Jab Harry Met Sejal likely to fall under Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha and Rockstar

A week ago, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ was expected to easily cross the 100 crore mark and the industry had pinned its hope on the film crossing the 150 crore mark. After all, it was Shah Rukh Khan’s return to a genre that has excelled in and delivered the biggest blockbusters of his career.

The film also had the industry’s top leading lady Anushka Sharma and the songs, which are important for romantic films, had gained popularity too even though it did not have a chartbuster.

But less than 6 days after the release of the film, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ has collected just 55 crore net and has fallen to collections in the 3-crore range. With ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ set to release this weekend and business of ‘JHMS’ not holding up in the first week itself, the Imtiaz Ali directed film is certain to finish with lifetime business of less than 70 crore.

A lifetime total of 65-crore is looking likely and that would mean the film would do the unthinkable. It will fall under the total collections of Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha (2015), Rockstar (2011) and even the 8-year-old film Love Aaj Kal (2009).

To say the absolute least, these are shocking numbers. Even outright multiplex films like ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2’ used to collected 65 crore in 2015. But here we have a Shah Rukh Khan – Anushka Sharma film, which was sold for very high prices, falling under 70-crore – which in other words, is 40% less than the all-India first day collections of ‘Bahubali 2: The Conclusion’.

Has the expectation and taste of the audience changed after the release of ‘Bahubali 2’ or is it the further increase in entertainment options from online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video that’s affecting film business? Could it be the ever increasing ticket prices or is the value of stars reducing?

The questions don’t end there. Has the audience completely lost interest in rom-coms or is Shah Rukh Khan losing his audience due to poor choice of films in the last 3 years?

Check out the box office collections of Imtiaz Ali Films below; ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ is likely to be his fourth highest grosser and his biggest failure to date.

Love Aaj Kal (2009)70 crSuper Hit
Rockstar (2011)70 crHit
Tamasha (2015)69 crFlop
Jab Harry Met Sejal (2017)67 cr*Disaster
Jab We Met (2007)32.5 crHit
Highway (2014)29.5 crAverage
Socha Na Tha (2005)3.6 crFlop


    • TZP did 65 cr and was superhit only. Similarly CDI. How can JWM gathering half of that and with Shahid and Kareena be Superhit?

      • Directors like imtiaz anurag kashyap, motwane deebakar banarjee.vishal bhardwaj are quite good…bt they should only work with actors like nawaz manoj, kay kay, rao etc. .even though rohit shetty films are shit it brings the family audience…since directors like rohit aneez kjo adi and anand l rwi and raju hirani should work with superstars

      • @Jeevcy Because budget matters..?? Do u even know how to find out a film’s verdict..??

    • TEjan kiddo, You know nothing about Box Office. JWM is a classic film but at BO, it was just a HIT, not SuperHit.

    • @bollyarena @indicine

      kya Bahubali era lga rakha h?

      JHMS love story thi , or BB2 action….

      or log pagal nhi h , jo bar bar War scene dekhte rhe ,

      Ha bas logo ko kuch nya dekhna chahte h…..

      something New….like TEPK

      Or ye South India to h nhi , jo BB2 se koi nuksaan ho jayega…

      saale Sallu or hklu apni Nakaamyabi ka thikra BB2 k sar fod rhe h???

      km se km Oppning weekend me to 80-90 crore krte…

      kyoki oppning weekend me movie sirf Stardom se chalti h…

      WOM to 7 din baad kaam krta h

      • Abhitak 90s Mai jiraha hai

        Opening trailer aur appeal

        And WOM comes into effect after first shoe nowadays

    • Srk is keen on nonsense plot and it is a pity that an actor of his kind is a failure,it is better that he picks up quality based roles before he loses his stardom

      • Love & respcet not less for SRK sir, but I think bad phase comes every actor, but cant wait for 1.5 years for Aanad L Rai movie, SRK can do a good movie in between this & feel proud for all SRK lovers. But plz sir before sign a movie think of your fans of all over the world. Thanks…

  • Very well written article. But as far as audience loosing trust in shahrukh Khan; let’s not forget Raees is still the highest grosser of the yr in India and overseas for outright Hindi films. So it would be a brave call to write him off. Also if we start writing the actors off after 1 or 2 failures; then the industry will not be left with many stars. The last films of Salman Hrithik Ranbir ranveer hv all been failures. Also 2 yrs bk on the same date akshay Kumar delivered Brothers.

    • I completely agree with you… bt rhe prb is not that. ..its srks poor choice of films in this decade…which means he’s wasting his talent and huge fan base…and for akshay. ..if one film fails he quickly moves to another…aamir is exceptional and very careful doing 1 film in 2 years…hritik tried to do that bt failed due to poor choice…only 1 universal film will get srk back. ..not romcom with adi or kjo…mwybe with raju hirani

    • Hrithik last film was kaabil nd FYI It was a super hit.. Raees myt b the highest grossing film of the year but kaabil was much better nd more appreciated

  • Imtiaz ali has done the unthinkable: he had everything Big stars, music, locations but still failed.
    I repeat indicine: even the US has netflix etc (way more than india) but still their film industry doesnt suffer.
    The real reason is the content and directors like imtiaz and others that try to make european films for an indian audience (that is not ready for these type of cinema, atleast not yet)

  • shut ur netflix nonsense. . mubarakan 2nd Tuesday 1.5cr is 40% higher than its Friday. . a sureshot superhit is struggling to get semi hit status only bcz it lost screens to jhms…

    netflix was there when badri hindi Medium did very well. Netflix was there when dear zindagi did 68cr hit bo.. jhms won’t cross any of these films & u r blaming netflix..

