Indian Express Most Powerful Bollywood personalities in 2013

Indian Express has released its list of ‘Most Powerful Indians’ and only 6 Bollywood celebrities have made it to the list.

Shahrukh Khan, who was ranked 91 last year, is the most powerful film personality. According to Indian Express, the reason for ranking SRK at number 52 is “Before one could say Ready, Steady, Po, his Chennai Express had raced past Aamir Khan’s 3 Idiots and with a booty of Rs 227.13 crore it became SRK’s first ever 200+ film. 2013 will always be a memorable year for King Khan who stunned the world with his secret baby AbRam. His theme park business venture, Kidzania, also opened to thriving business in Mumbai. The television premiere of Chennai Express fetched Zee TV the highest TRP of the year at 9.5.”

Aamir Khan, retains his position as the second most powerful person in the film industry, as he sees his ranking rise from 62 to 55. Reason “Aamir Khan only competes with Aamir Khan. As Dhoom 3 rakes in Rs 284.27 crore and becomes the biggest all-time hit, Aamir retains his position as Mr Blockbuster. He is the only actor with two films in the 200-crore club. So confident was he about Dhoom 3 that he launched no publicity blitzkrieg and didn’t appear on any reality show to promote the movie”

Salman Aamir SRK Aditya Chopra

Salman Aamir SRK Aditya Chopra

Ranked at 74, the third most powerful movie personality is Yash Raj Films’ head Aditya Chopra “As the producer of Dhoom 3, he is the man who made the most money in Bollywood last year. He has become something of an urban legend — he never entertains any media query, never makes an appearance at any company event, yet is the single most powerful producer in town. As a tribute to his late father Yash Chopra, he organised a special event where SRK walked the ramp with Yash Chopra’s leading ladies — Rekha, Sridevi, Madhuri Dixit, Juhi Chawla, Rani Mukherji, Preity Zinta, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Parineeti Chopra.”

Salman Khan, the most powerful Bollywood star last year, has dropped down the list from as high as 39 to 77 this year. He was missing from the silver screen in 2013. “His stint as host of Bigg Boss 7 turned out to be the most successful and controversial season for broadcaster Colors. His one worded “yes” on Koffee with Karan to Karan Johar’s question of whether he is a virgin, is quote-quip-joke of the year, all rolled in one. Though his own film Jai Ho was releasing, he went on promote Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 on Bigg Boss. Aamir has gone on record to say that Salman’s promotion was a big factor in getting people interested in his film.”

The only director (apart from Aditya Chopra, of course, who directs one film every 6-8 years) is Rohit Shetty, who is ranked just below Salman at No 78. “For long, Rohit Shetty was just known as the guy who blows up cars in films that he makes for buddy Ajay Devgn. But with the stupendous success of Chennai Express after the Golmaal franchise, Bol Bachchan and Singham, Shetty has emerged as the only director with four 100 crore+ grossers.He takes over as the host of Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 after Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra.”

Finally, we have Ranbir Kapoor at No 99. He had a mixed 2013 with one blockbuster in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and one disaster Besharam. His ranking has actually dropped from 95 to 99 “With his eclectic cinema choices, Ranbir has cracked the right balance between the commercial blockbuster and the creative film experience. The Rs 19.45 crore of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Rs 20 crore day one of Besharam are his personal best.”

What do you think of the list? No Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone or Karan Johar. The usual suspects, the Khans, are the most powerful. Aditya Chopra, ahead of Salman Khan, is debatable though!



  • Who cares for such rankings…..
    Hrithik is’nt there..instead Ranbir is there despite a flop in the form of Besharam.
    Krrish 3-244crs
    Then also no HR.

  • Since indicine said it is debatable and these are brought to bring fanwars and gain views but some things are not debatable like
    Aamir doesn’t have the personality that Akki has,Sallu doesn’t have the acting skills that Akki has,SRK doesn’t the have Comic timing that Akki has

  • Deepika deserves a place as she had a phenomenal 2013…
    For what reasons,Salman is in the list,just bcoz he hosted Big Boss.

  • I think this list is not true because Deepika Padukone had the best year in 2013 because all his 4 films crossed 100 Crores and the total revenue was more than 600 Crores . Other than that Katrina is also very popular on social media and she is also missing . Ranbir Kapoor with 1 blockbuster and 1 flop can still make it to this list and Hrithik with 1 blockbuster is still missing . How can Aditya Chopra be on this list because he is a such low profile person ? But still happy for Srk, Salman and Aamir .

  • What a joke this is.If Srk has broken Aamir’s record of ‘3 idiots’ in 4 years then Aamir has broken ‘CE’ records in 4 months.

  • All 3 khan in the list but Salman at 78 is doubtful, because without any release how can he bring down from 38 to 78. Last year Aamir was ahead than Srk while Salman at first but this year equation change Srk at no. 1 while Salman at 3,Aamir is at no. 2 both year but he difference of Srk to Aamir last year was 30 now just 2,Lol king khan need ce to jump while Aamir was at 62 last year with semi hit Talaash and SMJ, i don’t know whether Srk fans know or not that Aamir was chosen 3 consecutive year as most powerful actor from 2008 to 2010, 3.7 billion fans icon need Ce lol to be called powerful, last year i think he was in 100 list due to KKR ipl win.

  • Not only Aditya chopra ahead of Salman khan is debatable but also Srk ahead of Aamir khan is debatable but it doesn’t matter as everybody knows that what is the current bollywood rankings of superstars.

