It was my dream to shoot in Dubai: Shah Rukh Khan

At a conference to announced collaboration with Dubai Film and Television Commission and other Dubai government entities to simplify the entire process of Filmmaking, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan said that it was his dream to shoot for a film in Dubai. 

“Dubai is my second home… I enjoy the most here with my children. It was my dream to shoot for a film here and I am glad we are shooting here.”  SRK said.

Farah Khan who directs Shahrukh for the third time said “We haven’t chosen Dubai to shoot the film… it is Dubai that has chosen us. Dubai is an integral part in the film. Dubai is a character in the film and not just a city. Its a beautiful location and the culture you have here, it is not there anyone else,”

The shooting of Happy New Year which started on September 2nd here will continue till the 25th.

Farah said she is thankful to Shah Rukh who agreed to do this film.

“I took a very long time to write this script. Its very sweet of Shah Rukh to do this film. I am thankful to him.”

The entire starcast including Shah Rukh, Deepika Padukone, Boman Irani, Sonu Sood, and Farah were present at the press meet.



  • Srk should continue shooting in swiss alps until his body gets freezed in the ice of switzerland and there will be a live statue of srk to enjoy !

  • Dark boyrises. Ur very funny person. For ur kind information, switzerland is not in Dubai lol. Now dont act like u know everything, it’s no big surprise as ur a fan of perfake-tionist, who always talk like a most intelligent person ever born in every interview. U and ur perfake-tionist are made for each other

  • How many second homes Srk have ? In Dubai he is saying that it is his second home.In London,New york,Chennai,Switzerland he will say the same and will say their culture is the best and it was my dream to shoot here.same dialogue everywhere.

  • Srk’s first home=Mumbai
    Srk’s second home=Dubai/London/Chennai/New york/Delhi/Bern/Eden gardens/Wankhede stadium

  • 200cr on the cards in Domestic(INDIA) and 150cr + on the cards in overseas……..its HAPPY NEW YEAR (SRK,DEEPIKA & FARAH)…ATBB

  • srk is a deshdrohi terrorist srk always praise other countries but never say good about our india instead he praise and support pakistanis .srk is the worst and big shame to india.

  • @Sachin11 don’t embarras yourself by posting dumb comments…if SRK says Dubai his second home,he literally meabt it…SRK owns a villa in Palm Jumera ,Dubai…its a porshe area…go and check on youtube the videos of SRK & family spending the holidays there n his house….so better come here to post dumb comments…people will laugh at you

  • @sakhi : n you dont act as an intelligent. Your spout that too in Caps is there for everyone to see on Salman pages. Most frustrating srk fans i have ever seen. Seems you are really frustrated with your boring life. Get well soon !!!

  • Dubai tourism gave big concession to HNY team to shoot in dubai to promote their tourism. thats why he said “We haven’t chosen Dubai to shoot the film… it is Dubai that has chosen us.” Earlier he wanted to shoot the movie in london. But after their proposal he changed his mind.

  • @sachin11..yes,srk has many second homes bcoz he is the king..nt like lallu,who has his own home and BIG BOSS HOME..ha ur patent dialoug-“lol”

  • our self proclaimed king was lucky enough to get one blockbuster after four average movies but Salman has five back to back blockbusters.

  • @mitesh don’t worry about Salman’s home because aamir with his dhoom 3 not only make our king jobless but homeless too.

  • @beingsrkfan..ha ha..why talk abt aamir?cant salmaan do that?..even krissh 3 has very gud chance of breaking it..srk broke aamir’s record,but dat doesnt make aamir homeless or jobless..records are made to be broken..btw,if sallu becomes homeless..mannat is big enough to accomodate sallu..

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