Jab Tak Hai Jaan is my last film – Yash Chopra

Yash Chopra in conversation with Shahrukh Khan today, announced that Jab Tak Hai Jaan will be his last film as director.

“I feel I have done my bit in 60 years. I am so happy and satisfied with Jab Tak Hai Jaan, it has come out well, better than I expected. This will be my last film as director.” Chopra said, when SRK asked him about his next film after Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

Chopra also added that he’d be helping young filmmakers and guiding the men behind Yashraj Films that churns out 4 – 5 films every year.

Jab Tak Hai Haan stars Shahrukh Khan, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. The music has been composed by A R Rahman with lyrics by Gulzar.



  • Feel really very sorry for the legendary yash chopra ji. His last film may well be the biggest disappointment of his legendary career and honestly the jthj trailer was not upto the expected standards of yashji. Anyway i wish him all the best and happy,healthy and peaceful life in future.

  • Its an honour for any actor to work with a legendary man..and that too in his last film…

    i am happy Mr.Yash Chopra chose SRK for his last movie..
    Only SRK wud have justice to the demands of the script..

    all the best..

  • The cricket legend Sir Don Bradman played countless superb innings but out on ZERO in his last inning.

    Same thing will be there with Sir Yash Chopra.

    Anyway best luck for his other works.

  • Long Live YASH RAJ CHOPRA…. Thanks For All Ur Great Movies, Salute Sir, U R Da Greatest Ever, At The Age of 80 U Directed a Movie Dat Speaks Volume, No One Can Ever Replicate U, U Dint Need BEST OF LUCK, Cz U R Above it.

  • @amol well said yaar. And to all srk fans that is the difference between “real respect” and “fake or deceitful respect”. A legendary yash chopra ji will earn& command respect of each&everyone but a selfish,opportunistic,superficial, fake person like srk can never ever earn or command respect from bottom of people’s heart(expect srk fans and his ‘boy friends’). Most of the bollywood people really dislike srk for what a person he is and even if they show respect it is only ‘superficial&fake one’. Anyway atleast for yashji i pray that jthj should atleast be a superhit.

  • Fot those who think SRK is looking old what about Salman im ETT. Did he look.a 20 sth guy . Go get a reality check Salman fans he looks much older in comparision to SRK. Atleast srk hasnt done any surgery to lookyounger and nor he dons a being human tshirt to hide the sins of his past. SRK looks better and more charismatic than salman bcoz.MY SRK is pure innocent at heart. JTHJ will rock then nation for sure

  • @vipin better dont talk abt srk and his epics..and haters open their mouth abt his classics lik guddu,duplicate…srk and his fans dont worry box office from my name is khan to don2 thy always keep sayin wil breal 3 idoits records..

  • do u want me tell u salman’s classics like veergati, main aur mrs khanna, veer, saawan etc. salman is way ahead srk in delivering flops. even vivek oberai is behind salman.

  • This announcement has made Jab Tak Hai Jaan even more special..This is the last time we will see SRK(The ‘King’ or ‘God’ of Romance) in a Yash Chopra(The Master of Romantic Movies) directed movie..

  • I always felt that JTHJ is going to be his last movie..but Yash Ji will always rule our hearts through his movies..eagerly awaiting JTHJ..it will be a classic..we all know!

  • @rowdydo atleast veergati, main aur mrs khanna, veer,
    saawan are better than ra.one and RBNJ and if MAMK is salman fiilm then the flop bilu barrber is srk film
    @simran every actor uses BOTOx it just that srk is too ugly it didnt work on him..i will even advise srk to stop using botox bcos he doesnt look good

  • I donot believe that the salman fans donot even have respect for the man YASH CHOPRA saying that his last movie will be the biggest disappointment!If you donot like SRK then at least show some respect to the maestro YASH CHOPRA!

    You are really showing like you are the most pathetic things on this planet earth.Truly the most pathetic thing for a bollywood viewer to say!!!

  • And whoever ahead here said that SRK is fake at least even if he is fake he shows love to his fans and unlimited love.He reacts with them and really a gentleman even though he might be faking it.

    And if you want realism then realism of SALMAN what is a bad boy image crushing innocent people beating up girlfriends and not showing respect to people then keep your realism with yourselves!

    And here we were to talk about YASHJI but sick salman fans are always reaching every page to disrespect SRK.At least show some respect to YASHJI!!!

  • @ayushsrk its not about respect to someone man its a moviegoer view, trailer is not really upto the mark and read comments clearly..dont create sympathy for srk here

  • salman is no 1 star of india.he have a mass fan who following salman.they saw salman movie for only salman.but srk every movie is different like oso ,cdi, rnbdj, mnik, ra.one, don2 .he trying to give something new but salman wanted dabaang ready body guard ett all are similer no fun .so srk is best.

  • Big b,Salman,aamir,akki,hrithik,ajay,ranbir and even emraan never ‘pretend or put up a fake showoff’ like srk for their selfishness . Salman was made the ‘bad boy of bollywood’ by the media and ironically the same media cant stop praising&gushing about salman these days(nothing succeeds like success) for even the smallest of things. He used to drink a lot those days and in ‘drunken driving’ state, unfortunately & unintentionally he caused one death(he is in heaven). If this incident wouldn’t have happened then salman would have had remained more arrogant,selfish,opportunistic and bratish than srk but with that one incident his approach and attitude towards life changed forever. Salman only once beat ash (who is a “sati savitri”) & that too for some personal reasons and remember ash was as much responsible for this as salman. But he never had a PR personnel then nor he has anyone now, but ash had one ‘rakhi sawant+dolly bindra’ PR madam who blew up salman’s behaviour out of proportions in the bollywood circles and media. If salman does charity for publicity so be it, its the noblest service a man can do for the welfare of humans and why cant anyone publicize their charity if they do it genuinely for a noble cause. He is doing as much as he can but he is doing it genuinely and from the heart and that is more important.

  • Ye haters ka zara screw dhila hai kya bus har page par srk k baare me koi ek baat choose karte hai phir usko negative bata kar pure page par ek hi baat rote hai.
    Leaving Yash chopra they started commenting abt srk so poor morons.

  • These haters belive that by disrespecting, abusing srk and 20 yrs i repeat 20 yrs of charasmatic success in bollywood they will let him down ?
    A BIG ‘NO’ they by talking abt JTHJ r instead promoting the movie so morons pls keep talking more and more abt the movie.

  • i dont understand srk fans behave like civilised ppl! If any comment tht srk acting is bad or movie is bad thy simply salman name and abuse them.i like sanjay dutt and hritik its personal opnion. Jthj trailer is bad and quite routine plz accept the fact move on

  • @amjad ali. Yes shahrukh is aamir khan pet dog’s real name and let me explain. The dog’s original owner was a big fan of srk and he equally loved his pet and hence named it as ‘shahrukh’ but due to some circumstances the dog was gifted as a pet to aamir who kept it with its original name. about aamir, he is a perfectionist and the most intelligent,responsible and street smart among all the bollywood actors, so he will never make such senseless comments about anyone and that too in public.

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