade estimates…what u wanna show? That wur collections are more credible. Then go to hell

  • @indicine losing faith from you site now, you are under-reporting collections now.
    why haven’t u changed hny’s opening day LT and krish’s figures?

  • Its crossed 50 CR’s as per taran adarsh.BTW the trend is very good so far.Monday if it does around 6 to 7 CR’s then it can go on to do 110 CR’s as per ur lbo prediction.. Let’s see.

  • It’s a 50 cr weekend why r u not giving Producer fig ?? Noone can track exact collections ,u shd go with producers fig atleast when the gap is less….
    BOI just wait for the prod fig and reduced it by 1 cr Ghanta kuch nhi pta us site ko….
    Please post Producer figures.

  • Dear Hrithik learn something from Akki. No need of clash for 1 National holiday. You are a huge star so u can give 150+ on normal weekend too. For God Shake , I dunt want 4th clash in a row .
    Anyway congrats Akki fans , your star is in a roll . Hope he will cross 200 next year ( Crack nd Gold has chance to cross 200 )

  • Just go n watch dis film for sayani gupta ‘s 5 min role
    U won’t dissapoint.
    She makes u awestruck by her presence.
    Mindbogling performance.

  • actual Sunday collection is 19.90..
    & total weekend is more than 50 crore…
    don’t degrade other films just bcoz of Raees & kabil

  • 4th back to back century for akshay…@indicine don’t you think hr is loosing big projects just b’coz of his 50 crores fees…first thug(aditya chopra was not ready to give 50 cr fees) then siddhartha anand fighter (nadiawala didn’t give 50 crore fees)nd now karan malhotra next (karan Johar is not ready to give 50 crores )…means he will do movie only if someone pay him 50 crores chahe movie 3rd class hi Kyon na ho like bang 2 nd mojo….means he will soon sign another crap just b’coz of someone will pay him again 50 crores…

  • Initially we had boi figures n producers a days u have started ur own figures too which is adding to our confusion to whom to believe.when producers n trade figures vary by little differences its better to stick to producers figures.if it varies too much like in case of Rae’s n kaabil its better to track ur own figures..

  • If someone is getting bored I have something for u…


    Statemant of BOI – #Kaabil production values r very low…

    #Kaabil Budget by BOI – 89 crores…

    #Krrish 3( a huge movie with huge prod values) Budget by BOI – 95 crores

    Note : Both movies r from same production Houses ,so no issues on Hrithik’s Fees ,etc .

  • So Akshay sir is still struggling to grasp 150 crore domestic. Looks like it’s going to happen in the year 2020. ?

  • Now it will Touch 100cr. Very easily bcz it have 2 open weeks.
    Buzz for “The Ghazi attack” and “Running” is zero.
    Congratulations to Akshay kumar whole Jolly LLB 2 team.

    4 movies in a year and back to back hits. Looks like 2007 phase of him is back.

    Truly without a doubt content is king. ??

  • 48 cr is a good for jllb2 this is exam time
    but film is doing great buiseness
    if this film today collected more than 8 cr than 125 cr pakka

  • this proved that if u are confident on ur product than release the film in any date
    eid is not a big holiday there is only one day goverment holiday but there ia salman satrdom thats his film collected more in eid

  • @Dinesh It’s a rumour that he has demanded 50 cr for thug and fighter .For thug ,he wanted some changes in script which YRF refused and Aamir accept without changes
    And he is looking for something out of the box ,he always gives something special and memorable to his fans and do challenging roles like Kaabil…
    I know it’s frustrating that we don’t know whts his next but have patience and believe in Him….
    Hrithik sir will surely surprise us with a Great movie
    Kaabil is still in theatres ,so watch it again if u can and enjoy ?

  • So, here comes the downfall of indicine.
    Had been a huge fan of you people but the way you people are showing collections is very bad.
    If you really want to be Sathya Harischandras then change even the old records which you have.

  • losing trust from You now.You should give producer fig or trade fig but now u are doing something else.Manipulation was always there but 10% apart from Krish3 and BB you should have take stand time of Krish 3 rather than now

  • @Indicine when you yourself said if difference b/w trade and producer’s figure is less than 5 to 6 % than its okay; so here you are giving your fig and by the way I don’t understand why always trade websites give their collection after the producer’s if they so confident about themselves why wait for producers figure please clarify

  • So it seems like , Akshay going to break his own ” best year for a star”
    4 big grossers in 2007
    Now , 3 x 100cr grossers + 500cr grosser ( robot Hindi version )

  • @indicine.. Yesterday in answer to a question in QnA session you said if the difference between your figure and official figure is 5% you will stick to the official figure. Now as ur figure is 19.30 so adding 5% to it becomes 20.27 cr. The official collection is 19.95 cr. Now, tell me why u have quoted the sunday collection as 19.30 cr. The same applies to 1st day collection also. I request you to please dont be so smart so that ur foolishness is visible to everyone..

  • SRK with a clash 3400 screens 59 CR #Raees proves he was he is and will remain one of the top 3 stars in the country

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