Is Shiney Ahuja really a rapist?

Last night, Shiney Ahuja was accused of raping his maid servant and the actor who is renowned for his role in Gangster, quite shockingly confessed having sex with his maid, but the actor denied the rape charges.

When questioned about the maid by the Mumbai police, Shiney revealed the details “Yes, she is my maid from one and a half months. My earlier maid Sangeeta got her here temporarily. My cook Mohan and his wife know about this.”

When asked about the rape charges, Shiney said “No, I didn’t (rape her). I am being framed. We had sex, but it was consensual”

Consensual sex isn’t a crime, is Shiney actually being framed? Its so hard to believe, a non-controversial actor like Shiney involved in a rape! Shocking!

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  • What?? This is shocking!!! He himself has accepted that he has had sex with his maid. Don’t know whether he raped the woman or not. Even if it was consensual sex, it is disgusting. Have sex with your maid??? He must have been really frustrated.

    I really liked Shiney Ahuja after watching movies like Gangster and Life in a Metro. But when he started an arguement with Preity Zinta at the sets of Har Pal I had doubts about him. Now I hate him. :(

  • Now this is all false news.. neither he raped his maid nor he is idiot to spoil his reputation!! what.. do u all think that that’s true?!!!

    Well I was shocked yesterday morning, reading on masala websste that Shiney did it and he confessed, it was hard to believe as he got a good face, his good soul shows from his eyes.. that’s enough for me to judge anyone, if he’s good or bad, but lateron.. while following up the news on NDTV channel, his wife said that Shiney is innocent and it’s all a fabricated story and that her husband would never do such a thing.. it’s nice to see a wife supporting her husband and trust him this way.. and that proves that Shiney is a good man and a good husband.

    If en evil, in some moments would let any humen being to do the worst.. in those moments he would think what he’s going to lose. his career, his family.. so Shiney is not that stupid to giveup all that for the sake of a cheap pleasure with a housemaid! His wife with his kids were away and he could have hundreds of women outside his wife to sleep with, that’s if he needed a woman while he was home alone.. why to spoil his image and risk his life with a maid!!

    No one knows.. the maid might hv done that for the sake of money, the way Shiney was trying to hide himself from the media’s camera, when he was caught, that gave me the feeling that he’s innocent.. if he was a criminal and did rape the girl, he’d never reacted this way.

  • no untill he is found guilty by a competent court n not guilty by some Kangaroo court.
    ajay chaudhary

  • he have a wife and yet he is starved for sex….some men….he is just disgusting…plus he have a kid…didn’t he think about that as to if it was his own child that it was happening to….thats all I am going to say

  • this is all rediculous Shiney is not that kind of guy if he really wanted to have sex he has got money as there is prostitutes in world instead of rape that too with maid and i am quite happy with his wife who is supporting him thats the realtion or might be any kind of black mail i guess for money he is not stupid to bang his career and family overall lets wait and watch…………………… good luck Shiney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dont worry if he has raped then he will admit in the court all law abiding citizens he will admit to his mistake and ask for forgiveness..isnt that what any of us would do????

  • She willing had sex with him and all of a sudden it’s rape. She’s lying, she wants him, she wants to break up his marriage………..but how the hell can he be so flipen stupid to have sex with his maid, she must bne one heck of a beaut or a real temptress in order for him to reduce himself to that. Shiny u have just blemished your sparkling character – either way – rape or no rape…u still did it with the maid. Height of desperation.

  • shiny has spoiled his good life and also he has broken the heart of his fans with his bad behviour.

