Introducing the characters in Ajay Devgn’s Drishyam

The makers of Drishyam have released a new picture that reveals the characters in the family thriller which releases on the 31st of July.

Ajay will be seen playing a family man after a long time. He plays the character of Vijay Salgaonkar. Shriya Saran plays Ajay’s wife. The couple also have two daughters – one grown up, the other is still a kid. Tabu and Rajat Kapoor also have important roles to play.

The film is a remake of Mohanlal’s acclaimed Malayalam classic ‘Drishyam’. The makers of the Hindi film, directed by Nishikant Kamat, have retained the title.

Shriya Saran, Ajay Devgan still from Drishyam

Shriya Saran, Ajay Devgan still from Drishyam

Tabuís cop look from Drishyam

Tabuís cop look from Drishyam

Tabu on the sets of Drishyam

Tabu on the sets of Drishyam

Drishyam First Look - Ajay Devgan

Drishyam First Look – Ajay Devgan

Tabu Drishyam on location

Tabu Drishyam on location



  • ajay devgan…superstsr …!! movie is good but he does not 200 cr..!! but movie is awsm

    khas kr …vardi pe to isko dhekne pe maza aa jata h akki nd ajay.
    both are suitable in inspector army..etc.

  • @lullu its not Salman who cuts trailor its the work of other persons.Dont cry here remember its drishyam page not BB

  • @arman123,

    have you seen the original, to comment this is action jackson return?

    it is a thriller movie with a family background story. It is more grounded and no kind of over the top action etc., in the original movie.

  • Babaji: lol “Hum bajrangbali ke bhakt hain,jaan de denge par jhooth nahi bolenge! (*Not applicable in court though*)” hahahaha

  • This film looks a solid imotional drama, release date is not good but it will work on positive wom and after a long time we will watch actor ajay devgn which is a great thing.

  • Believe me friends…. this is a good family movie with lots of twists and thrills….. i’ve already saw dis movie in telugu.. and it was an awesome movie…. u’ll just love the movie and its content….
    and ajay is the best person who fits in the role do the father…

  • don’t know why srk’s fans hate sallu ,,, they always burns their back,,, seee it’s an article of drishyam but they are talking about All Time BB… they know well that after crappy new year it’s all about ATBB….

  • This is one of my most awaited movies of 2015 . Ajay Devgn is a gem of a Actor and he will showcase his talent in this movie . Drishyam is one of the most acclaimed movies of Indian Cinema . It was a Blockbuster and it is still the Highest Grossing Movie of Malayalam Cinema . Ajay is playing the role of a common man who works as a cable operator . I am waiting for the trailer to come soon as possible . The stills are looking great . Will be a movie to watch out for !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m really looking forward to seeing this film.
    I haven’t seen the original one but heard it was pretty solid movie n hope this one turns good as the original.
    Ajay can tottaly pull off playing Mohanlal’s role

  • Tabu exactly looks like the way I pictured…the two daughters n their mum will do great.
    btw Nishikan kamat has never made a bad film and Drishyam will be his chance to the big league.
    All the best

  • Wow suddenly lots of fans of ajay has discovered in indicine only becoz they didnt like bajrangi bhaijaan reason as they hate salman and hence they are praising for other star and their film which is releasing near by with bb , they are burning inside hugely keep burning haters ,
    i feel happy when they burn .haha

  • @babaji ka thullu,marvellous that’s what I’m also saying if you’re “DEVOTEE OF SRI BAJRANGI,then why don’t you accept your guilty in court and hiring India’s best jhhotha/lawyer to win the case that too against a poor”. and salman’s fans are saying WE’RE burning of salman’s success.which success till now he is chasing HNY’S WW collection or something else remained they want to show us,lol.

    BTW not so much interested in drishyam.because koyla’s crapgiri is increasing day by day,he tries to fool audience after did himmatwala,action jackson,now we have to made this film flop for which reason he shodn’t have dare to release his film in BIG HOLIDAYS after all he is not even a star.who is asking this koila,2rs star after all.

    @hrithik,don’t frustrate much.why did you supported crap gabbar,so that you’ll get support during crapiest bhojpuri bhaijaan?????that’s why?????do how Mich you scream,rant do whatever ,but bhojpuri bhaijaan will surely became a debacle just like jai ho and it’s fate already count down starts for the highest grosser of the year DILWAALE.MAKE WAY FOR THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD…..

  • It seems like a good movie!! A movie to watch out for!!

