Jism 2 Movie Review

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Directed by Pooja Bhatt, Jism 2 is the sequel to the 2003 hit Jism starring Bipasha Basu and John Abraham. The first film was easily one of the most sensual films of it’s time and this time around, with Canadian porn star Sunny Leone as the major-attraction, the makers promise a double doze of erotica.

Story: Jism 2 is about Izna (Sunny Leone), a prostitute by profession. One night, she sleeps with Ayaan (Arunoday Singh), an intelligence officer, who convinces Izna to help nab her ex-lover Kabir (Randeep Hooda). They travel all the way to Sri Lanka to get hold of the secret data, that helps Kabir kill several prominent politicians and other security officials.

Sunny Leone still from Jism 2

Jism 2 Review

Jism 2 Review

Most of you would be wondering – If Jism 2 is one of the most erotic films to come out of Bollywood and if Sunny Leone, on debut, delivers as an actress?

Well, apart from the fact that it stars an adult actress, Jism 2 wouldn’t be considered ‘bold’ even if it released early last decade. Infact, the 2004 blockbuster ‘Murder’ was far more erotic and sexier. If titillation is sole reason for watching Jism 2, don’t bother. Apart from a few aesthetically shot love-making scenes and Leone’s cleavage revealing act, the film has little else to offer.

The pace is agonisingly slow. The story is non-existent and hardly ever moves. If you decide to watch the first 20 minutes, take a nap and watch the climax, you wouldn’t miss much – nothing at all actually, apart from a few beautiful songs and the stunning scenery of Sri Lanka.

As for Sunny Leone, she looks sexy and beautiful, but has a long way to go as an actress. It was a complex role to play – throughout the film Sunny’s character required her to pretend to be in love with someone else, while her real intentions were different.

Sunny Leone picture from Jism 2

Jism 2 Review

I have loved Randeep Hooda’s performances in some of his recent releases like Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai and Jannat 2, but here he’s good initially but hams in the second half, when his character suddenly goes psychotic. Arunoday Singh can’t act. When he was crying, the audience were laughing!

Also, several questions remain unanswered (spoiler warning). When exactly does Arunoday’s character fall in love with Sunny? Why does Randeep Hooda reveal his true identity so late? Why does Sunny believe Arunoday blindly? Who does she love?

Sunny’s character is flawed and confused. Since she keeps kissing both men, the audience is left confused too. The climax doesn’t work primarily for this reason – you don’t feel for any of the characters in the film.

Overall, Jism 2 has very little to offer apart from a bikini-clad Sunny Leone, couple of good songs and the seductive beaches and greenery of Sri Lanka. At the box-office, Jism 2 should do well in the first weekend and then drop from Monday.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆



  • Oops! Jism 2 seems to have ruined the name of brand “Jism”. How tragic? Think this is the first time that a sequel to a first hit movie has disappointed the audience. I was expecting a lot from this movie. And was waiting to watch it mainly because I loved Jism 1, Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda & because it was shot in Sri Lanka (my country). But now I don’t think I’ll watch it.

  • good i hate this dumb movie with an actress like her who wants to turn bollywood into another adult industryy. i hope this film flops big time1 i usually like the bhatt’s cause they make quality films like murder 1, murder 2, jannat 1, jannat 2, raaz 1, raaz 2, raaz 3, etc etc. but this is just toooo baaddd.

  • so many expectations was der on dz movie . at last a crew of 4 members and 4 line story dragged and dragged to 2 and half hrs……… and disaappoited… flop sequel to jism

  • but jism is not only rocking BO , it also trending worldwide in TWITTER!!!!!

    Shame for bollywood and salman who brought this porn actress to india.

  • went with ma frenz. . Em lovd the movie. .powerful story , gud music,. . . Lovd d role of randeep. . Sunny performance n actin skill iz nt bad as i thought.

  • Very very bad movie. Story same as gangster. Sunny leone every scene in fear- just overacting. Randeep Hooda is just superb. Dont watch it.

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