Is Ranbir Kapoor in the Top 3 after Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani?

5 questions by Indicine readers answered by Film Critic and Trade Analyst Joginder Tuteja

Q. Is Ranbir in Top 3 now after the super success of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani? – Shruti

If one looks at the kind of reach he has managed to show with ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’, it is tempting to place him in Top-3. However, there are so many other factors involved before an actor can consolidate his positioning amongst the bigwigs. While consistency is of course one major factor, it is also the kind of business that an actor brings to industry as a whole which makes him tower over anyone else. Fortunately for the industry, there are men in the Top 3 who have been doing quite well for more than 20 years with their current run being terrific. Ranbir is doing quite well but would have to wait for the crown.

Q. What would be the opening of Chennai Express and Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara? – Rizwan Khan

With the clash being prevented and both films arriving on a holiday, sky is the limit for both films to open exceedingly well. It is still early days to put a number against the opening day or weekend though since only theatrical promos are out yet and songs are yet to be unveiled, except for a bit or two. It can be safely said though that Eid record of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ (33 crores) would be most definitely challenged by Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Chennai Express’. As for ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara’, it would be the second best opening ever for a film released on the Independence Day (last being ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ itself).

Q. How is the response to Satyagraha teaser? – Nakul

It has been ordinary. Since the entire revolution angle, which is (currently) the USP of the film has died down (post Anna Hazare’s disappearance), need of the hour is to bring in newer angles to the film’s promotion. These are still early days though and it is possible to bring a huge turnaround since there are quite a few strong pillars (Prakash Jha, Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Manoj Bajpai, Arjun Rampal) that the film enjoys. Once the theatrical promo is unveiled, there could be a huge perception change in the offering.

Q. Is Aditya Roy Kapur in big league now? Especially since he has been signed by YRF? – Kavitha

These are early days to make any such declarations. Yes, he has obviously taken huge strands from the ‘supporting actor’ tag that he had against his name since his ‘London Dreams’, ‘Action Replayy’ and ‘Guzaarish’ days. Blockbuster success of (particularly) ‘Aashiqui 2’ and (bonus) ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ has brought to him the kind of recognition that is truly well deserving. In fact Yash Raj signing him for a film is an icing on the cake. Now if he manages to score a success in that and also bags at least two or three more solo hero films, he would indeed be in the big league.

Q. I just heard that Roshans have moved Krrish 3 to 4th Nov as it is Diwali on 3rd. Will that help the movie? – Zubeir

First and foremost the final release date of ‘Krrish 3’ is not yet decided. It is all hearsay and Roshans are yet to close on one. Releasing the film on Diwali i.e. 3rd November is definitely not a good move. Though the film will still enjoy the best Diwali day ever, it would not be a record making day by any distance. In the times when so much business is driven based on screaming headlines around ‘Best Day’, ‘Best weekend’, ‘Best holiday release opening’ etc., it would be sacrilege for a biggie like ‘Krrish 3’ to aim for anything lesser. The film should release on either 4th November or even better, on Friday i.e. 8th November.



  • With holiday every superstar had created record be it Sharukh with ra one or hrithik with agneepath. The only difference is salman were lucky to get holidays and numerous open weeks for all of his films but still coudnt sustain his record. Even his biggest ever release dabangg 2 record has been broken by a kid called ranbir kapoor. So I seriously think he is most over-rated superstar ever in bollywood.

    Top 3 actors in terms of achievement for last 1 year
    1. Salman khan
    2. Akshay kumar
    3. Ranbir kapoor

    Top 3 superstars in terms of current star power
    1. Ranbir kapoor
    2. Salman khan
    3. Sharukh khan

  • @ soroop,

    Did Salman force the open weeks? The films did well, accept it.

    The fact is that no one wanted to mess with him and make a loss and hence no top movies released a week before and two weeks later.

    It is going to happen in his upcoming movies too, just wait and see when Mental releases.

