Jhoom Barabar Jhoom – Movie Review

Shaad Ali Sahgal who made his debut with the critically acclaimed Saathiya(2002) and the crazy laugh riot musical Bunty And Babli(2005) is back with another crazy musical Jhoom Barabar Jhoom.

Now the question arises whether this movie is a quality product like its predecessors that its distributors Yashraj Films are known for?

The story is of 2 people, Rikki Thukral(Abhishek Bachchan) and Alvira Khan (Preity Zinta). Both meet at the railway station having come to pick up their respective fiances. Rikki is engaged to Anaida Raza(Lara Dutta) the assistant manager of the Hotel Ritz in Paris and Alvira to Steve Singh(Bobby Deol) a millionaire lawyer. They exchange stories, have some fun together, and when the train arrives, say goodbye to each other and walk away thinking they won’t meet again. But fate of course has different plans for them.

The story is a reminder of the Great Indian Musicals that hindi movies used to be way back in the 70s. It moves fast and is very enjoyable indeed. The sudden twist in the tale in the 2nd half will catch you unawares, but from there it just races forward to a fun-filled climax. The references to old bollywood movies are numerous and fun to watch.

The movie has been shot beautifully in London and Paris. The sets are extremely lavish and are a visual treat. The dances are choreographed excellently and look fantastic. The songs have been picturised well and are enticing to watch.

Now for the performances, Abhishek Bachchan truly steals the show in this movie. As the crude, loutish Bhatinda boy Rikki, he makes the audience laugh and fall off their seats with his body language and side-splitting one-liners.

Preity Zinta is cute as the smug, prim and proper Pakistani-British brat Alvira Khan. She and Abhishek make a lovely pair and complement each other beautifully. But she needs to work on her dancing as she is too stiff and looks uncomfortable in the dance sequences.

Bobby Deol is relegated to the backseat in the movie as the length of his role isn’t much, but he does a good job anyway as both Steve Singh the suave lawyer and Satwinder the nerdy clerk.

Lara Dutta too hasn’t got a very big role, but her confidence stands out. She is excellent in both her roles as Anaida Raza the svelte and petite but lovable manager of the Hotel Ritz as well as Laila the foul-mouthed whore with a heart of gold.

Another performance which stands out in the movie is that of the talented theatre actor Piyush Mishra(Maqbool,Dil Se,1971) as Huffy-bhai.

Amitabh Bachchan exudes flamboyance and rock-star charm in the title song. His getup in the movie is totally outlandish and wayout, but it only adds to the charm.

The music of the movie is amazing. The score by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy proves why they are considered among the most talented musicians in the country. The song that stands out in the movie is the title track that is belted out with extreme vigour by Shankar Mahadevan himself.

However the movie does have a few negatives. The first half may be a little too slow-paced for the audience. Also, the movie is not for the thinking audience. Some scenes may seem too illogical to comprehend. With less flaws, it turns out to be a fun movie that’s a reminder of typical bollywood insanity.

Overall,the movie is a fun ride and is well worth the ticket money. It is the kind of movie that can wash away your blues.

Rating: ★★★★☆



  • The First half is very slow, second half is better. Performances are bad. Bobby has performed better than Abhishek. Preity and Lara.. HOT

    Best thing in the film are the songs and their picturisations.

    The film is not good. Yashraj has lost it.


    Trring trring

    SHAAD ALI : Hey Abhishek, how u doing mann !!
    AB : Hey Shaad..longtime dude, whas happng?
    SHAAD : just downing some drinks man, came up with an idea to make a movie n would like you to star in it …again !
    AB : hey thats just great…so whats my role ?
    SHAAD : ahh..forget the role yaar..just remember we can shoot in the UK, Paris ..the likes man..and its gona be a musical, so you can brush upon your dancing skills..its gonna fun man…so what say ?
    AB : Wow..am in dude, just gime a call when you are ready to shoot..

    Trrinnng trring….

