India Is Tolerant: Thousands gather to support Anupam Kher

Thousands of Indians gathered at the National Museum in New Delhi to support Bollywood actor Anupam Kher, who lead a March against people claiming that India is intolerant. The march is also said to be against those who are returning awards.

Kher has found a huge number of supporters on social media websites like Twitter and Facebook, but the support that he has received from all over the nation has resulted in the venue being shifted from ‘India Gate’ to ‘National Museum’.

People from all over the country have joined the movement which has been titled ‘March for India’ and ‘India is Tolerant’.

The actor tweeted “When a 83 old emotionally choked gentleman from Tamil Nadu calls & says #IamaProudIndian & blesses #MarchForIndia it feels great. Jai Ho.:)”

“We have our issues but We live in a Great country. India is our journey & our destination. Let’s tell the world today that #IndiaIsTolerant.”

“News is coming that #MarchForIndia is happening in other cities too. Our best wishes to all Proud Indians.:)” he added.

#MarchForIndia is the No 1 Trend on Twitter India and surprisingly, the No 2 trend Worldwide.

Kher, along with National Award winning director Madhur Bhandarkar and several other film personalities will be meeting the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee at 1PM today.

March for India - India is Tolerant

March for India – India is Tolerant



  • I have been following the news, very happy to see Anupam Kher supporting positivity. News channels and social media has become so negative in the last few months, that’s its heart warming to see positivity and the aam aadmi speaking his heart out instead of politicians.

    Watch news channels guys.. people are celebrating India. The spirit of India.

  • My support with him too…

    People need be aware of the hoax created by congress along with media and many other parties involved in this conspiracy against Central government.
    I got a WhatsApp saying “msg from PMO” elaborating how this conspiracy has even international connections with players like USA,Pakistan and Saudi Arabia involved.They want to degrade India’s image on the international platform and in the united nations.There was much more in that msg but I am not going elaborate it further as I don’t know how authentic that msg was but still one thing is pretty clear to me that this all was planned by congress along with others keeping the Bihar elections in mind and probably they have been successful in doing so.

  • I m proud to be an Indian and I found nothing wrong in what srk said he is a free citizen.
    And I also support marchforindia.

  • This controversy is getting bigger and bigger . After SRK’s comment this has become a national topic . I am happy that Anupam Kher is doing this march along with other people in Delhi . If the people have any problems they can discuss those issues but there is no need of returning awards . By doing this you are insulting who gave you this award and also this type of protestation is extremely childish according to me . Generally Bollywood Celebrities stay away from such topics but it is great to see Anupam Kher doing this and he has got a fantastic support from other people . I will wait to see the meeting between Anupam Kher and President of India Pranab Mukherjee . I just want this to be a peaceful protest .

  • India is Tolarent or not is not a issue actually. If hate speaches, bans are not intolerance then what? ofcourse is is about where is democracy and equal and mutual respect for each other.
    A stand for peace, no matter its against Sonia or Modi, Is a stand for humanity and ofcourse a king have all the powers to shut their ministers fucking mouth atleast. Stop being blind, loyal and dogs to come forward to defend all wrong doers.
    I know devotees don’t want to understand and justify this some or the other things and satisfy themselves

  • Shahrukh khan is the most powerful human on the planet, even Obama is scared of him. Whole Indian population including minions like salman, aamir, hrithik, rajnikanth, akshay etc kneels in front of King Khan.

  • Brilliant Anupam Kher. Even though I am not part of this march, i support this wholeheartedly. Its a perfect reply to self proclaimed seculars and tolerant people like Barkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, Rajdeep Sardesai, and biggest superstar world has ever seen Mr Shahrukh Khan.
    All of these mentioned intellectuals are painting a sorry picture of my country to the outside world, we cannot allow this to happen. I have many muslim/Sikh/Christian friends who are agreeing that this whole intolerance is nothing but media hyped bullshit supported by ill motivated political parties backed by anti India elements.
    My appeal is to all Indians to support Anupam, before its too late.

  • Congress is like that annoying kid who knows he cant pass the exam so he tries to distract the topper by doing all kinds of bullshit.

    India should be focusing on corruption, poverty, unemployment but for decades ppl are more interested in ‘secularism’ And the word itself is so misused the less said, the better.