    Netflix audience r d same ones who used to earlier watch movies on torrents bt here producers r earnings digital rights from these agencies

    so u should welcome netflix amazon and blame lack of content & good trailer (mubarakan) for last 4disastrous months

    • Completely Agree. It’s Universal truth that SRK has lost his stardom. By doing cheap tricks against other superstars movie won’t help me now.

      • I agree, srk tries to put other actors down, through clashes or even through sly comments

  • Karma is really a bitch. Looking at the event unfold one takes a keen look at SRK behaviour towards his colleagues especially the january face off with the Roshans. One would like to tell SRK to stop taking stardom too serious or else he will keep hurting the same people that made him and that is not good.

  • Both SrK and Imtiyaz should be blamed…
    What a blunder script..
    70cr means just 55cr due to very high ticket price

    • Abe jahil vio thretre me ticket price high hi rehta hai chahe jiska movie ho ..usse Collecrion me 5 10lakh ka fark aaega ..15cr ka kya fark idiot

  • People are ready to pay for the films only worth watching, SRK has lost his script sense like no one in the industry which is already bought his name nowhere close to Salman and Amir.

    ABCD 3 is not happening yet because Salman is not confident about the script, so Salman is waiting for the best script for his next EID release.

    Nowadays people are very choosy when it comes to films as ticket costs are too expensive. Happy new year current release would not even earn 100cr aas it was non sense film. If BB would have released last EID it would still cross 400k mark.

  • Indicine it’s not tat the tickets prices are higher ..the actual reason why audiences are losing interest is bcoz of decreasing star values .specially of salman and srk ….and both these stars are themselves to be blamed due to their taking audiences for granted. .both khans thought tat their names and faces are enough to make their film as blockbuster no matter wt is the content ..thanx to Indians who are becoming innovative smart and intelligent enough to reject the crap films….

  • @Indicine

    I have never seen such reactions from them when Salman film flopped. In 2008 you didnt write article like “Yuvraaz likely to fall below Pardesh” or anything like that because both Yuvraaj and Pardesh were Subaash Ghai films

  • No anuska
    less commercial like tubelite

    This crap’s first 5 days wil be the 30 cr range and liftime less than 50
    and thats shahcook’s real star power

  • There are many factors involved ..post baahubali 2 era indians have finally understood tat what is their value ….we audiences have made these stars not viceversa …so audiences should show the genuine and we’ll deserved place of each star depending on their acting talent and versatility. .

  • The things such as Netflix and Amazon india and all other mobile technologies cannot affect a good/great movie from becoming Blockbusters. …all these things are lame excuses nothing else….

  • This movie very badly exposed srkay and his fake stardom
    her die hard fans are very very less compared to megastar salman
    bcoz die hard fans dnt care abt product quality…top priority is favrite actor in a commericial film

  • Indicine why are saying jhms coming under 70 crores ..no way it can collect 70 crores mm it will wrap up below 60 crores…

  • No need to worry & no need of overthinking..
    It is simple logic,if Movie is good people will watch,if it is not good,it will not collect.
    Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 collected 65 cr,bcoz it was entertaining movie & much much better.
    presently Industry is evolving through the transition phase & it is good for future of industry.
    There is no such post Bahubali 2 effect & all.
    How can audience will like love story of Guy of 52 chasing the girl half of his age.
    Lets live the age factor,People would have loved the love story of Aged man also,if it had good story to tell.
    Anushka se achha gujarati to me bol leta hu Marathi ho ke.

    • It doesn’t make any difference for the audience, but its important for the industry to think what’s going wrong. A lot of people in the industry read our articles here. Raabta, Mubarakan opening to 5 crore is shocking. Normally, such films wouldn’t open so low.

      • It’s very simple.
        If you want me to pay high ticket prices, you better entertain me.
        I dont go by reviews if I like the trailer and songs.
        If I dont like what I see in promos, no amount of gimmick is going to get me to theater.
        We have easy access to hollywood and south indian movies and shows like GoT are no less exciting than movies.
        Bollywood needs to start delivering new and exciting content. PERIOD.
        Old wine in new bottle is no longer acceptable. How many do you have to rehash DDLJ. Dilwale was sold as DDLJ pairing is back. JTJH is sold as SRK returning to DDLJ mode. Seriously, who wants to see DDLJ again & again & again.
        Romcoms are OK when there is a young/fresh pair with great musci. Anything else is just simply uninteresting.

        Specail note to SRK – Stop promoting your movies for lengthy period. By the time movie is going to release, we are almost fed up of seeing you in ads, news, tv serials etc to the point that it starts working against the film.

    • @Aadav, films can’t be compared like that. Economics of each film is different and they have to be judged / analysed differently. The film ‘Trapped’ was made on 6 cr budget, earned 3 crore at the box office. It lost money way less money than Harry or Tubelight, but it’s still a disaster. Same with Sarkar 3, it was less loss-making than some of the bigger films, but verdict doesn’t change. Tubelight domestic collections of 120 crore, doesn’t make it an outright disaster.

      • Nope
        Verdicts are judged on the way how much the star pays you. Salman pays you hence FLOP. Even Kaabil became a semi-hit for you cause Hritik replied u on twitter. JHMS is a disaster though the producers are in huge profit(Dilwale scenario) still Disaster because SRK doesn’t pay you

      • @Aadav, if you think our verdicts are paid or change depending on absolutely silly things like Twitter reply from stars, there’s no reason to visit sites that you don’t trust. Thanks.

    • Ok, stop crying Tubelight is a disaster

      Blockbuster machine Salman’s first failure tis decade

      He is not a sinking ship like SRK

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