Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son Of Sardar Boxoffice: Territorial Breakdown

Below is the official territorial breakdown of Shahrukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan, which released on 2500 screens and Ajay Devgn’s Son Of Sardar which released on 2000 screens across the country.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan leads in 9 territories out of 13. The film had a massive lead in Mysore, West Bengal and Nizam. In Mumbai it crossed the 5 crore mark on Day 1.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son Of Sardar

Jab Tak Hai Jaan vs Son Of Sardar

Son Of Sardar didn’t have a huge lead over JTHJ in any circuit, except Bihar and Jharkhand, where it doubled the figures of JTHJ.

All figures are in crores. Son Of Sardar collections in brackets.

  • Mumbai – 5.58(4.18)
  • Delhi/UP – 3.27 (2.3)
  • Mysore – 1.25 (0.28)
  • West Bengal – 1.15 (0.55)
  • East Punjab – 0.82 (0.90)
  • Central Province – 0.65 (0.45)
  • Central India – 0.32 (0.36)
  • Rajasthan – 0.55 (0.57)
  • Nizam/Andhra – 0.80 (0.55)
  • Bihar – 0.12 (0.26)
  • Assam – 0.12 (0.08)
  • Orissa – 0.10 (0.07)
  • Others – 0.50 (0.20)
  • Total – 15.23 (10.75)





  • jthj budget 50cr
    sos budget 80cr….
    sos will recover investment….jthj will make huge profit…. jthj 50cr will recover from only overseas…india collection is only profit for jthj
    AM I RIGHT ?

  • @indicine there is difference in your data about first day collection of both films in between previous article and this. Plz tell which one is correct!!

  • JTHJ will be a average fare at BO. Word of mouth is pretty bad. SOS is utterly boring as well. Both will not cross more then 120 crores thanks to extended weekend and marketing blitz. This year will again belong to Salman Khan who will create history and his D2 will break 3 Idiots record though we cant rule out talaash.

  • It was a Quality + grace + story + brilliant performances vs tapori + repeat masala + cheap dialogues

    now evryone knows which is 1st and which is the 2nd one

  • This data is according to taran figures.

    13cr & 8cr are boxofficeindia.

    Taran is Top Trader analysis so all people and media always trust taran collection.

    Other websites like boxofficeindia are purely based by private or common person.

  • @indicine .I guess those figures r so encouraging. considering it was diwali day. real test is on day 2. where content and wom ll decide the figures rather than bookings. this was where ett faltered and had huge drop

  • Well it wont be right to compare both movies,,coz both are of diff genres,,but if we are talking about the lifetime collection(domestic) of sos-it wil be somewhere betn 80-100 crores and jthj(domestic) somewhere betn 140-160crores and could be more depends upon the 1st week collection..and yes ETT will emerge the biggest earner of 2012 though if we compare jthj and ett,,jthj has a way more to offer than ett..ett emerged a success only coz of salman,though i respect him i would say ett didnt have smthing that jthj had and thats–HEART(though it had a great starcast).thank u YASH CHOPRA for putting your heart into jthj

  • A good news guys –
    JTHJ is tremendus on its 2nd day , it is running even 20-25% Higher than its 1st day ,… though single screens affected by sos …. BUT still it is heading to break AGNIPATH 1st day record ….. guys just imagine what would happen if JTHJ was a solo release ..,

  • @indicine team i m confused. Every website has its own data regarding 1st day collection of both d movies. Plz provide the accurate data n 4 that act we cinegoers will be ever greatfull to you. Thanking you

  • jab tak hai jaan is an excellent movie..some(very few) envious guys are spreading negativity towards the movie just because their “po pon po po pon”(son of sardaar) sucked big time, man.. it’s all over the internet..son of sardar is being said to be a collection of santa banta jokes and some highly terrible acting.. what these ppl don’t understand is that good movie is appreciated by the mass and nothing can stop jab tak hai jaan from ruling this diwali as it is a better made movie than no-brainer crap ‘son of sardaar’..

  • JTHJ Review :

    A guy who keep defusing bombs because he was defused by his girlfriend.
    Playing with life, meets with accident twice and loses his memory of past 10 years … funny !!!!

