Jodhaa Akbar Trailer Review

Jodhaa Akbar
Ashutosh Gowarikar sure is a man of genius in art. His magnum opus epic movie Jodhaa Akbar’s promo was visually stunning and the background score is sure to take you by surprise. It does feel like a genuine attempt to meet the gigantic setting of the masterpiece Mughl-e-Azam by K Asif.

Right from the first frame till the last of this three and a half minute trailer, the efforts that seem to have gone into this love story or the “marriage of alliance” between one of the most charismatic Mughal rulers and the princess of arch rivals Rajputs, is simply unbelievable.

The promo clearly reveals to us that Jodhaa Akbar deals in profundity about the political conspiracies of India that existed five hundred years ago in the backdrop of a grand love story. The gigantic war scene, the stinging arrows, the sounds of talwar striking reminds of the old classic historical. Palaces are rife with intrigues and vily insinuations. The promo ends symbolically with Jodhaa written in Hindi (supposedly the language of Hindus) and Akbar written in Urdu (A language supposedly spoken by Muslims).

Hrithik Roshan and Aishwaray Rai share a great chemistry with eachother. They both seem to have effortlessly fitted not just into the huge lahengas and sherwanis but into the real character as well. Will Hrithik Roshan’s Jodha Akbar go on to be a Classic Masterpiece? This we can judge only after the release of the movie on January 25th 2008. For now relish the promo. For now one has seen such a opulent grandeur in a long time.

So far Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya was the talk of the town. But I m sure that Asuthosh epic Jodhaa Akbar will steal the show now.


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