John Abraham to lose 20 kgs for Shoojit Sircar’s 1911

Actor John Abraham will be losing more than 20 kgs of his body weight for his upcoming film ‘1911’.

While promoting his upcoming film ‘Welcome Back’, John was asked if he would be ready to lose his muscles for the sake of a role.

He said “Of course! In fact, by next October, I have to be 20 kg lighter for a film that I am doing. So, I will start weight shedding for it.”

John later told IANS that the film is ‘1911’, a project which was to go on the floors in October 2014.

A Shoojit Sircar directorial, ‘1911’ will revolve around football, a sport that John is passionate about and supports as the co-owner of Indian Super League (ISL) Guwahati franchise North East United FC.

‘1911’ will tell the story of late Indian footballer Sibdas Bhaduri, who captained Mohun Bagan in the historic 1911 IFA Shield final when they defeated the East Yorkshire Regiment to become the maiden Asian team to emerge victorious in the competition.

The actor-producer shared that Sircar is “not too happy” with certain things in the script, and is “tweaking” it a bit.

“It’s a great script, but I can’t say exactly when we will go on floors with it. It will be a good film,” John, who has earlier produced films like ‘Vicky Donor’ and ‘Madras Cafe’ told IANS.

Being as health and fitness conscious as he is, is it a healthy practice to lose and gain weight for film roles?

“It’s okay if you do it gradually, and besides we do it under the guidance of experts… Nutritionists… There’s always proper guidance,” he said, and added that he keeps fit with regular exercise and by avoiding alcohol, sweets and fatty foods.

He pointed out that in general, he’s an atheist — also clarifying that while he is spiritually inclined but not overly religious — John shared that he considers his body as a temple. So, he believes in taking good care of it in a disciplined way.

Doesn’t he feel like gorging on goodies sometimes?

“No, I would not eat them. I actually don’t feel like eating them. In fact, if I eat anything oily, I will fall sick” he quipped.



  • Why doesn’t he concentrate on doing more serious roles and leave comedy to Akshay.Welcome Back and Hera Pheri will be disasters

  • John abraham has been in btown frm 10 years. Yet he hasn’t managed to give solo hit or establish his fan-base.
    I think this movie will release in 2016. Shoojit Sircaar is average director. Piku was not a good movie.

    I am definitely looking forward to these films next year——–

    1 sultan
    2 shivaay
    3 golmaal4
    4 thug
    5 azhar Biopic
    6 raees
    7 hf3

  • No matter how good John Abraham performs, critics will always bash his performance….. Expectong another Excellent movie from Piku, Vicky Donor director shojit sircar

  • I cant remember when but he did a soccer movie before with Arshad Warsi / Bipasha Basu many yrs ago which was not too bad.

    This one seems like a Lagaan type story so for now Im eager to hear more about it as shooting starts soon. Good luck

  • I am very excited about this movie..Bcoz, I was born in Kolkata & I was stayed in also location of Baghbazar & Shyambazar(near ‘Sibdas Bhaduri’ street)..I was going for ‘Private Tutions’ in that particular area..I have also seen that photos of 1911..Now, I live in DumDum with my family(Parents & Wife)….

  • Shoojit Sircar is a brilliant director . John has been a Superb Producer with VD and MC . 1911 looks interesting . I hope SS can make a proper film on Football and nothing silly like Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal . John has improved his acting very much in the last 5 years with performances like Force, Madras Cafe and SAW . He should avoid movies like WB because he has a poor comic timing . If he wants to do Comedy then he should improve his Comic Timing . I am happy to see that he is doing hardwork for 1911 . I hope 1911 turns out to be a solid movie just like MC, VD and Piku . All the Best John and Shoojit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • These guy had all the tools to be a big star,but his laid back atitude and choice of films let him down.He chooses comedy while he is non comedian and suits best intence roles, he avoids media which is essential part in creating buz around you and has no pr team.

  • wow i am from Guwahati,Assam,northeast of India but ain’t waiting for 1911
    wb,hero,dilwale,badshaho,airlift along with flĄp AZHAR

  • Not a fan of John the actor, but I admire John as producer. Both Vicky donor and Madras cafe were different movies as well as brilliantly made.
    Shoojit Sarkat is brilliant director, I loved all his last 3 films including piku too. So expecting A superb movie again from him.
    Best of luck john and shoojit.

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