  • A lion is always a king. Sometimest other animals tries to imitate lion to feel like a lion but cannot match up to him. Salman is a Lion!!!! oh wait we do have a hyiena as well who is getting older faster than his same age actors n coming in train called Chennai Express this Eid!!!!

  • @JC. How do u know salman forced it or not?. That’s why I told he is lucky to get those holidays and open weeks. Do u understand what luck means?. It’s proved with ranbir’s YJHD that he is not no.1 in terms of star power. If joginder is saying ETT record is in danger then how can be no.2 even?. However, have to admit that his movie is super successful but his star power is not grown after dabangg. Probably the reason is him doing same thing with same kind of script, so every credit goes to remake, WOM and holidays. Else how could some one who gave 4 blockbusters and his opening is beaten by a rising superstar tht too by a huge margin. For eg : Salman is comming with 4 blockbusters before dabangg 2, so he shud give opening acc. to that so actually opening shud go like this
    Dabangg 2 shud open with 30 crs and YJHD shud open with 20 crs with equal screen space but here the equation is dabaangg 2 is beaten by Ranbir’s YJHD that too by 650 less screens!!!
    From this we can understand that salman was never no.1 instead holidays and open weeks gives him that tag. I hope u understood my point

  • Are you joking? The top 3 ARE :
    1. Shahrukh khan
    2. Aamir khan
    3. Hrithik roshan

    Why Hrithik roshan in the 3rd Place? Because he is very talented, he can act, sing and dance very well. Wait for Krrish 3, he will break all box office records :) :) :)

  • @soroop: stop your filth n keep your idealogies with yourself. your saying all trade pundits, directors n actors are mad to pronounce Salman as no.1 let Ranbir give atleast 3 consecutive blockbusters with any genre, any holiday release, highest number of screens n maximum open weeks before declaring him #1. I bet u will say srk is number after CE release with same holiday release. stop the hypocrisy n double faced behaviour!!!!!!

  • If we are talking about box office records then it will be like that
    1. aamir
    2. salman
    3. ranbir
    with ce , k3, d3 and outimd on the way that will change soon

    if we are talking about world popularity then it will be like that
    2- ash
    3- big b
    thats mean only srk the lead 1 who reprsent india outside now, he draw amazing pic for it but the sad thing that his real india is so difrent , the real india is full of rape, chate, fake news, hate, double standerds, disrespect, weak law with narrow minded and religions problems,
    we love srk’s india not the real 1, we love the beautiful india that he shares with us through his movies where u can see a place like dream land with amazing sons, amazing daughters, amazing husbands, amazing wives, amazing fathers, amazing mothers , amazing friends and dreamy land , that is srk’s india which we knew, land full of superb colors and values not full of bad things

    if we are talking about movies’s story value then it will be like that

    thats mean yes in terms of box office records ranbir is no 3 this year but that will change by the khans and roshans. records made to be broken but for the other things he need 5 to 10 years to achieve what srk, big b, ash , hrithik and aamir achieved. the quality not the quantity , he can break salman records ‘quantity’ but he can not break srk or aamir quality. or SRK popularity even the other 2 khans couldnt make it, thats it.

  • Current top 3 stars are: Aamir, salman and srk. One blockbuster can’t make him superstar @khankapoor aamir become no. 1 after ghajini and salman with dabangg and the reason that both was ATBB’S. YTHJ is blockbuster not atbb and for gaining no.1 position one have to be consistent, and akshay fans don’t be foolish as ouatimd will big open but not like ett whether it released on Eid solo, and after the trailer it become impossible as after looking trailer i am shocked why is the need of sequel of that classic movie, and taking akshay is not good because ouatim remembered for its extraordinary performance by ajay and emran, and dialogues too and akshay is not good in dialogue delievery he has to be loud when he delivers them look in the trailer how he modifies his voice to let people clear that its dialogue, how pathetic? And after watching trailer i think i have to miss this sequel and some akshay fans and others bashing Imran Khan for probably looking underperformance in future, great

  • If you people will blame Imran for under performance of ouatimd then you will have to give him credit of ouatimd success, and one thing is clear if ouatimd fail then its Akshay failure not of Imran, while its success will definitely help Imran as well as Akshay.

