Industry slams Tanmay Bhat, Sonam Kapoor comes out in support

The industry, including veteran writer Salim Khan, have come out strongly against the video posted by Tanmay Bhat. But Sonam Kapoor took to Twitter to support the stand-up comedian.

Salim Khan: There should be no debate there is no divide. The whole industry is with Lataji and Tendulkar. They are our national treasure. We highly respect them. What has happened is sad. “Aye mere watan ke logon zara aankh mein bhar lo pani”

Anjali Tendulkar (Sachin’s wife): Disrespect is not cool neither it’s funny… Comedians should understand the difference between comedy and insult.

Anupam Kher: I am 9 times winner of #BestComicActor. Have a great sense of humor. But This’s NOT humor. #Disgusting&Disrespectful

Riteish Deshmukh: Am absolutely shocked. Disrespect is not cool and neither is it funny.

Celina Jaitley: Absolutely.. Shocked n appalled!! Not amused @mangeshkarlata ji needs to be apologised to .. NOW !!

Paresh Rawal: A comedian can either be funny or that was repulsive & awful..but again that’s his right..what can I say

Satish Kaushik: It is so sad & disrespectful to make fun of national icons and treasure Lata Mangeshkar, Sachin Tendulkar..Tanmay u call this humour? Shame on You!

Vishal Dadlani: It’s OK, it’s all good. Sachin is a legend & @mangeshkarlata is a Goddess. Their glory isn’t gonna be lessened by a rude joke. Calm down!

Subhash Ghai: Dirtiest ugliest joke by Tanmay bhatt on icons of india -big shame n punishable.He claims-I wud walk naked in…

Sonam Kapoor: Dear @thetanmay ,being your friend I know what you say and do is never to offend, but to make people laugh.., Don’t you guys think there are issues that are more important than @thetanmay snapchat jokes??? I’m in shock with this over reaction!



  • I thought Sonam is dumb in movies only… but no, she is dumb in her real life also…. I would like to beat Tanmay wherever I find him…

  • Disgusting from Sonam.. Would she react the same way if the joke was on her father? I remember she once got offended when someone called him a bear for his hairy body..

  • Technically Sonam is Neither Supporting Nor Criticising. She is Just A Confused Lady Who Thinks That She Needs To Do Something, But Doesnt Know What.

  • To qualify as a Comedian you have to be funny. I don’t know where category This guy fits into but it’s not the one labeled Comedian. He does seem to like having a pop at people who can’t defend themselves and that makes him a pathetic, gutless coward.

  • Tanmay or whatever his name is and Sonam have a lot in common. They are both useless at what they do so. Bad
    Comedian and bad actress. ????

  • Tammy bhat plz make jokes on sonam, then we will see her reaction…
    Sonam is behaving very strangely after Neerja.
    Ek – do hit Se kuch nahin hota, acting aur expression aana chahiye.

  • Really loved Kanan Gill’s response.It’s our right to get offended and criticize the video but we can’t take matters in our own hands and burn somebody’s effigy and threaten him.
    Both these legends are admired and have achieved so much in their respective fields that a non-funny and repulsive video won’t belittle their image nor would it affect their popularity.I am sure both Sachin and Lata Ji won’t even care to watch this video and won’t be even knowing Tanmay(Lata Ji even said it in an interview).
    If anybody wants Tanmay to get arrested then they have no right to criticize Charlie Hebdo shooting incident or Kiku Sharda getting arrested.Isn’t there anything better to do in our life than filing FIRs and worry about such non-issues.
    Personally I found the video not at all funny and especially the part where Sachin makes fun of Lata Ji’s old age was crass.Mocking any celebrity without his or her consent is rude.But I just disliked the video and moved on and have unsubscribed AIB.
    Tanmay should just apologise and end this incident which is getting unnecessary footage.

  • This is Just a publicity Stunt By all the People who Are slamming Tanmoy because in every controversy 90% of The above celebrities Always put Their Tweets for Publicity…………

  • @Challa.. agree with what you said, but if there isn’t a strong reaction and criticism this time.. the fatso and his gang will continue to mock well-known people for cheap publicity.

