Joker Story – Akshay Kumar

Ever wondered if aliens were to visit a village that is not on the map of our country, what hell would break loose?!

Joker is the story of Agastya (Akshay Kumar), a researcher probing the existence of aliens in the universe, who returns to his small little native village. The out of luck Agastya takes it upon himself to put his crazy village on the global map and continues with his alien exploration from there.

While his plan gets the village attention from across the world, it also comes with a great deal of risk. Will aliens save the day for Akshay? Or will his plans fall like a pack of cards? Get set for India’s first ever extra-terrestrial drama-comedy – Joker!

Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha with co-stars of Joker

Joker Story



  • I like Akki n Ajay are 2 faces of the same coin when 1 is giving Hits(HouseFull2 n R.Rathore) other is giving Flops(Tezz n rascals)…Now akki will give Flops(Joker n Khiladi786) n Ajay Hits(SOS N Bol Bachchan).

  • The makers should bring the movie in September 2012, will generate good revenue from the RR wave. The movie should have good WOM, then will collect 90-100 crores, else, not more than 80 crores lifetime domestic collections. Watch out for Khiladi786, it will be a sleeper hit, have the potential to collect 100 crores coz it will get 2 open weeks before Dabaang 2.

  • Flop for Akshay.
    Akki is yet to give a hit on his own power. Housefull2 was a multi-starrer and Rowdy Rathore was a scene to scene Remake.. Just like Sallu does. Only SRK has the power to give a hit on his own power. Real Superstar.

  • @tdpunks
    brother a superstar only give weekend numbers. rest of the collection depends on the content of the movie. shahrukh also have given so many flops. while salman and akshay also have duds. script is backbone of a movie.

  • @abhi SRK has done more than 70 films, only 3-4 films were flopped.. That shows who is the Real Star.. Samjhe Beta.

  • @tdpunks shahrukh has done only around 40-50 movies.. and many flops e.g Ra.One,Billu,Ashoka,Swadesh,One 2 ka 4, phir bhi dil hai hindustani,Paheli etc.. with many average movies also.. and akshay has done more dan 100 movies .. SRK plays safe by doing 1 movie a yr which definitely generate money.. akshay does 4-5 movies every year.. so akshay is far ahead of SRK

  • @theskb 1st: RaOne was a hit accrdng to BOI.. In Billu, he had a extended CAMEO, . Swades was commercial hit in overseas. And its in the Rediff’s Top 10 best movie of Decade. So that leaves to 5-6 films which r either flops or average..
    2nd: SRK has acted in over 70 films. Go and Google it.

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