Indian Idol 4 Winner – Results

It took four seasons for Sony TV’s popular reality show Indian Idol to see its First Female Winner.

Sourabhee Debbarma was always the hot favourite of all the judges and the viewers. Throughout her journey she swept everyone of their feet with her consistent performance in singing and her marvelous dancing talent. This damsel worked hard and made her way to the top 3 for the first time ever in Indian Idol.

The results were declared by John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh and the beautiful Katrina Kaif who were there at the grand finale to promote their upcoming film ‘NewYork’. A thunderous round of applause flew in from all sides as Sourabhee was awarded the most coveted Indian Idol Torphy by all the judges of the season 4. Sonali Bendre was so excited that a girl won the trophy that she gifted Sourabhee a watch of her favourite brand. Sourabhee not just won the trophy but also a contract worth One Crore and a fabulous Tata Winger.

Indian Idol Season 4 is sure to be remembered a lot for having found its first ever girl winner in Sourabhee Debbarma



  • Its great that she won the title this time, which she really deserved.

    Before this Sourabhee modelled in a numbers of local albums (Debbarma tribe) in Tripura which were moderately hits. She was also the singer for some songs, besides her modelling. But none expected that she would participate in this renowned contest Indian Idol, and finally be the 1st female to win in 4 years.

    Those who are huge fans of Sourabhee I request them to watch her local albums and check if u really like…!

  • Congratulations to Sourabhee, lets hope she gets better treatment from the people of India and not be treated the way prashant was treated. i have not seen or heard anything about an album for Prashant being released. if anyone has please let me know. its sad that the runners up walk away empty handed.

  • matter of revenue, excitement and discard of tremendous talents. all right you made your moneys by keeping the audiences engaged, all roght you played with young talent’s loves, please do not be bias and bring in those who can sing pure indian music and do not copy the west. they live totally different lives according to their environment. we need to give our children the value of our culture!!

  • 1. Congratulations to the young Saurabhi.
    She is a good singer and performer and can hold a crowd well.

    2. But I really cannot say that she was the best. Infact this year the boys were much stronger and their elimination, week after week, surprised me to no extent. Upon further deliberation I soon realised that this was happening because by hook or crook a girl had to win this year, and the best out of the girls was Saurabhi thus from early on it seems to have been decided that Saurabhi should win. Now what could be done to make her win? The only way was to make sure that she reached the finale with her opposition being weak. Therefore, strong singers and performers like Mohit, Bhanu, Prasanjeet, Bhavya and finally Rajdeep were quickly eliminated by manipulation. Thereafter remained Torsha and Kapil who were both weaker singers and performers as compared to Saurabhi. And hence, proved no match for Saurabhi.

    For a long time, I have wrestled with myself thinking that my theory above is too farfetched but then it seemed that it had to be right because:
    a) in any show, the number of votes being received was never revealed. This was not so in the previous seasons.
    b) the judges were curiously quiet and accepting when obviously strong performers and singers were being eliminated. I remember how much the judges used to protest in the past when good singers were being eliminated. Infact, in Season 2, they even staged a walk-out when Amar was eliminated after reaching the fourth position. This year, strong singers like Rajdeep, Prasanjeet and Mohit were eliminated without as much as a peep from the judges. This is out of character, especially for Anu Malik and Javed Aktar.
    c) not only did the judges not protest about the good singers being eliminated but they went out of their way to praise the weaker singers especially Torsha even when she sang out of tune on many an occasion.
    In conclusion, this year the authorities concerned *wanted* a girl to win and this really happened.

    I am happy that Saurabhi won but it would have made me more happy if her final competition was with Mohit, Prasanjeet, Rajdeep or even Bhavya [who was definitely stronger than Torsha]. I do not like to have such doubts about the integrity of such a world-recognised competition but as I said, we are very melodiously inclined people and we cannot vote for weak singers and yet, weak singers such as Kapil and Torsha reached the finale. So this casts a shadow of doubt over the entire process of Indian Idol 4.

    Please be advised that these are strictly my own opinions and are not based on any tangible proof.
    Nevertheless, no harm done ultimately as Saurabhi is a wonderful idol. If what I say is true then the people concerned will have to deal with their own consciences.

    Ps: When I say weaker singers, I mean weaker in that group. Ofcourse, they have been selected and reached the top 14 so they are generally good singers but from that group of 14 they should have been among the first to be eliminated because they were weaker than the rest.

  • i agree with Veena and Dr Patel. i do not like what IndianIdols has become. Sourabee was not the best female contender, Ananya was. but Sourabee was promoted from the beginning to the end. in many performances given by her she went off key, but she was praised to no end. i do not respect Anu malik’s capability as a music producer anymore. i know music and was able to see this, but he could not. sad. i agree the boys were better. Mohit/Ananya was a threat as he/she had the x factor, that is why he/she was eliminated so early.

  • well,ofcourse you all are the best judges ever seen my life.DO u know any theme of music ?dr. sahab u must concenterated on your profession,coz u are better on that not on music.coz u dont know any abc of music..byee tc ..may b someday u will ask the god?who r u ?

  • well really i can tell u just because i am her friend thats why i know she is very talented girl all in my college if any competition or insignia (college function) saurabhee have to sing once competition is going on bmcc college pune i said to her to participate in this just becuse of this only she can face anything and there she is winer

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