I’m single.. It’s a good life – Hrithik Roshan on Stardust

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan is featured on the cover of Stardust for the month of October 2014. The magazine, known for outrageously sensational quotes, promises a candid interview with the Bang Bang star on his life after divorce with Sussanne Khan.

Stardust has also quoted Raveena Tandon, the wife of the industry’s most influential distributor Anil Thadani, as saying “I won’t sleep with actors to promote myself”

And the biggest statement of them all comes from Sonu Sood, who says “I needed a SRK film to make it big!”. Hasn’t Sonu also worked with top superstars like Salman Khan?

Hrithik Roshan on Stardust Magazine Cover

Hrithik Roshan on Stardust Magazine Cover



  • A Short Review:

    Bang Bang is one of those movies that requires you to accept that every single time a character is presented with a choice, he or she will make the worst and most inexplicable one.
    This would possibly be more forgivable if the stars were given actual characters to play, rather than being forced to coast on screen personas.
    It would also help if they were given some dialogue that was actually funny, or at least more clever than the lines provided to Arjun Kapoor ( In Broccoli everyone’s business is everyone else’s business ) and Deepika padukone ( I’m Virgin) in their super hit movie Finding Funny.

    It also wouldn’t hurt if a few surprises were sprinkled into an ultra-predictable plot that seems to have been cranked out by a computer screenwriting program without significant human input.
    It’s not as if the director actually made interesting use of extensive location shooting in places like Greece, Bruge which are deployed so unimaginatively that the studio could have saved a bundle and shot the whole thing in Mumbai , like Rohit Shetty’s Singham Returns did

  • Yes being single is good but making movies without Papa roshan and without using his calculator after its release is not that good.

  • completely agree with all 3 statements given by hor,raveena and sonu.I think wat sonu meant is that his career depends a lot on hny bo performance.yes dabangg was a huge blockbuster with sonu recieving rave reviews for his performance.but since then he has only acted in bo failures.so currently his carrer depends on srk

  • Super hot HRITHIK ROSHAN
    3, BANG BANG 2

  • salman khan has not taken sonu sood in Dabangg 2 (like abhishek bachchan in all three installation of Dhoom ) so he became angry n also feeling discomfort and now he is working with other big superstar of salman level so he is showing his attitude to salman n his family production team. In future if happy new year became a grand successful film like Dabangg n farah wants to make its sequel and sonu will be avoided then again Sonu sood will do same with srk n his film unit if he gets a chance to work with Amir Khan…..Moral Of The Story is “KHISYANI BILLI KHAMBA NOCHTI HI HAI “

  • @triloki: Bang Bang 2 – I dont think it will come.

    Next movies of HR, if i am not wrong are:

    1) Mohenjadaro
    2) Film with Rakesh Roshan
    3) Film with Zoya Akthar
    4) Krish 4

    HR may attempt one hollywood movie as well…

  • @nipun 4:47pm

    Stop fooling yourself- kites, jaadoo 3 and now Bong Bong- hardly Intl standard that Cruise or Pitt or Damon will be quaking in their boots…! Hrithiks good but still at Bollywood level n no more… Ok maybe he can make it big in Greek Cinema sering how hes the Greek God but thats it…!
    You wanna get bashed then continue this nonsense otherwise just accept that hes a part of Bollywood n be content with that knowledge…!

  • K3 paid 75cr entertainment tax against 245cr net collection(k3 domestic gross=320cr). But BB paid almost 50cr entertainment tax against 109cr net collections(157cr domestic gross)…. KUCH TOH LOCHA HAI.

  • If Aamir khan had said what papas boy has said back in the early millennium then he would have been crucified…!

    Just food for thought…

    Let the hypocrisy continue in Jaaduland but the truth hurts

  • Yes, Hrithik is Single (and Happy). So is Suzzane! Both are ready to mingle!!

    @Sachin, ROFL! Hahaha!!

  • @nipun, how much BB collected frm greece on its opening weekend? Afterall he is a greek god!!!

  • @navin: did i say that kites and k3 were movies of international level? ? both were ambitious project,but could have been better. But the style,body language and expressions in HR ‘s performance shows that Hrithik can do hollywood movies too. .

  • If they are even planing to make Bang Bang 2, my request to them will be to change the director as he spoiled the script which could have been illustrated better way. Then they should come up with a completely new story with new missions to assign to Rajveer. For that they can watch some documentaries on CIA and British Intelligents and even RAW to get ideas because Indian spy related movie didn’t show so many interesting mission that has actually been done by CIA agents or British Intelligent. However, changing script writer and director is must if they plan for Bang Bang 2. I am so sad to see Hrithik giving his best effort on a useless script which is too common and not interesting at all. Only his performance made sure the run at the box office.

    Hrithik also should sign on small budgeted films so he can come up with at least 2 films a year. He should choose films like Zindegi Na milegi dobara, 3 idiots which are great movies but yet require much less effort, time and preparation. He needs to have a plan in his career for the next 10 years. Doing back to back too much expensive movies is cutting his time and energy. He can’t afford a flop this time since he comes up with only one movie a year, even he miss one or two years since he can’t concentrate on other project when he is involved in too expensive and big projects like Krrish, Bang Bang and Mohenjo Daro.

    Since Mohenjo Daro has been pushed further, so he can choose a strong script that will require him to finish the movie in a few months. This way he can accommodate a movie next year. Just think if he starts with a small budgeted film with strong script, he can get as much popularity and appreciation from audience and can accomodate a movie easily a year.

  • hrithik u r looking damn good. bro enjoy ur singleness but after sometime automatically u will think about marriage, i am in same condition. i got my love and i m very happy. wish u feel the love again in ur life. love from my heart.

  • Sonu Sold is saying it because the washing machine is up for launch. If the product becomes defective, he will do as Saif Ali Khan did with Humshakals..Besides, if he says Cheddi Sing Character was better, then, the king Kong will bite him like a mad. Like he called Aamir Half hero when Boman sang a song from 3 Idiots…

  • yep truely i feel sonu said right bcoz srk treated him as a star of the film he brought whole unit together for promotion unlike aamir or salman who eat whole credit 4 film in d3 aamir promoted film with kat bt abhi uday ko kisne puchha tats wat is big diff btn king n other he makes whole unit big hit

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