IPL affects Housefull 2 on Day 1

Housefull 2 lost atleast Rs 2 crore on Day 1 due to competition from cricket and regional releases. The early estimates for the first day business is around 14 crores.

The two IPL matches – Mumbai vs Pune and Rajasthan vs Punjab – has severely affected collections for the evening and night shows on Friday. The first match made a dent into collections in Maharashtra as both the local teams were playing, while the second match which started at 8PM reduced the occupancy in Rajasthan.

Collections in Punjab were also affected due to the release of Mirza – The Untold Story, which has opened to a historic response in the state. Infact, the release of the Punjabi film also had an impact on the overseas business (more on that shortly).

Still, the Day 1 collections are about 5% lesser than Don 2, which was a Holiday (Christmas) release.

Saturday and Sunday will be the key and it remains to be seen, just how big an impact the IPL will have on the weekend numbers. The two matches today are between Bangalore and Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai – all four teams have a strong following and are important centers for film business too.

Did the makers under-estimate the impact of the IPL? Would they have been better off releasing Housefull 2 a week or two after the initial hype around the cricket league subsided?



  • @indicine you guys are getting obnoxious by the minute you know that everything with the name srk gets the most hit on the web and you never miss his name on a single article do you?? media making him a punching bag just because he remains quite?? dont worry karma always comes back to you fools!

  • @indicine also if I rememba don2 was released on 23 december not christmas are you guys high on drugs or do you actually do some research before writing!??

  • if ta movie is good people will come and watch.dont blame ipl.still didnt manage to break don2 first day collections.

  • cricket has always affected the movies the only movie which succeed even after india pakistan match was veer zaara but it was different thing because king khan with yrf will beat any thing that come in their way

  • Wingsuiter, box-office reports are about films and not stars alone. We didnít make a single mention of SRK or Akshay here.

    About Don 2 is was just a mention, not a comparison. Because both films had a similar release (print count), the Day 1 collections are also about the same.

  • @indicine the collection of don2 and house full 2 is not same don2 has higher collections you are trying to fall down king khan but you can not beca use he is the best actor ever born in bollywood

  • Don 2’s first day collection was 14.60 crores in Hindi and some 1.5 in regional versions.So Housefull 2’s first day collection is about 2.5 crores less than Don 2.

  • Hrithik is the best actor that ever born in bollywood.he is much better actor dancer and smarter than any khan or kumar.

  • what rubbish. housefull2 is anyday better than wanna be ocean eleven don2……..don2 was a lunatic movie…..akshay , salman & aamir r d best heroes of bollywood………

  • @wingsuiter::u r a fool.it’s salman’s name which gets more hit on web.only his pr media gets more hits.srk remains quite?? ha haa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. biggest joke of d millenium…..that guy keep barking about himself that he is d best & doesnt hav any competition…….srk is d one who always insult other actors…karma will definitely come back 2 him..he will pay 4 his bad karma’s 4 sure……

  • @indicine see your previous report about housefull 2 16 crore one thts all I have to say! and I am not hating on you guys you are one of the unbiased news site and even report on small films which is great but please dont try to sensationalize like other media houses!!

  • @khaleed Whatever!! I did not say salman is not popular he is a great star as well! I am a srk fan and I just care mostly about srk and he is going through rough times due to rumours and all and we are just supporting him and I havent bashed any other stars soo hope u dont mind!!

  • hahahahahahahahaha
    That is sad news for @indicine and all srk haters .

    Now they are blaiming IPL and the producer’s bad releasing time but all of you must know these facts:

    1) don2 has the record of the highest opining day for not holiday ( it was released 23/12/2011 not cheristmas day)

    2) sunday 25/12/2011 was cheristmas day and it reduced the collections of don2

    3) don 2 was only srk movie others was supporting cast but HF2 there are 12 A-list lead actors + supporting cast and still it collected only 10cr+

    4) don2 was not promoted well and also film was not masala entertainment but it managed to collect 76cr in first week.

    5) don2 music was not good as HF2 and this factor is which crap movies become hit in single screens.

    All in all this another TMK , it will reach even 90cr.

    GOOD LUCK GUYZ…………!!!!!!!!!

  • @pankoj you are right hritik looks good but he is not number one its king khan hritik is number two ahead from salman and amir hritik himself on twitter has accepted that shahrukh is the best actor of bollywood read his twit where he called him real captain anyways hritik is superior from a single screen boy sallu ops i mean lallu

  • sorry guyz , i made a mistake in the last pragraph of my previous comment i was mean IT WILL NOT REACH EVEN 90 CRORE

  • @khalled just find out whose name is more searched on google its king khan not any lallu idiot if you do not know anything why are you talking opps barking

  • @khaleed just cool down idiot you know who is more searched on google bing yahoo of course you dont thats why you are talking false such an idiot

  • salman is nothing more than a supporting actor in movies like kuch kuch hota hain &hum tumhare hain sanam and will remain i single theatre fool now just be cool

  • DON 2 is a best movie..HF2 b achi ho gi kiun k akshay sirf comady hi achi krta hai.but DON 2 se bht pheechay hai.

  • ye to honahi tha :D i already said it will share the fate of TMK :D Amitabh,Srk,Hritik,Shahid,Ranbir rocksss …MMuuha

  • I think srk fans r always try 2 prove that,he is best.but fact is salman,aamir,hrithik are way ahead of him.when his movie realeses there is buzz that,it will break all d records,but this never happened.

  • to be number one also requires great attitude king khan have this attitude salman dont carry this attitude

  • @rahul where do you live he dont break records are you day dreaming its only shahrukh who is most respected actor the biggest money maker in bollywood what your lallu has a lollipop

  • sharukh’s raone holds the record of highest single day collection despite carrying huge negativity,,that’s star power,, what do u say now

  • SRK the badshah who ruling this bollywood kingdom for last 20 years, cannot be compared with lallu and amir , lallu gave 80% flops in last 10 years amir gave 40% and compared to that srk give only 1 flop film it’s about 5%— check the films of lallu in last 10 years and then give comment -http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salman_Khan

  • if salman khan’s movie creates record without the help of hit item songs then we will agree that salman is biggest star, even hrthiik movie can create first day record with the help of hit item songs so its not a big deal

  • even tees mar khan could able to create record with help of sheila ki jawani being a worst film and made life time bussiness of 80 crores at that time,salman’s movie mantra is remake with hit item number how long he can succeed with it,,, pplz r in the wrong thought that salman is a bigger star than sharukh, hahahaha wake up idiots

  • @chinkari. U r ryt dude. Bt u have to keep in mind dat srk promoted raone for 8 months.. And then raone did dat business..so it is nt star power, it is promotion power. If he was truly king thn he did nt need any promotion.. Look at salman. His average movies doing wonders without promotion. Dis is called true star power.

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