John Abraham replaces Akshay Kumar in Hera Pheri 3

John AbrahamThere are reports that John Abraham has replaced Akshay Kumar in yet another movie after ‘Welcome Back’, which is a sequel to the 2007 blockbuster ‘Welcome’.

Producer Firoz Nadiadwala has roped in John to play the lead role in the third film in the extremely popular ‘Hera Pheri’ series.

John will be seen romancing model-turned-actress Sakshi Chowdhary (who has also starred in the Telugu film ‘Potugadu’) in the film.

A source close to Firoz Nadiadwala says “When Nadiadwala met the young hopeful actress, he was very impressed by her confidence, poise and beauty. Firoz immediately signed Sakshi for a three-film deal.”

“The first of these would be the long-delayed third film in the ‘Hera Pheri’ franchise, which got stalled after Firoz’s fallout with Akshay Kumar.†John has now taken over the franchise. The leading lady just fell into place when Sakhi walked into Firoz’s office.”

Well, an actor with probably the worst comic timing (as seen in films like Housefull 2 and Garam Masala) in the industry replaces someone who is known for his perfect comic-timing – in a film that is arguably the most loved comic franchise in Bollywood.



  • What’s wrong with Nadiawala…..John is great…..I love him…..But Replacing Akshay Kumar……Yu gotta be kidin me……Will be a disaster….!!

  • It will be the WORST Decision by makers, withous akshay not one a single audience will be interested to watch HERA PHERI.

  • But john is handsome and hunky. 2nd most sexiest actor of bollywood after Hrithik.
    Sexiest actor of bollywood are
    1.hrithik roshan
    2.john abraham
    3.sonu sood

    most good looking actors of bollywood are
    1.hrithik roshan
    2.shahid kapoor
    3.neil nitin mukesh/john abraham

  • This is sad to know that John Abraham is replacing Akki in his blockbuster sequel films…
    I regard Akki as the best comedy actor in bollywood

  • Akshay had a fallout wit firoz so he will not work with him again.
    Now Akshay is working with good directors like a r murgadoss(HOLIDAY),krish(director of best telugu film of the decade for GABBAR) and he is teaming with neeraj pandey(a wednesday and sp26 fame) for an action thriller which will be a series like BOND with patriotism.Akshay has done enough comedy and comedy made him a SUPERSTAR and now he is moving on
    Hera pheri was a classic but the 2nd installment was not good but hope it does well and also welcome back.GOOD FOR THE PRODUCER AND HOPE WELCOME BACK WILL BE THE 2ND HIGHEST GROSSING MOVIE AS IT WAS IN 2007

  • @Aarush He thinks that WELCOME would have been the 2nd highest grossing movie of 2007 without AKKI.Let us see if it enters then TOP10

  • “The leading lady just fell into place when Sakhi walked into Firozís office.”
    Sakhi from Indicine has good connections LOL

  • AKKI will also do a film with Priyadarshan in an AIDS film,so AKKI has good line ups and he has a BIG FRANCHISE comic movie and also NEERAJ PANDEY action thriller series which the first installment is going to be released on REPUBLIC DAY next year

  • @indicine why didnt u post a news on akki doing a film with neeraj pandey but when akki was replaced u people are anxious to post it

  • john & comedy i think the bad combination, i know he has three success in comedy with housefull2,Garam masala & Dostana but in first was there was Akshay who is present time Govinda in comedy zoner (i mean no one can beat him in comedy) & in Dostana he had Abhishek and gay comedy zoner and while abhi has bad carrer but in comedy somehow he got success like Bunty or Babli,Bol Bachchan & dostana, although welcome is only movie of Akshay in 2007 which i don’t like, but Hera Pheri i can’t imagine without Sunil Shetty so how we can imagine a hera pheri without Akshay Kumar, i think it is disasterous decision, i won’t see Hera Pheri 3 sure.

  • akshay please do more comedy films like welcome hera pheri and garam masala
    and get rid with films like ouatim boss and rowdy rathore

  • Not sure if this is good news for John or great news for Akki…

    No offence but Akki must be hoping deep down that John also replaces him in the K786 and Boss sequels too…. No need to worry about Tees Maar Khan as fatty farah has already replaced Akshay in its sequel with Youtube King Thakur Of Chennai….!

    @indicine Abit harsh on John in the last paragraph- granted he cant act, cant dance wont dance, cant romance, shouldnt smile as its scary… Oh ok fair point generally speaking he is a pretty bad actor all round but he has afew fans here like our resident drunk ‘nipin’ who drools over Johns Shootout At Wadala physique so cant be all bad… Good luck Akshay on future projects and let John have your left overs where applicable… Good riddance to bad rubbish as they say

  • exactly bro @aeeyy,I want to punish firoz for this.though I am a SRK fan,but I always took hera pheri 1&2 close to my heart.I feel really sad when his genuine films like patiala house,tmk and many more good films flopped.that’s why he did south remake among which rowdy rathore is very good,but khiladi786,OUATIMD and boss are joke infront of akshay kumar’s caliber.while films like special26 are very good films but peoples underestimated it.I want to see akki in place of crapiest actor salman.

  • @sss i hope he doesnt do movies like khiladi786,tmk again since he has taken the right step in doing films with good directors.
    But i hope he releases a comedy movie every year

  • Very bad decision Jo comic timing akshay ki hai woh aur kisi actor ki hai nyi so dono movie will be flop kyunki john se comedy nyi hoti woh action hero hai aur by the way housefull 2 aur garam masala sirf akshay ke karan superhit hui hai kisi ne bhi john ko notice bhi nyi kiya hoga so both film will be flop

  • another sad news for akkians john also replaced akki in Awara Pagal Dewana 2 but with ut akshay super flop all sequels

  • bhai ,take him in some other film or change the name or dont make another hera pheri…..dat will be fine BUT spoiling greatest genuine comedy film franchise will make everybody sad.either take all 3 or dont touch the franchise. dont just make sequels for making money.

  • I shocked when I read this that John replaces Akshay Kumar…….
    Akshay Kumar is excelent actor and John is co actor

  • Akki shdnt hav left dis movie…
    I heard dere was some monetary issues..
    Might possible.akshay demanded 70 crores

  • It won’t be same without Akshay and Paresh, who were heart and soul of last Hera Pheri films. And replacing Akshay with someone who’s not known for his acting but his looks is a poor choice.

  • I don’t agree with the last sentence ..I think john Abraham is much better actor than akshay Kumar.. whether its comedy or drama or action.. and to add it ..he was awesome in house full 2 and especially in garam Masala.. better than akshay .. so stop giving nonsense statements if you don’t about comedy

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