  • @Aeyyyyyy, let me list a few things that Akshay doesn’t have.

    1. Akki’s star power isn’t even close to Hrithik and Ranbir.. forget about the 3 Khans.
    2. Akki can’t romance like SRK
    3. Akki doesn’t have a physique like Hrithik, John or Salman.
    4. The quality of his films can’t match Salman’s forget about Aamir or Hrithik or SRK :D
    5. He can’t dance like Hrithik
    6. He can’t act like Ranbir
    7. He can’t kiss like Emraan Hashmi :D

    and most important of all.. his biggest dream currently is to cross the 70 crore mark.. something that even kids like Ranveer Singh easily manage to do :D :D

  • @suniel very gud one but you could have bring a list which is not debatable
    But i will give you only one response
    From 2007,srk,the king khan has only 2 bumper openings.Akshay has more and Akshay has more star power than srk and even Ranbir has the same leave Ranbir

  • And Akki Sir’s Biggest Disaster Joker 21Cr= Bhai’s MariGold+MAMK+GTGH+Yuvraaj 1.5Cr+7+8+7=22Cr lol.Sorry for using Salman’s name to reply to an srk fan

  • Akshay production house has churned out movies like OMG and #72MilesEkPravas and srk produces quality of films Akshay produces,SRK can dream of it
    And Hrithik is a better dancer than all khans

    So you compared Akki with 6 actors and Akki = 6 actors

  • @all fake above word because HR. Where is your greekgod? @indicine, you also accept krrish 3 collection is not fake, collection is 240cr +…, . why aren’t HR? @indicine, Can you explain me? all fake, publish this comment!…… i fans of bollywood but you all of make me laugh……., ok good night…..

  • And Hrithik is a better actor than all the khans leave Akshay
    As Kajol said Ranbir is a better actor than all the khans so then again leave akshay sir

  • sometimes I feel that indicine being paid by shahrukh khan.indicine post the news about srk top in the most powerful celebrities in 2013 but doesn’t post about Salman tops in times celebex Jan ranking and boxofficeindia worldwide rankings.

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  • @suniel,
    qualitywise, s26>k3,d3,ce
    Secondly,he mightn’t have a muscular body.but he is undoubtedly the fittest actor of b’town.
    Thirdly,u said akki cann’t act like rk,cann’t kiss like emmi or romance like srk. .but,can any of the 3 do action like akki? ?

  • @ sky why vijay krishna acharya not in the list while adi & rs in list now u say lamsam like dhoom 3 bcoz of amir not due to yrf,franchise,bmw bikes,vka right

  • @suniel
    Can any actor in the industry do better comedy than Akshay…
    Srk was hamming in CE…
    Some of his cult comedy films..herapheri,herapheri2,hf,hf2,welcome,garam masala,awaara pagal deewana,mujhse shadi karogi,bhagam bhag..
    And rest is explained by aeeyy and nipun.
    Showing 6 pack abs is’nt the real thing,what matters is flexibilty and strength.
    Army men don’t have these 6 packs but are very professionals.You can see 6 packs of a labour or farmer who works without eating much food.

  • @sachin11 And Sallu has not broken 3idiots record now in 5+ years even with best phase of career, popular masala genre, eid, open weeks…………………….and yeh everyone does know the CURRENT ranking of superstars as the last 2 releases of SRK and AK both entered 200 crore club while Lallu in his fav genre still couldnt cross housefull 2………………… any how u take it ur bhojpuri is below both SRK and Aamir………………………………..

  • Hrithik is not in the list.. Its debatable.
    @aeeey.. Btw u talking abt openings..akshay is nowhere..dat too infront of shahrukh.. He hasnt given a 20plus grosser in his entire career.. Even 15 i guess.rowdy was 14.5 crs(boi figures)
    plzz give me d link of some reliable souce foh opening days

  • @suniel yes Akshay not having all of these, so for Srk,aamir,hr and Salman or any other actor. The most important thing is still Akshay is in position than you wasting your time just to make list which he don’t have,its shows where Akshay stand today, in comedy he is next to Govinda only while every other is far behind, he is better looking and having great personality. Aamir don’t have good height still cemented his position as one of the top actor, Srk doesn’t have good looks but knows as best in romantic role, Salman don’t have good acting skills but he has charm to attract people,hr has everything from good looks,acting,dancing,but having weak voice so lacks only in hard hitting roles and dialogue delivery. So all having pros and cons but still they all cemented their position in such a way that we are discussing and fighting here for them.

  • @yash you were asking about guts of Aamir, i will tell you his first film as a producer was Lagaan clashed with Gadar on non holiday weekend, his second film TZP as producer released with Welcome, both Tzp and Lagaan were tended as classics and one of the best of all time, both Gadar and welcome were huge success and both were Masala, while Tzp and lagaan is that kind of risky projects that Srk don’t have guts to produce,clash karna to door ki baat h, when Gadar released Sunny had huge following in single screens and mass belts, while Akshay having best of him in 2007 still Aamir came out as huge winner as his films touched audiences and profitable for all associates. Srk dare with Asoka in 2001 with Indian on diwali, we all know results, His don was remake and not produced by him,Oso was fully masala holiday release with clash of Saawariya, jthj vs sos we all know and than Ce came which produced by srk and he taken step forward to jeetu sir to postpone ouatimd. That’s srk for u remembered 20&200 story.

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