    SHAAD : Hello, Preity how are you ?
    PREITY : Hey Shaad..whas up ?
    SHAAD : listen, am planing on doing a movie with Yashraj and Abhishek just said yes..was thinking of casting you opposite him..
    PREITY : Thats just wonderful Shaad..am in for sure..so whats my role like..
    SHAAD : umm..its one of a Pak-brit gal in UK who falls in love with Abhi within 2 hours !!..its got a lot of glamourous dresses and a lot of opulent sets and lots n lots of dancing..
    PREITY : oooohh am sooo excited, but make sure my dresses are really short and my cleavage too shows..ive got a tattoo done recently on my bosom n would like the viewers to have look too..
    SHAAD : of course sweetheart..your wish is my command..so catch ya later ?
    PREITY : Sure ..byeeee..

    Trring Trring…

    SHAAD : Hello, Lara ji hai ?
    LARA : of course hai, ive been sitting at home for months ..
    SHAAD : Great..so iam doing my next film for Yashraj.. Abhishek n Preity r already in..and was thinking of casting you in one of the roles..its a really Glamourous role and you would have to speak in a french accent in the first half and mouth shudh hindi gaaliyaan in the second half..
    LARA : Wow ..thats a really challenging role Shaad..count me in..n thank you for giving me some work..
    SHAAD : Anytime Lara..take care..

    Trrinnng trinng…

    SHAAD : Hello Bobbyji..kaise ho bhai ?
    BOBBY : Kaun hai bey ?
    SHAAD : its me Shaad Ali ..of Bunty n Babli fame..was thinking of doing my next movie with Yashraj and would like you to star in one of the roles..
    BOBBY : Omigawd..anything to work in a Yashraj movie mann..so the moolah must be huge na ?
    SHAAD : Umm..youve got to ask Yashraj for that dude..
    BOBBY : K..so whats my role like ?
    SHAAD : Am still finalinsing it..but am thinking more on the lines of a Punjabi Brit, who is a suave lawyer AND a salesman ..and the best part is you are paired with both Preity and Lara..and also get to smooch them !!
    BOBBY : Well thats enough reason for me to join the team..just name the place and date buddy !!
    SHAAD : Great..ill give u a call when we are ready to shoot..bye..

    Trring trring…

    ABHISHEK : Hey Shaad, would you be having a role for dad in your film somewhere..would help him in his bid to Enter the guiness book for starring in the max number of movies..
    SHAAD : Of course i can think of something for Bachan saab to do..maybe one song ?
    AB : more than enough buddy..but make sure he is surrounded by young foreign gals the whole time..just like Sexy Sam..
    SHAAD : sure dude..you bet.. So shooting day finally arrives..

    (In UK )

    SHAAD : Am so glad that you guys agreed to do my ambitious project..I would like this to be better than Bunty and Bubli..and we will strive hard to make this possible..are you with me guys ?
    AB : Of course man…anything for you ! so where’s the SCRIPT ?
    SHAAD : Ummm..script ? what SCRIPT ? with a brand like Yashraj, we dont need a script..by shooting in these lovely locales and gorgeous costumes and extravagant sets and chartbusting songs, what more can the audiences ask for? am sure they wouldnt mind the lack of a story !
    AB : Yeah I guess you are rite..so lets start !!
    SHAAD : Ok then…Lights, Camera and Action..

    Hence a nightmare called Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was born…

  • kaun hai woh jo yeh picture banaya saala kaaam dhanda nahi hai chindichor ko!!
    kyu bhai ??
    yash chopra ki bhi firgai budha hogaya
    yeh muvee mat dekho
    dekhna hi hai toh crocin lekar jao
    aur yeh review kaun likha reee…kitne paise diye terko chopra…pagal samjha humko re …

  • ekdam bakwaas movie
    nahi dekhna timre will be wasted
    money will be wasted
    but bobby looks good
    i think bobbys good time has started

  • rubbish
    waste of money
    bored sick of big b and his daft song throughout the movie
    no srk guest appearance-dont know if thats a good thing or a bad one
    lame humour
    their stories were sooo madeup
    would have walked out but then would be guilty for wasting ?5!!

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