Jism 2 Box Office Collections

Jism 2 opened to a great response on Friday, but dropped heavily on Saturday due to negative word-of-mouth.

Since the reports are extremely negative, even if it picks up on Sunday, the film starring Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh is likely to crash on Monday.

The two day box office collection stands at Rs 13 crores (14.5 including paid previews), which is very good for a film without stars. The brand value and the hype around Sunny Leone has helped boost the opening day figures.

Jism 2 Box Office Collections


  • Paid previews (Thursday) – 1.5 crores
  • Day 1 (Friday) – 7.5 crores
  • Day 2 (Saturday) – 5.6 crores
  • Day 3 (Sunday) – 6 crores
  • Weekend Total – 20.6 crores (including previews)
  • Monday – 2 crores

Weekend: Dropped heavily after a good start. Sunday collections were lower than Friday. Should finish with lifetime collections of 28-29 crores.

Monday: Epic crash on the first weekday. The film just managed 2 crores nett.




  • Can’t believe that a film like this has 7.50crs first day.This is standard of Today’s Indian people.Mujhe tho sharam aa rahi hain!

  • as i expected…i think, wil crash on weekdays too….by de way., happy friendship day to indicine team as well as all de members of indicine site..

    15 aug se sbi log multiplexes and single screen theatre main tyari se jaye TSUNAMI koi beh gya toh SALMAN KHAN jimedar nai hoga

  • Dear amazon animal without clothes.There was nothing in the movie that we can be shame of. You bet ter remain in forest and do comme nt on Indians.gf you dont’t know anything.

  • Sandeep of course you are a pig. So it is atbetter that you see jissm 2 with your whole family.. And Enjoyed watching sunny

  • I dont understand whats the shame in watching jism 2.Murdur was more erotic than jism 2.Nobody enjoy erotic movies with family,it is ment to enjoy alone or with partner.Everybody like porn if not then its a lie.So just chill.

  • arey o saalo yahan par baat karo jism 2 ki aur tum log tiger ke barey me kuch bhi na kaho to tumhare liye accha hai…warna tumhe yeh tiger itney cheadh karega ki tum sab kanfuize hojaogey ki saans kahan se ley aur padey kahan se ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… padey se yaad aaya sunlo be paaddadon tiger maarta kam hai aur ghaseetta ziyada hai

  • Good! It will become the BIGGEST DISASTER of the year! SUPER DUPER FLOP! Sunny Leone is a one film wonder! Even Hollywood is more respectable than bring a porn star into regular mainstream films! And this is coming from a modern youth who lives in England. Everyone here is ashamed of the film! A few people thought from the trailer that it will be good, but they all said they wouldn’t dare to watch a shit film like that ever in their life! It should flop astonishingly!

  • this is the standard of salman and amir khan fans
    they watch films like jism murder dhoom
    to saatsisfy their libido
    ek tha tiger will be flop
    look how base today audiece
    let us go back to the goodtime of ddlj and kkht

  • Jo log jism 2 ko hit bol rahe h unki pasand ko 101 toppo ki salami . Mujhe toh samajh hi nahi aaya ki is movie me aakhir aisa kya h jo yeh hit ho jaye

  • @somebody hollywood stard dozen of porn stars in mainstream movie.jenna jameson,sasha grey,nina hartley are example.

  • Ek tha tiger is saal ki sabse badi hit picture hogi…hit kya..yeh toh super duper hit hogi…luv u sallu…n katrina also…

  • All u guys who have written that people who have watched this movie have watched porn during Ramadan are the worst hypocrites because, firstly you come on this website during Ramadan to read all the spicy stuff about this movie & then u criticize people who watched it…Thats a laugh….secondly,..u say its bad to watch this during Ramadan so is it good to watch it at other times…u idiots..whats bad now is bad anytime..its all in your perverted & skewed thinking..morons..have a life..& be straightforward…I admit..I watch porn..I guess ‘m normal because 97% of men watch porn & admit it too…& the remaining 3% watch but never admit & criticize others who watch…Anyways…to all you hypocrites who are waiting to watch this movie after Ramadan..My advance wishes..Id Mubarak.

  • Jism 2 is a superhit kaha se log ishe bakbas bol rahe hai pata ni abe behen ke loro muthi marli aur kitna maza degi film.

  • Jism2 seems to b a bad film readin al des comments.. Bt d songs whch i heard hav got beautiful lyrics.bt wats d need fr a porn star in film? Or s ds film made fr porn star to act as dey gained a name lyk dey are porn star.. Ds film shud b banned

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