  • So finally watched ce trailer and it was above average 3 think i liked in trailer 1. Srk in comedy 2. Last 25-30 sec trailer was catchy 3. S.p. Balasubrahmanyam voice personlly i like his singing in Saajan, ek duje ke liye, hahk and mpk. After watching this two things are certain that srk will finally surpass Ready’s collection and it will have highest second day collection currently srk has only one record at boxoffice that is raone 23.5cr 2nd day figure and also will have highest weekend collection negatives 1. Deepika and his pathetic south accent 2. Again a love story althoug comedy and actions r there but its a love story and its due to deepika that i will give it a miss on this Eid

  • If we go by star power ranbeer is right there up at the top . By box office he is in top 2 along with salman . the thing is he is too likable. and his popularity has grown like anything and he would rule the next decade in bollywood thats for sure. if ce express don’t go above 130 crore. it would dent srk a lot . caues already his movies are not earning up to hipe created by his fans, although he always releases his movies on holidays and once a year. . akhsay kumar is a guy whose movies earn most each year. he like does 4-5 movies and all of them make some profit for sure. and he has been doing this for years. people are never bored of him. so right now the top 3 actors are salman ranbeer and akhsay kumar .

  • u r big fool it is proved with ur comments.
    as u r saying only khans r superstars,where amir and srk didnt given a big hit .since a long time.
    akshay and hrithik r much bigger.
    just wait for aug 15 u will get ur answer.

  • @Aks. Dont miss chennai express on eid, please yarr. Try to understand, If u do then it will be a humongous loss on eid day. It’s a humble request from my part, u will watch chennai express nah beta? And by the way thanks for predicting that atlast chennai express will surpass ready collection, which was an original movie and moreover clashed with 3 films to reach 123 crs with the help of sulaiman bhai’s star power. U dunno how happy we r now when u predicted ce will have new weekend record. I really wish u wont come up with ce review when it get released bcuz we srkians will get tired as hell by praising u

  • @hrithik. Read my post again!!!. Ranbir shud give 3 blockbuster for what?. I was talking about current star power and ur talking childishly about ur so called sulmain bhai. kya ukad diya salman with 4 blockbuster?. Did he able to give good opening for dabangg2?. If yes then how could ranbir destroyed his record with 650 less screens?. R u trying to say if salman movie stop giving even descent opening then also u will talk about 5 blockbuster?. Ask ur salman to release his movie with besharam then see ur salman real aukad at boxoffice with ur own eyes. First he ran away from OUATIM then he ran away from besharam. coward kareeka. Stop blabbering and accept ranbir’s current star power.

  • Putting ranbir straight in to top 3 is not right

    he should grow and will grow maybe he has to face such compitetion when his seniors fades

    but now it looks like this trend has big line ups like KHANS,AKKI,HRITHIK ROSHAN etc

    by underestimatind them means its not fair

    yes Till now in 2013 yjhd is top 1 and till now in boxoffice collection wise ranbir is Top 1

    see after the releases of CE,OUATIMD,KRRISH 3,DHOOM3 may be he stand still at topspot

    But i agree he will rule bollywood in future but not now its too early we can call him as a rising prince of bollywood

  • Ce 1st day will be around 25 crores and 2nd day around 30 crores and OuatimD 1st day will be not more than 20 crores !!!
    And ryt now in terms of box-office :
    1. Salman
    2. Srk
    3. Ranbir !!!