    @Thullu, wWhy so much negativity about Salman on Ajay’s page? It proves that you definitely jalta hai Bhai ki Success se. Because ur 2rs starts can never catch even the shadows of the Bhai.
    If just a teaser only shed a light on its story line can burn ur a$$ like the idiot $$$, I don’t know what will happen to u when the trailer or the film is released. You Budda Tharki!!

    I know you feel burning from the success of the Khan trio!!

  • If this film flop at boxoffice…Then one thing i can confirm bollywood audience r blind deaf and mindless…No one can replace GREAT MOHANLAL the King of acting…

  • saw many comments.. not intersted, boring etc etc….so sad…bollywood audience need mass masaala shitts.. item dances.. mindless jocks etc…

  • @sss : toh to expert hai naa prediction mein ????? Your Charlie never came with 300 crs Strom n you predict Salmir movies fate !!!! May God give you some sense. Stop washing your dirty lungis on every page !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The irony of sentiments is a blessing a Times . Bringing brotherhood together no religious sentiments and reason is bcos of d movie industry. Even rivals melt wen Hindi Pakistan movie give out to d crowd. Am from Pakistan. I must love SRK Salman Aamir more than any Hindu actor if I was myopic!! Guys u don’t know somthing. Ajay devgn ryt from Diljale was a super duper hit. I must commend his longetivity. In a Khan dominated industry whichsurely they deserve only Ajay Hritik n too som extent Akki have really made d khans step up their pace. I still read hatred comment on Ajay? Cos few films flopped or wat? Ben Affleck leonardo Samuel Jackson had worst movies but y then r they still giving millions high expectations for decades?? Wish u luck sultan mirza very modest shy but talent loaded insaan. Ppl don’t give him credits. Buh in Pakistan he is definitely a huge superstar. Not only Pakistan. I read die hard fans comment on Shah and found out most r from eida south America London New Zealand and Africa esp. It shows his level of a modest inbuilt dark horse of Hindi cinema. Haters kind info. Am a Salman fan for life but respect Sultan alot. Wish he beared Khan in his surname too. masalm

  • It’s the best thriller in recent years. I have watched it in Telugu.. Nd i was surprised with the story nd the thrilling tiwsts. From the very first scene to the climax u wil sit at the edge of the seats.. Such a thriller it is

  • @sss, your overactor star made craps year after year and fooled people. What were CE, HNY, Ra.One, Billu, and the list of craps endless. Stop barking about Ajay, he has given cult classics like Singham, Golmaal, Rajneeti, Once UATIM, Gangajaal to name a few. He is among the class actors of bollywood, with Aamir, Hrithik, Irrfan, Nawaz, Rajkumar…

  • @hrithik,ha ha HNY us crap who cares.despite being crap IT broke the OPENING RECORD OF crapiest movie d3.and lallu/tingu us chasing HNY’S OPENING.after all MEGASTAR IS MEGSSTAR after all.BTW about your statement about dirty lungi you 3rd class sada hua remake dekhnewala,what did you know about good films.if HNY is ceao then who said kick,d3 like films are good?your bhau’s debut to till now couldn’t give a single CLASS movie.then who can be more dirty than your 2rs sadakchap tapori rikshawalas?????BTW My wish wherever I will comment who’re you to interfere in that you bhojpuri?

    @anand,behaving in such a way never being jealous of any KING KHAN’S trailer and never given any comments there.BTW We’re there to make you burn and BTW how could we even think we’re jealous of 2rs sadakchap movies?,lol.use your mind as well brain you bhojouris.

    @king amir khan,ghanta malum hai tujhe CLASS ke baarein mein?then which classic amir gave you?talash?pk?or crapiest movie even than HNY-dhoom3?which class movie you’re telling about idiot?come on tell me?about pk,a mental alien came to earth and change the RELEGION system and in talash a Soul helped your lazy policeman to find the criminals.or about 3i,when a stydent became topper with out studying a bit?????where is reality you overrated and overactor’s fan?if a film has no reality then how it can be called CLASSIC?????watch OSCAR,they only gave to those films which completely based upon REALITY.after lagaan,tzp I never found a single realistic movie dine by amir,now say about which so called “CLASS” film are you talking about?????watch JTHJ,DON2,MNIK,RNBDJ which are based on REALITY 1st loom at your star’s mediocre star’s mediocre filmpk vetaen badly by SHAHID’S HAIDER in PERFORMANCE.KING KHAN IS KING OF don’t dare once again to say that.BTW other films beside those I mentioned are average movies because I am not a coward like you.yeah,I said against koyla devgan because he ruined a movie JTHJ by releasing a crap movie against he did now IT’S OUR turn to make this film not flop but a big disaster,now got you why I said so?????

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