Indian Idol Winner – Prashant Tamang

Prashant Tamang is the 3rd Indian Idol. Prashant thanked his mother with a voice filled with emotion. “I thank my mother, public and Bengal police for granting me the permission for participating in the show.” He said.

The results were announced today with Prashant receiving the majority of the 7 crore votes. Prashanth was crowned the 3rd Indian Idol as he beats Amit Paul in the Final.



  • Indian idol has been the show where the audience has to decide on who is going to be the winner. This is the policy of Indian idol. Now Prashant has won and many thinks Amit is a better singer than Prashant and they are not too happy with the result. I want to say something to this entire grouchy people out there, if Amit lost itís because of you. You did not send him enough votes. You cared too much about your money and dint want to spent money sending SMS. Now prashant won and get that in your head and stop complaining. Hate yourself for being stingy. Also if you cannot still believe Prashant won then you can go to the Burger King eat a Ham Burger and get over it. Abee

  • Prashant Tamang ruled this indian idol..not only he is good singer he has superv quality which is must in human being….the smile in his face even when he was being criticized…I was always supporter of him…’n m damn glad that he won..Amit was also a good singer but you cannot say Amit was better singer than Prashant because good singers can only be judged by majority of people’s want..’n it showed clearly that Prashant is far more better than Amit by the votes..can u imagine 7 corer people doing wrong decision???
    I do not think soo…’n the fan followers of Amit be realistic you can not say that Prashant won just of regional votes coz u all know what is the opulation of darjelling…it is far more less than 7 corer ‘n even if u add police section it won’t be that much.. So best of luck for PRASHANT TAMANG…GREAT SINGER GREAT HUMAN BEING..

  • There is no doubt about the fact that both of them are good singers but Amit is much better than Prashant. The very system of voting is bad for talent contest. Do you know Qazeer from Fame Gurukul? Nobody knows where he is now though he became a winner without being a good singer. In India Idol 2, sandeep won but Karuniya was a much much better singer. Next in Sa re Ga Ma Pa, Devajit and Vineet were both good singers but Devajeet won inspite of the fact that Vineet was a much better singer than Devajit. The votes of North East all went to Devajit so that he makes his region proud. The people of Assam took all efforts so that devajit wins. But once is ok, you cannot repeat it again. May be that is the reason, Banjyotsna in sa re ga ma pa, also from Assam did not though she was in the final. I have seen how people of Shillon gave standing ovation to Amit. I felt really very bad for Amit because he is a complete package–looks, style, communication and ofcourse voice quality. I wish him all d best. Regarding Prashant he is also good and I also wish him all luck. But I sincerely hope that Amit does well in his singing career. I used to vote regularly for Amit but still he didnot win. I personally feel, besides talent, regional preference counts a lot. The population of dargeeling may be less but you send more than 1 sms , isn’t?

  • Prashant is a very good singer and the quality of his voice was very good. I’m from philippines and I could hardly understand the song he was singing but it is his voice that counts. I wacth the Indian Idol from the very first episode and from that time I like Prashant. I also like Ankita, Puja and Emon but only one will win in every contest. Prashant is a very down to earth person and i’m so proud of him when he was given an indian idol trophy he grab the hand of Amit and share it with him, which you cannot expect other winner to do with his opponent. I wish him all the best in the future and he will be more succeful into days ahead. For Amit good luck and best wishes.

  • Amit is much better singer than Prashant. Though Amit can’t win but in future he will be a star. Letís hope for the best. I wish him a very prosperous life and happiness. I also amazed by their friendship. It shows that they are both very good human being. Wishing you all the best.

  • Hey m very happy 2 hear that the 3rd indian idol is prashant the best…..i like him very much.he is not only a gud singer but also a very gud personality he has….BEST OF LUCK PRASHANT……..4 UR FUTURE

  • hi ,
    i agree amit got a better and a very beautiful god gifted voice and prashant also sangs very good but my personal thinking is prashant got more votes maybe because some member of the judges is looking him or talks with him in a different way and people get emotional from that and i think this is the reason prashant got more votes.well…….this is my thinking,don’t take it serously please.
    one thing i want to say is anu malik was really working very honestly.good job anu ji.
    GOOD LUCK to prashant and amit and congratualations both of you.YOU both have a very beautiful and warm touching voice with different taste.

  • i am not so happy 2 have prashant as the 3rd indian idol as i found amit to have a good voice n personality.
    he had a magical voice n emerged out to be a better singer after every elimination round. he has a magical voice and should continue singing . but even prashant is a good singer n well 1 out of the 2 had to become the winner n tht too the decision was taken by public so every has to agree wid the majority.

  • Prashant did not deserve to win!!! Amit was the best every where!! this is wrong, Amit was the best, is the best and will always be the best !!!!!

  • hello i am also say that prashant did not deserve to win and amit is very good singer and very sweet also but ok fine

  • Okay to all people saying that 7 crore people can’t be wrong. Shut your fuckin mouth and dodge this. The government gave out sim cards to local people, so that they could vote for Prashant. I like the dude, and is a very good person, but as a singer, amit was FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR FAR better. Amit has magical voice, whereas Prashant seems a very ordinary singer. The government gave out sim cards preloaded with quite a good balance, so good that I have friends who’s relatives were calling them here in US, because they had a lot of balance on their card! So shove it up your ass people who think Amit lost because of true votes! THAT AIN’T TRUE…….He was, is and will be a better singer, whatever the Prashant’s fan club says…the future will prove it too…..

  • =(( never should this happen again . dont giv the autherity in the hands of people who do not knw how to use it . only amit could be the indian idol . prashanth is not bad . but amit is a gem . even thou prasanth won this , we ll see that amit is going to prosper in this field . may be he deserves much more than this . AMIT WILL BECOME INTERNATIONAL IDOL .we look forward for his mesmerising voice . our ears are never at peace without amit in our fav songs henceforth . AND WE LOVE PRASANTH TOO BCOZ HE IS A JAVAN .take this title the people h
    as givn him as tribute for his service . JAI JAVAN JAI AMIT

  • I heartly congragulate to prashant tamang for the success that today he has received.
    Today I am also happy that on of my favorit has won . :yeh: :x
    And hatsoff to prashant Tamang :bow:

  • i too lyked amit alotttttt..he had a gr8 voice…wicheva song he sang it suited his voice….but to talk abt prashant he’s also a gd singer…akhir he’s da son of nepli father….n m proud of him tht he won da title… :bow:..newaes n i hats off to dere frenship..hop dere frenship lasts foreva n evaaaaaaaaaaa…lluv u both…n best of luck for da future amit n prashant.. :)

  • If Amit and Emon were in the finale it wud make more sense. No offense 2 Prashant fans, but Amit and Emon were far superior any day compared 2 Prashant. I wud hv been happy if either Emon or Amit won b/c they are equally talented singers. Don’t be discouraged Amit and Emon, the real test will come in the future and everyone will know who is the most successful; maybe everybody already figured it out. Best of luck 2 all 3.

  • i am very happy parshant is the indion idol. if you see prashant is accual idol for every humen . so all the best prashant,kuki este or west gorkha is the best .by the way where are you and when is comming youe album

  • Well I think Amit is better singer,his voice quality is lot better

    Its sad that he did not win,but good luck man for futre

    prashant eventualy goood to,comgrates,

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