Jacqueline Fernandes in Poland shooting for Kick: Pics

Jacqueline Fernandes was spotted in Poland shooting for her upcoming film ‘KICK’. The actress, who has previously said that KICK would be the biggest film of her life, was seen getting off a train.

She was also seen on an indoor, behind the camera. Check out the photos.

Jacqueline Fernandes snapped on the sets of Kick in Poland

Jacqueline Fernandes snapped on the sets of Kick in Poland

Jacqueline Fernandes

Jacqueline Fernandes

Jacqueline Fernandes snapped on the sets of Kick

Jacqueline Fernandes snapped on the sets of Kick



  • @indicine – u should incorporate a system wherein people can comment from their fb, twitter, google accounts….just a suggestion!! :)

  • hope EID and jaqueline will save the film from flop,still NASA warned audiences to see the film at their own risk,after jai ho many salman fans are still remained in coma,for them doctors said they couldn’t watch kick due to mental condition,still some rikshawala bhojpuris awaited for this film,save them.

  • Wow just reminiscing but the First pic reminded me of that 90’s movie ‘Sliding Doors’ plus that great song from AQUA- ‘Turn Back Time’ that also incorporated Gwyneth Paltrow walking through the sliding doors in their music video. Great image.

    Second pic is amazing and a similar circuswala guy is doing the same mesmerizing act of ‘floating in the air’ just holding his stick in Hyde Park in London city- its unbelievable to see it in person so its great to see that image with Jackie looking bewitched too.

    KICK is gonna be HUGE. ATBB for sure- haterz get ready to be KICKED hard

  • jack is looking hot! waiting to see her in kick.. with the stunt pics revealed the anticipation n buzz is huge for kick.. add to that eid.. n add to that salman khan! need i say more..

  • Salman has successfully done a stunt by jumping from 40th floor of this building! On the other hand, our goatstar with 3.7billion goatfans worldwide was admitted to hospital as he got several injuries when tried to jump from the ground floor! ROFL!!! Do you remember how he got himself hospital he tried to knock down a plastic door and jump over it?? LOL!!! He is a useless and fragile crab!! And Kick hits theaters, donkeys like S-S-S will have KICK in its S full of shit….

  • @sss u r commenting the same what we use to comment before CE that leap year blockbuster star will cross Ready’s collection courtesy Eid,actress and director.Don’t worry about our mental condition after Jai ho bcoz it is way better than what was yours after historic movie Ra 1.lol

  • @Anand very funny.Got injuries when tried to jump from ground floor.lol…but now his fans will say that he was jumping on basement from ground floor.lol

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