Indian Medical Association slams SRK over surrogacy reports

Shahrukh KhanThe Indian Medical Association (INA) Wednesday slammed Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan over reports that he and his wife were planning to have a baby boy through surrogacy.

“IMA strongly opposes any attempt or activity for pre-natal determination of sex of foetus,” the association said.

“We strongly feel that public figures like Shahrukh Khan, who are role models for the youth, should set a precedent by their good acts and refrain from such illegal activities,” it said.

“A proper investigation should be done in this regard. Suitable legal action should be initiated not only on the guilty medical professional, but also the public who approach the doctor for carrying out such a determination,” they said.

According to reports, Khan and his wife, who already have a son and daughter, were planning to have a baby boy through surrogacy.

Pre-natal sex determination is illegal in India. A provision for legal action and penalties exist in the PC-PNDT act both for the medical professional involved and public who request such an action.



  • Medical associations has already given clean chit to him on this case and you are reporting it now

  • Oh realy , it is bad for SRK to have a baby through surrogacy but it so normal for Aamir to have 1 and a boy too , shame.

    Somtimes i think that india dosent deserve a man like SRK he deserv a better land and a better people.

    shame on their double standards.

    and u indicine why u publish that now and where is the part where you must say at the article ‘it was fake news and srk got a clean chit’ ?! that will make your news fair enough

    are u thinking to be another zoom or what?!

    • We haven’t published anything about the whole SRK related controversy because everything that was reported in the media were rumours. But this statement was released by the IMA to the media. If Shahrukh Khan decides to talk about it, we will report the same.

      As for the clean chit given by the BMC officials, again, it was only reported by one TV channel. If and when there is an official statement, we will publish it.

  • @indicine is it breaking news for you,you are so late in providing news and when you provide it you provide half truth.Mr biased indicine srk has already been given clean chit on this case,now would you plz update this news
    thank you

  • @indicine so it is better for ur fairness to clear that 1 and keep waiting until the full view , not the half , bring us the truth not an slam article depend on rumours as u said

  • Pathetic SRK and his fans. Aamir was never accused by IMA or anyone so you cannot talk bad about him.
    But right now if SRK is guilty, he should be punished.
    If a celebrity is punished then people will be scared and will not commit such illegal things.

  • U said U havenít published anything about the whole SRK related controversy because everything that was reported in the media were rumours, what about yestarday Amul pic? did u forget it or what?! :s

  • @Gewone don’t bring Aamir into it bcoz he has never done any pre determination of sex infact he opposed it in a big scale in the first episode of his popular show “Satyamev Jayate”

  • Most people dont even know what’s pre natal determination of sex, but comment. The whole controversy is not about surrogacy, but about determining the gender of the baby.

    Some people who are blaming Aamir are clearly blind fans who haven’t even tried to understand the whole controversy.

  • I don’t see anything wrong in it. why people are taking it so seriously. And its not the complete truth.

  • Aamir and Srk are poles apart. Aamir does everything above board and Srk does most things under the table…! :-P

    Now publish an article on SRK that he has been given a clean chit by the IMA officials yesterday.

  • stupid i am talking about the all pic not only the sex-det which is legal all over the world

    indin ppl hate girls but they love rape :D so their country try to bring more girls but they dont know how to protect them or how to give them their rights

    haters keep barking :D

  • @gewone SRK fans are now supporting prenatal sex-determination (illegal in India) and giving stupid excuses bcoz they cannot defend him in any legal way.

  • srk fans: what goes around will come back or you will reap what you seed. I am happy for srk that he proved his fans that he is not a saint as they pretend him to be one.

  • aamir did not misuse medical options by pre determining the sex of his child. This over rated idiot, who talks big about women n girls has opted for a boy over a girl. National disgrace. Like his falling career, his pvt life too is badly fucked up.

  • I am so so much fed up with all the gossips about famous people…..Are you not tired of all these gossips?????? Or you’re just earning money by making gossips about famous people????????
    SRK deserves a better country ……He has not deserved to get malicious, vicious gossips to his address….If Aamir does the same, it’s ok, when SRK does , it’s BIG sin????????

  • how big hypocrates these srk fans they bring Aamir for no reason aamir use surrogacy but he never predetermined abt baby sex but here is issue not surrogacy poor srkian idiot dogs (sorry can;t use fans here because only dogs can be loyal who support their master for crime and all) don’t understand whole matter and what is the need for srk to do so although i m not believing that srk can do this but after so many issue and debate he not given any comments on that a person who is always try to be in Media doesn’t clarify all the rumours so what can we think this its shows this time he is Guilty. but might be possible their 200 cr rs annual income star doesn’t have money to bear a girl child expenses. so srkians i m not saying srk is guilty you can say that he can’t do this but there is no need to say and bring other stars into this controversy because if someone doing wrong it does not mean that you got a licence to do illegal whether he did out of country but as he is living in India and he is Indain so he should stay away from these illegal works and one thing is clear Aamir is not wrong as he didn’t done any thing illegal and he did 2nd marriage after divorce from first wife so in this case also he is not guilty

    @deer right srk not deserves this country a man who having your kind of dogs doesn’t deserve to be an Indian he also admitted the same some time ago in an interview to outlook. so overseas dogs and also some dogs from Indian bring your srk to out of this country….

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