    Making fun of legends isn’t a problem.. we have always been hearing people mimicking Sachin, there have been a lot of jokes on him adjusting his centre guard.. it’s all fine. But when you begin talking about Lata Mangeshkar’s old age, that she should die.. then it becomes a serious problem. Even more so when you do it just for publicity.. the same guy tweeted that he got 800 followers in 5 minutes because of the controversy and then deleted it..

    I can’t be using my freedom of speech to mock icons of the nation.. atleast not without their permission.

    Sachin’s wife hasn’t liked it, maybe she was offended by the video.

    The same Tanmay mocked Arpita weight and skin colour.. will her family like it? Would you like it if someone mocked your sister?

    Not sure if you have noticed.. but a lot of comedians have also strongly objected to what Tanmay said in the video.

  • Indicine can you delete the comment made by @Majid khan. I don’t think you guys need comments like that.

  • Salim khan is a hypocrite ,on one hand this shameless man insults legendary milkha Singh to support his son during the appointment of salman as goodwill ambassador for rio olympics and on the other hand he is slamming Aib

  • Thank you #Challa for your sensible comment. People like you keep the comment section alive. Keep rocking ! :)

  • The problem is… This issue is getting to much attention… Why unnecessarily bothering about that Fatso? All those tweets are adding more glorification. Let the not start feeling like one celebrity now with the way ppl are reacting…it does not remove a single pin from Lataji and Sachins bag… Atleast we have understood this guy… Let see how he rises to fame? he just lost it big time now. Everybody Shd just avoid even giving tweets on this issue! its making more glorification n Tanmay does not need it!

  • what if Someone makes Joke on sonam’s flat boobs or anil’s chest hairs will she still be fine?

  • So u people think that criticizing his jokes now will prevent more from happening in future. .?? You people are fools if you think like this….you are actually just spreading the word about these jokes and more and more people are watching them…you guyz made fun of muslims when we were enraged when our Prophet was made fun of, and now look at u, getting enraged when someone made fun of a cricketer or a singer or an actor. ..If u belief in afterlife or second life, then u should know that these reactions and these people have nothing 2 do with that…u should stand up 4 your religion and do what is necessary 4 that so that u can secure a place in heaven. ..not so that these actors and cricketers become your god because, in the end and since the beginning, there is nothing they can or will do 4 u…

    Don’t be intolerant 4 wrong things, be intolerant 4 right things

  • I would also like 2 add that anything done on the Internet is not accountable in Indian court as the Internet does not belong 2 any country, so if u do anything stupid against him, then you will be accounted 4 it…

    And this is the first time that sonam alone is right, and u guyz are so enraged that u r still calling her a bad actress after a performance like neerja

  • It’s time to Arrest Such Idiots & publicity hunger people so in future comedians Stay in their limits.

  • Who said that national personalities cannot be made fun of?

    It is quite ok to make fun and even offend. But one should not ask for bans

    Ideally “intolerant” attitude of the Govt should be towards terrorists, anti-nationals, illegal occupations, corruption, etc. And
    “chalta hai” attitude should be towards comedy shows, religions, opinions, debates, etc.
    In our country, both attitudes are interchanged

    I did not find Tanmay’s video funny at all. All he did was abuse

  • This guy was in the movie ragini mms 3 for just one valuable scene of masterbating watching A hot clip. He was describing his real sex life there !

  • No one came to support SRK when he was called Deshdhrohi by kailash vijayvergiya and many politicians. Sad but truth is that nobody likes SRK and I totally agree that Tanmay should do comedy in limits but what about politicians who can speak anything to Bollywood and india’s pride but Bollywood can not stand with SRK. Sad

  • I am still okay with Tendulker trolls.. Have seen them before.

    But how can someone insult Lataji?? She is such a beautiful lady..
    Showing middle finger to such a legend and asking why she is not dying is really shameful!

  • All brothers, when sm one passed a joke you felt insulted. what about thousand girls abused , children killed by INdian army for sake of a piece of Land. Have u felt the pain of kashmiris ? speak for JUSTICE

  • I will punch tanmay bhat in face for calling lataji as melissandree … Cheapest person alive.
    Only some humerless urban youth cn think this as joke and tanmay bhat (TB) as comedian.

  • #gutterchaap humour that’s the best way to describe AIB.

    These are wannabe “intellectuals” who put up toilet humour on world wide net and think its cool.

    That’s their class. Period.

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