    A girl who keeps promising God that she will leave her most loved things (chocolates)/people if God do this/that for her.
    She ditches her lover for the sake of lover’s life…. hahahaha

    A charming Genext girl falls in love after reading bomb defuser’ personal diary.
    She is completely, deeply and madly in love with a man who is 17 years older to her.
    Finally she tips the 1st girl on how to keep both God and her lover happy.

    Now the best part : Movie Ends with tribute to the king of romance (Yash ji) who made us watch Romantic movies.. !!!!!

  • Jthj’s gross-15.23 cr & net-13 cr and SOS’s gross-10.75 cr & net-9 cr. I estimate jthj to have a 18.5-22.5 cr net 2nd day and SOS to have a 12.5-15.5 cr net 2nd day.
    i also expect jthj to vacate some more single screens and make way for SOS, while it may gain some multiplexes from SOS after 3 days.

  • @All indiciner
    Just go through a small comparison shown below:
    1. No. of screens: 2500 (Its confirmed by sources)
    2. Length of movie: 2hrs and 57 mins(i.e. less no of shows)
    3. Diwali release (So, definite impact of evening puja)
    4. Not a solorelease (SOS released)
    Still it got 13.5crs on its first day despite of the last two factors.
    1. Screen counts: 2000 (its confirmed by sources)
    2. Length of movie: 2hrs and 15 mins(Direct impact on no. of shows. i.e. more shows compared to JTHJ. So, more screenfactor is over)
    3. Diwali release (so, effected by evening puja)
    4. Not a solorelease (JTHJ realased)
    Still it managed approx 9crson its first day
    Note: Read the above comparison carefully, This is an equal fight cause screen counts of JTHJ is neutralized by increased no. of shows of SOS due to short length. This is for those people who were shouting that its a not fair competition.Now, The most important point: In this equal competition,JTHJ emerged with a 4.5crs better collection than SOS. So,now anybody can easily say which film is a clear winner and audience has liked what.
    Moral: Stop shouting and accept the facts. Is my comment is good indicine please tell me.

    • @Rupesh, you pretty much summed it up. But, it’s too early to say which film is the ‘clear winner’. It was just the opening day. JTHJ had a bigger star cast and it was expected to beat SOS on Day 1.

  • srk rocks……due to combined effort of srk yash ji kat anushka n jthj team this movie will cross 150 crores mark easily…..((CAUTION –so lallu fans be aware)) them movie is mind blowing ….music n songs takes you out of the world……a must watch (the movie is made for those who believe in love , not for lallu fans……even lallu fans will find the movie awesome but will talk trash abt jthj…….so dont be distracted by negative comments of lallu fans(jisko sirf po po karna aata hai) and must go for this movie which will emerge as an all time blockbuster,,…. the movie has got 4/5 stars but being n srk fan i give it 4.5/5….dont only see the collection of 1st day(diwali puja n all that)…PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST….

  • afterevr may box office report jab tak hain jaan is baap of all craps…Ett is better thn jthj…first is ok and unbearable evn srk fans not interested go again…still cant its yash chopra film..epic letdown

  • @rupesh
    @ indicine too…is that comparison a joke???
    do you really think that it’s all so easy??
    hello, Mr……..it’s not liked that…even get ur facts right….
    it really effects bcz JTHJ has got ( major single screens) & believe it or not…it’s not working there.plus …yes ,SOS got 2000 screens…..
    Everyone knew that SOS ld hv worked far better than JTHJ (on single screens) & for JTHJ it’s vice versa……..(JTHJ at multiplex)
    but mojor single screens were booked by YRF ( call it monoply, but i ld say their better business strategy)
    the result is same too…SOS is ahead of JTHJ on single screens…&JTHj is ahead at multiplexes..&
    rupesh you said it’s nutalized….what a joke???
    only bcz JTHJ booked major/good single screens it has sum up these numbers….else it ld hv been even lower…
    & it’s not over yet…just let sunday pass it ll be decided who actually rel winner is JTHJ or SOS???
    now indicine reply me????
    or as usual don’t post my comment….& be biased …..

  • No rupesh you point is invalid because the length of the movie does not decide the number of shows its gonna get allocated.The exhibitors decide that and in this case the result is equal with respect to the number of shows in multiplexes in each territory .Moreover the best single screens were booked by yrf and sos was left with screens that wont collect much .But still apart from south and wb sos is almost at par with jthj . Well going by this i would like to believe that sos is leading even tough jthj had better collections on day one .

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