  • Salmans MPK was no.1 grosser movie of that respective decade but he was not even in top 5 and then when HAHK was released nd that too was also highest grossers of the decade he founds his position in top 3, he 1st became no. 1 after the release HSSH, HDDCS, Biwi no.1
    Took 10 years to do so
    Same goes to srk and amir and akki he stills fighting every years to be in top and some of you guys already declared ranbir in top 2 after 1 blocbuster not even he has given ATBB let him do 15, 20 movies then we will see

  • Yeh jawaani hai deewani rocked by desi standards, 9th on first weekend, 12th on second
    weekend in the US, not that impressive in the UK, though very good. films are successful
    basically because of popular content for example, veer zaara hit 40 crores in 2004 while swades
    failed to hit 20 crores though both films had the same star but veer zaara was a more viewer
    friendly film. look at this hrithik roshan hit bull`s eyes with kaho na pyar hai and dino morea hit
    the jackpot with raaz.
    I am happy ranbir kapoor has joined the big boys club.
    This only substantiates Heraclitus’ view that the only constant thing in life is change.
    Take a look at this, the Khans have been dominant over the years because they have been dugged
    particularly srk, indians have never liked him but has reinvented himself overtime to keep up
    with modern challenges. aamir has impresses considering his ability to convince indians to watch
    his kind of films. salman on the other hand is mr chocolate and has delivered when he acted
    suitable films. India has talented actors, directors etc but it needs a more viable economy and
    content with international relevance to take its place in this century instead of banking on some
    helpless superstar or megastsar to sell its films.

  • @ soroop, don’t make claims, if you want to blame or accuse, then get proofs. Salman never used any PR or force others not to release. If it is otherwise, then prove.

    Or else, keep quiet and let us do the talking when Mental release.

    As to speaking on the topic of this article, Ranbir is still considered the next superstar, and hence doesn’t come in the top 5.

    The top 5 should be – Salman, srk, aamir, akshay and hrithik, followed by Devgan.

    May be 2-3 years down the line, he can start claiming to be in top 3 if the hits continue.

  • @suroop one thing is that salman it not coward even srk and his team was waiting for salman comments whether he release mental this eid or not and when they know that salman will not have any release than srk ce decided to release, that already shows who is currently on top, because srk also knows for book his movies release date even before movie shooting start or not, as the case for don2 and jthj. And ranbir got huge success due to other factor too and biggest was that absence of any big movie in last 4 month last was race2, not considering spl 26 as it was not open well, while dabangg2 was having highest weekend collection and highest non holiday opener on day1 and you should not forget that last year within 50 days we have 5 big movies sos,jthj,talaash,k786,d2 so there was not so much curiousness when d2 released and there was also that rape period too and mainly delhi was much affected due to that and you already know how much delhi contributes in bo india.

  • Don’t worry suroop i won’t watch ce in theatre so how can i review, but one thing i m waiting that will music of ce good or avg? Because i always like music of srk movies but his last 3 movies don2,ra one and jthj all weren’t upto the mark so i m definitely waiting for that and i think not so popular music also is the reason of srk underperformance in last 2 year as you also know how big part music play that this year’s blockbusters ashiqui2 and yjhd have best music that definitely reason of 35-40% bo performance so waiting eagerly for ce music and i m also waiting sp bala voice in the ce, and you also know that srk wasn’t lucky with good music with his last 3 movies but for ce music will only effect 10% bo performance as it is a masala movie and typical rohit style movie so if music will be not good than it won’t affect to much.

  • @Aks, you are saying srk a coward! Did he changed his any film release date? He always released his films whenever he said. But salman change his release date. We all knew that Mental was releasing this year. But when he saw ce & ouatimd releasing this year eid, krish 3 releasing in dewali, doom 3 releasing in christmus than he postpond his mental. If he was not coward he should release mental in this year eid whatever happens. Again 2 years ago he requested amir to release his doom 3 on 2013, so that he could release his daabang 2 next year christmus & he did that. Actually he doesn’t have any confident about his films. Thats why he always does a solo release.

  • I don’t think that Ranbir should be in the top 3.He is only popular since 2011 because of Rockstar,Barfi AND YJHD.He can’t be compared to other superstars like SRK AKKI SALMAN OR AAMIR.For me the top 5 are:

  • 1- SRK
    2- Salman (Aamir may take this spot or even the number one spot after D3)
    3- Ranbir
    4- Aamir (for taking a break and allowing others to climb higher)
    5- tight spot btw Hrithik Akshay & Ajay (tough Krrish may take Hrithik higher on the table)

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