Imran, Sonakshi in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again (Pics)

Imran Khan and Sonakshi Sinha were spotted shooting for their upcoming EID release Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2. The film, also starring Akshay Kumar and Sonali Bendre, was being filmed in Byculla (South Mumbai).

Imran plays Aslam, while Sonakshi plays Yasmin Tagore. The Milan Luthria directed gangster film is scheduled to release on August 8 2013, alongside Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express.

Sonakshi Sinha, Imran Khan on a bike at a shoot in BycullaSonakshi Sinha, Imran Khan on a bike at a shoot in Byculla

Sonakshi, Imran on the sets of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2Sonakshi, Imran on the sets of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again

Imran KhanImran Khan latest photo

Imran Khan on a bike at a shoot in BycullaImran Khan on a bike

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  • Why srk is not announcing the date officially,is srk has any problem.anyway clash or no clash akki wil have another bb this year.

  • Any way, Himmatwala proves people are getting bore of over the top Action – Comedy. So Chennai Express, might be impacted.

  • well honestly,,there won’t be any impact of imraan in this film..
    its all about akshay and milan on which this film is depandent on.
    waiting eagrly for the trailer of ouatima..
    @boss,,well it needs guts.srk is still waiting that something happens to ouatima and it gets delayed so he can declare the date.

  • srk is always try to clash wid someone. becoz he want to win wid clash. but he failed everytime. clash on diwali wid sos and slapt by Ajay. thies time wid akki on Eid. History will repeat again by akki.

  • sonakshi lookin old to imarn khan seriously comparing to ouatim vs cast of ouatima is losing side…strange feeling that post verdict of 1993 blasts a romantic story on dawood is necessary?…people will giv tight slap on milan this time around..

  • Is srk releasing ce on eid or not.if he is releasing,he has to announce the date.if not, this means he is using this as a publicity for his movie

  • If it get solo realease and 14 open days, then 150+ cr is for sure. And @anirudh, it features deadly love triangle. Based on true events.

  • flop 4 sure..sona luking aunty to i.khan…haha…bad pairing….addin to that ch_akki weak voice and acting wil ruin the movie…

  • Recently Khiladi Akshay Kumar walked away with Tusshar Kapoor from a party. They are the new ‘BUM-Chums in Bollywood!

    Quiet a shocker, no? Well not for the insiders of Bollywood. For them it’s a pretty common thing – the ‘Dostana’ effect! I always spoke about ‘Back-Door Entry’ taking people places. The last one was Siddharth Malhotra, a Delhi based model getting his big-break in Karan Johar’s next movie.

    Akshay Kumar’s filmi career is in doldrums with flop after flop. Tees Maar Khan – Gawd what a disaster that movie was! I mean how can one make a trashy flick like that and how can a Bollywood star sign up a movie whose script was as idiotic as that of Tees Maar Khan. So Akshay desperately needs a Hit and will Ekta Kapoor’s sequel of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai will be that HIT for Akshay? Now did Tusshar Kapoor got Akshay the role in OUATIM Sequel that had superb performance from Ajay Devgun? Is it all the Magic of ‘Dostana’ effect or what you may call – The ‘Back-Door Entry’?

  • Seriously, who gives this guy Imran Khan movies?

    And people here are comparing him to Sonakshi.

    Sonakshi is far more popular among the massess than this guy.

    The movie rests on the shoulders of Akki, and Sonakshi will be a plus point, while Imran is just there to add the numbers.

  • @ am srk,

    Abey Tushar Kapoor ka khud ka koyi tikhana nahin and you are saying he is reason for Akki getting movies?

    Well you might try your luck in Comedy Circus, cuz that’s a huge joke.

  • @jc imran khan rejected movie collected more thn decntly accepted movie of akki desi boyz and rejected movie of joker…..matru ki bijlee ka mandola opening is hiigher thn akkshay spl 26…u hate khans tht is ok but crying on growin actor like imran shows blind faith in hindu actors…

  • @j.c sona big star of masses so will be rejected by multiplex audience….fact sona luks older ranbir,imran or arjun kapoor….

  • @ indcine,

    would like to complain about @ am srk, for bringing religion in to discussion

    I am not a religious fanatic like you, as most of the khans are my fav actors, don’t just write anything without knowing the person.

    As to Imran Khan, which individual film of his is a hit? Matru flopped, for your kind information. Matru made on a budget of 33 Cr only got a worldwide life time collection of 38 Cr. It is a super flop. Who cares about opening, it is important to check out lifetime collection to know whether the movie is accepted or rejected. Even Himmatwala made a decent oepning only to fizzle out in three days.

    S26 made on budget of 30cr has earned more than 60 cr. Do the maths.

    His Delhi Belly only ran because of Aamir’s name and finally it was not his act that got appreciation. Check out the reports.

    His film Mere Brother ki Dulhan only did decent business because of Katrina. Remove her, and it wouldn’t have collected 10 cr. For eg., look at his films with Deepika and Sonam, which were utter flops.

    Imran is only here because of Aamir.

    Remove the biased regligion glasses and accept the truth, I never use bias but state the fact.

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