John and Varun’s film ‘Dishoom’ gets delayed due to Varun’s schedule

Riding high on the success of two hugely popular films namely, Badlapur and ABCD 2, Varun Dhawan has been really busy this year.

The upcoming star is also a part of ‘Dilwale’, which is the biggest film of his career and stars Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol and Kriti Sanon in the lead.

Because of his busy schedule, Varun has not been able to give dates to big brother Rohit Dhawan’s project, Dishoom. Theshooting of the action film will only begin towards the end of July. The film also stars John Abhraham who has already worked with Rohit Dhawan in the 2011 film ‘Desi Boyz’.

A sources says “The film would have rolled around January 2015. John who has a clean slate this year gave immediate dates to his buddy Rohit Dhawan. But Rohit’s kid brother, who plays the other lead, was busy completing and promoting two back-to-back projects Badlapur and ABCD 2. Varun is finally free to for his brother.”

Varun’s father David Dhawan said “Varun doesn’t even have time to say hello to me. I guess this is what every father dreams of. That his son should become busier than the father.

Well, with ABCD 2 all set to cross the 100 crore mark, the trade has already hailed Varun Dhawan as the next superstar of the industry. With films like ‘Dishoon’ and ‘Dilwale’ lined up for release, the expectations of a huge opening will only increase with each film.



  • Excited for dishoom because of Jackline ……. Just like i was excited for abcd2 becoz of Shraddha ,not varun…….!!….

  • i feel abcd 2 will remember as abcba – anybody can beat akki. i also like akki but this is a joke.

  • All the best varun
    John is a good actor to…watched madras cafe few days was an awesome film n equally awesome performance by john
    His script sense is getting better day by day

  • @ajinkya, now got your hit or flop verdict criteria.. lol
    If the film starring any newcomer, then defenitly flop, even before the star cast..if it’s an RK film, then it will be disaster, if not, then due to the director… right?
    … I think you struggled years to become an actor, but end up with a akki you can’t tolerate any youngster’s success…
    You really need care..get well soon…what can I say…

  • This movie will flop….

    My prediction hardly go wrong…
    Bv – all time disaster…
    Ddd – flop…
    Roy- flop..
    Tevar- disaster…

    Dishoom can be major setback for varun ……!!…

  • I wont be surprised if Dishoom turns out a bigger hit than Billuwale.
    Highest grossers 2015 predictions

  • Answers to Live Q & A section 1) @sk, From 2000 to 2009 period Aamir delivered 1 ATBB, 1 BB, 2 superhits & 2 hits. Ajay delivered 4 hits & Akshay delivered 3 super hits & 6 hits.Hrithik was able to deliver 4 BB & 1 super hit. Salman was able to give 2 super hits & 3 hits. SRK delievered 3 BB, 3 super hits & 5 hits. The number of people who watched Main Hoon Na , Tere Naam & Garv were approximately same, but more people watched Main Hoon Na at multiplexes at ticket price of Rs.150 & more people watched other films at single screens @ Rs. 20 & 30. He also had delayed films like Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam & Shaadi Kar Ke Phas Gaya Yaar.

  • varun is definitely going to be a big star
    waiting for his every movie be it dishoom or shuddhi
    but can’t wait for dilwale

  • one upon a time, some fools considered John as future superstar of hindi film industry and even said that HRITHIK ROSHAN gone and now john is here to rule

    now future become present but where is the future superstar of hindi film industry

    nowhere !





    din me sapne dekhna buri baat hai

  • @YUVRAJ Whole India likes Akki Cos he iz the best .
    cos of Ur first favrt u feel jealous sometimes about akki ..! Akki iz a extraordinary person compare to any actor dats Y ..!

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