Irrfan Khan in Tom Hanks’ Hollywood film ‘Inferno’

Acclaimed actor Irrfan Khan has signed yet another Hollywood film. This time around, he will be seen sharing screen-space with Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones in the upcoming mystery thriller film ‘Inferno’.

‘Inferno’ will be the third film in the mystery thriller franchise that was launched with ‘The Da Vinci Code’ (2006) and followed by ‘Angels & Demons’ (2009).

Ron Howard will be directing the film, where Hanks will be seen playing the character of Robert Langdon.

Irrfan will portray Provost, the head of a shadowy group that becomes involved with Langdon. The talented actor has been a part of Hollywood films like ‘The Amazing Spiderman’, ’A Mighty Heart’, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘Life of Pi’.

Irrfan will also be seen in sci-fi adventure film ‘Jurassic World’, which is scheduled to release in theatres on June 12 2015.

‘Inferno’ will release on October 14 2016.



  • Peoud to say that Emraan Hashmi has also represented India in foreign film festivals across the globe with Tigers.
    Glad to see that firangis are exploiting talent of our actors. While good and talented actors in our industry remain Underrated due to Heirarchy , nepotism and under-utility !
    Way to go Irrfan Khan, Nawaz Sidiqui and Emraan Hashmi !

  • Would love to see some acclaimed indian actors in famous English TV shows. That would be just epic!
    Nirmat is there in Homeland and she is amazing!
    This is no less though, that too with Tom Hanks. ?

  • I liked tom hanks movies like cast away and capt philips but not angels and d
    hopes irfan has a gud length n meaty role not like that of amazing and pi
    irfan is in jurassic world thatz a new piece of info
    srk is also there as a dinosaur

  • My most favorite fantastically acclaimed actors all time from B-Town

    1- Naseer Uddin Shah
    2- Irrfaan Khan
    3- Nawaz Uddin Siddiqui

  • woww amazing
    this man is a sea of talent.
    he is very wise n choosy in picking up his roles
    heard he wasnt interested in spiderman franchise anymore because of several scenes being removed by its director…he had a meaty role.infact i have seen an image released by its makers where irrfan was fighting with the lizard.

  • @ftk agree with u but there will b slight change.
    Top bollywood actors(acting skills):
    1 Irfan sir
    2 Naseerudin sir
    3 Amitabh sir
    4 Shahrukh(KING)
    5 Anupam kher(brilliant in all genres)
    6 Nawazuddin

  • Irfan and KING KHAN is just awesome in billu both of them,true class actors.

    Some moron said KING KHAN didn’t got any Hollywood offers!!!!!’xtreme city’ with Leonardo DiCaprio was offered to KING KHAN had denied.but which Hollywood movie offered to our perfaketionist,lol.BTW bhai is even rejected to enter aib show,they said if some non English speaking bhojpuri actor will enter then they will loose their reputation.

  • @ HHH please remove the name of srk in your list there should be Aamir khan. m not joking if u want to know the truth plz survey all critics comments

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