  • i think the truth is shiney probably had consensual sex with the maid. what woman would turn down a moderately famous bollywood actor, that too a good looking one ?

    shiney isn’t that stupid to forcely have sex with a woman. so i think it probably was consensual sex, and now the maid is trying to cash in on it.

    also, i knew from day one that shiney looked like those typical asian men who would do stuff like that i.e. have sex with other women even though he is married.
    the pakistani middle aged pervert looking men type. you know what i mean. hungry for sex all the time. perverts.

    shiney would not have sex with another woman if he didn’t think he could get away with it. so it was obviously consensual and easy to agree to. otherwise there are many startuck women out there who would love to go to bed with shiney… why have it off with a maid ? it was obviously very easy for him to get the maid to agree.

    but one thing i cannot understand is how can shiney do such a thing, have sex with another woman when he is married and has a child ?? again going back to my earlier point of a typical pakistani middle aged hungry for sex type. who would lunge at every oppurtunity to have sex.

    i wouldn’t have sex with my maid even if i was made a millionnaire. i have too much self respect for myself, also my faith in god is unparallelled and i will not let anything get in the way of that. plus that sort of adultery i find really disgusting and the lowest level of human behaviour.

    sure, shineys career is probably over.

  • @ spiderman – Hello stranger – I agree 100% with your comment – perfectly put. I couldn’t have said it any better. Ja I think we all know those type of men – hungry men who will “knock” anything in a skirt at any given chance……….

    Also he’s the “pretty” type of guy – let’ hope his prison inmates don’t find him to attractive…… I wonder if that will be classed as rape or consensual sex.


  • Neither he’s a rapist nor he’s an idiot man to giveup his career, his family, his reputation for a moment with a can’t be true.. I don’t believe it.

    Only if he’s mentally ill or sex addicted in a way that he couldn’t risist to see a woman with him alone in the house.. so he did it!

    The medical report confirms that the maid was raped.. probably he was seduced by here, if she’s a minor.. then how did she have a boyfriend?!! A boyriend who’s broke and always drunk.. so they might’ve planned it.. put some drugs in his drink, and seduced him to sleep with her and show it later like a rape case.

    Days will prove everything and what happened exactly.. we didn’t hear so far what Shiney himself said about the case.. all I know is that his wife yesterday in the news was defending her husband, as she knows him since 15 years, and said that he’s innocent and he got just one step more to end this case, to get back home.. and said that he’s not this type.. he can’t do this.

  • spiderman, I totally agree with you. Shiney is a total PREVERT, all he got was his LOOKS! I really think he’s also a GAy. ANd he will do anything for his own pleasure. Hope he will find “NEW FRIENDS” in the jail.

    People like him is a great danger to the society.

  • Shiney’s maid doesn’t appear to be only 38 kgs and in the photograph she can be seen wearing a mangalsutra and green bangles. She may be married. The police should find out every detail about her background. I cannot believe that Shiney can put his future and his career at stake for a maid. He is a celebrity and that are chances of a frame up for an ulterior motive. The investigation should be fair and not prejudiced. The police should investigate the truth and not endeavor to build a watertight case against Shiney. Shiney should get a chance to prove his innocence and should not be tried outside the court.

  • i agree whole heartedly with fathiya and zara ..shiney is innocent atleast in the sense that he’s definitly nt raped tht bloody maid …i also read a statment given by a former maid of the ahujas’ that the APPARENT victim confessed to being in love with the actor ..n so it cud’ve bin a trap….
    no way , it cant be
    god bless poor shiney…

  • He isn’t framed. He did rape her. Who the hell risks his carrier by sleeping with the maid or anyone and get caught. Not to tell that he is married. He raped her. I know, people like him, he is handsome and he has a good face. But there is saying: Don’t take the man by the look. No one sees the real face behind the mask.

  • It is due to desire to have a son and the wife losing her good looks. Aided and abetted by wife for shiny to recharge his batteries.

  • Shiney is innocent, that maid withdraw from the court saying that he hasn’t raped her. He is being framed, he is very good looking and he has money. He wouldn’t rape a maid, he can have any woman he want, why rape? indian laws are all missed up just like the country.

  • He is a rapist and someone should rape his wife as well. He looks like a used condom anyway and this is just not good for our industry to allow him to get back into bollywood.

    HE looks like a used condom and has also deleted the blog page fromm his website as he knows whats coming his way.

    Put him back into jail and let him serve the seven years that he was meant to serve. Loser

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