Jai Ho Trailer

After several delays, Sohail Khan Productions has finally released the theatrical trailer of their much-awaited film Jai Ho starring superstar Salman Khan!

While Jai Ho will have all commercial ingredients, it is likely to be very different from most Salman films in recent times.

Watch the trailer and tell us what you think!




  • Applause………….
    Intensely phenomenal and acrobatically trailer of my one of fav actor Salman bhai and everyone can assume that this trailer is better than CE, K-3 and D-3

  • wow very nice trailer and action too, but all credit goes to “STALIN” makers, i have watched it, the story line is too good, and this rule suits to salman khan is well !!! because of his “being human sense”.
    Sallu shattered the bollywood with films like “dabang 2(bogus story line)” what is going to be happened if the story is good, SALMAN MANIA is hard too stop :)

  • Different people have different taste. You can’t call someone wrong or bad just because he/she likes something different from you. Those who don’t like Salman, kindly stay away from him and his movies.
    @G.One, I understand your insecurity level is running high now. I am not saying whether it will break any record. Let’s wait and see for that. But one true fact is millions of Salman’s fans are desperate to watch it.
    @Akshay, you LungiWalas are doing susu in chaddis and lungis. Lungi Walon Ki Aukaat Itni Nahin Ke Tu Jaisa Kaha Waisa Kar Sa Kay. Kyun Ki LungiWala Icon Bhi Ek Time Pe Dilli Mein Sadak Chap Tapoori tha. It is quite obvious here. Go and do some Lungi Dance at some Behense ki Tabaylay! Similarly, you also like the shit of LungiWala Icon. That’s the reason why you made Chennai Express a Hit or Super Hit or Whatsoever.

  • @Triniman, Frankly, deep in my heart, I don’t like to post anything against SRK. They are SRK fans who compel me to do so. Of course, everyone has the right to say “I don’t like this or this will be flop etc.” But they can’t say cheap things like “Salman, Ramake or Copy Cat, Khan (of course everybody remakes and copies including SRK), Mindless Films, Mindless Fans etc and that too without the watching, properly watching or properly thinking about Salman movies. They talk as if Salman debuted in 2009.
    If you are a true SRK fan and optimistic towards others, I ask for your pardon in case of any offense.

  • salman khan hit film all south remake..exempt dabangg series & ek tha tiger

    1) wanted……..po kiri
    2) ready………..ready
    4) jai ho ……….stalin ( UN RELEASE)


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