    What BJP leader said about shahrukh khanwas wrong but the unfortunate fact is that a *lot* of BJP leaders are against Modi and they are trying to distract him by doing such unwarranted crap.


  • Great job Anupam Kher & Madhur Bhandarkar.. Kudos for having the guts to stand for the country despite being eminent bollywood persona.. I would also request other prominent faces from Art & entertainment to stand for this noble cause.. U may be a star and worried about losing some fan base but ask your heart if it says “you are an Indian” then stand for our motherland..

    I would request all Pakistanis/anti nationals to stay away from National issues.. nd think twice before disliking any comment with ‘bhartiya’ spirit and see your face in mirror.. we know how do u treat Hindus/Sikhs/Christians/Baloochis/Ahmadiyas/Shias…

  • ‘Koi desh perfect nehi hota.usse perfect banana parta hai.’Anupam ji is doing it right now.I am with the ‘March for India’.

  • SRK indicated that he was returning his awards but this march is against such. SRK is no God he is a drunkard and a drug addict so why do you think that people bow down to him. Rubbish he is selfish arrogant egotistical ugly fugly queen.

  • I would say Hindustan (Sindhustan) is Tolerant, people who do not agree with this, can leave this country. Funds for ticket will be provided…

  • great actor anupam kher……
    1-first he support anna movement… become anticongress..
    2-then he support AAP…
    3-then his wife kiran got ticket from bjp…
    4-kiran kher fought with gul panag of aap who was once gf of anupam khers son harshvardhan…
    5-then anupam kher supported bjp..
    6- he took stand on tolerance in support of bjp
    7- bjp leader took stand against srk
    8- he stand by srk n slam those bjp leader….
    ur show anupam kher show shows ur so obsess with urself.

  • Agreed India is Tolerant. But the union government and some right wing’s fringe organisations are intolerance. That’s why they are comparing Dalits with Dog, justifying the killing of Kulbargi, Davolkar and Akhlakh, continuously saying that Muslims must leave India and many more.

  • that’s Incredible, Hats of Anupam kher and every Indian who gives support to this march. There is no doubt that something bad is happened in these time but that doesn’t mean India is intolerant. India is a unique country of it own and absolute tolerant as compare to any other country of this world.
    Even with srk speech I only disappointed because it gives wrong msg to world about India.
    I support March for true India and Modi though I against whatever bad bjp leaders said about srk and others.

  • if sm intellactuals think india is intolerant PPM should meet them… then address the whole nation and clear the atmosphere n debate…
    instead they call those scintists,directors,writers as antinational…
    made it a political issue.. connect being tolerant to being with india or against india..
    people like anupam kher trying to be hero fr nthing..
    we r tolerant n march for nation these 2 slogens r senseless..
    if there is problm there should be healthy debate fr nation…
    wat they r doing is heathy politics.
    bhandarkar who shws india as bad country in his films says india is great in real life. dirty opportunist

  • meanwhile PM dont get his hands dirty by taking part in these debates like ghar wapsi, beef, award wapsi, intolerance.
    just silently let it happn n operates through wats app msgs which r nt official.
    wat he do best is to stay away frm all this n create atmosphere like sooraj barjatya films .. evey thing is happy every thing is fime.. clean india..selfi with daughter.. clean ganga.. jandhan bla bla…

  • Kher is a big actor.
    He has played important role in many big movies like Baby so this crowd was quite obvious for him ….!
    don’t know wht it’s all last about nd what’s D benefit in doing it but GOOD .

    This 83 old person is definitely @Arjun youngistaan …damn sure . He iz very active in social networking sites, CLAPPING for D oldy youngistaan fan . Beware of ur weak legs buddhe. Take it easy …!

  • I hate equally both congress and BJP. Hats off to the wisdom of those morons who can’t hesitate to declare that scientists are anti nationals, Desdrohi, congress’ agents. They are using the same language for writers, poets, artists and journalists who raise their voice against intolerance. But scientist are Desdrohi, anti nationals… Really?????

  • India is Tolerant And I’m Proud to be An INDIAN…Great Move Anupam Kher Ji…I’m with U and support ur Move…Hats off to You

  • fully support the movement/march!

    its time for the world to respect and take notice of India! Time to stop spread negativity!

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