‘I would love to direct Shahrukh Khan’ – John Abraham

John AbrahamJohn Abraham turned producer with “Vicky Donor”. He admits direction is also a part of his plan, and he would especially love to direct superstar Shah Rukh Khan some day.

“Not soon, but yes, definitely I will (direct). How do I put it… I think I will do a fairly decent job directing because I feel I have a vision and I would like to get that across,” the 40-year-old said here in an interview.

“An interesting person to direct… I would love to direct Shah Rukh! (He is) very interesting because there is a side and a facet about him that is very charismatic and I would not like to play on his strengths, but I would like to get something else out,” added John.

Other actors he finds interesting to direct are: “Aamir (Khan) directs himself, so that’s interesting about Aamir. Each one is different and probably if I am doing a fun film, may be Akshay Kumar. But I am not thinking about it right now, so it’s completely hypothetical. I may (also) direct newcomers.”

John’s latest release is “I, Me aur Main”, which opened to an average response this Friday.



  • John can teach lot of things to srk if he directs him like how to stand,walk,run,fight etc.. like a strong man.lol

  • John wants to direct “srk”…he also talked abt akki and aamir..but wat abt that capsule-feeded muscular guy…i think, now no body wants to even talk abt that fake character….john…one request from me…plz teach him how to get muscles like u without having dozens of pills….:P
    @navin…ur “ghanta award” winner is not even worthy of attention of john…:P

  • Jhon is very clever if he direct a film of srk then whatever the film get negetive review or bad direction it will be hit film. Jhon agar action film banaye ga to 100 ra1 se to acchi hogi agar ra1 worldwide collection 240 crore and join 100 cr club and decleard hit according boi and all other boxoffice site so jhon ke film difinately cross 300 cr worldwide. Srk is the ultimate king of bollywood and jhon know that.

  • I know some people hate srk and they always give negetive coment about him as they did not like romantic film and can’t tolarate as srk is the king of romance, king of oversease and badshah of bollywood and after release of chennai express in this eid he show his star power better than sallu and 1st 200 cr film of 2013 and become king of domestic boxoffice, i this can not be tolarated by srk. Love you srk and all the fans of him waiting for chennai express-the king is back with comedy/romance/action a complete masala entertainer.

  • Ha ha ha
    forever alone salman
    i said it before
    Every body in acting industry reject salman khan
    Even john mention aamir and akshay,
    Bollywood industry needs actors

  • John is appropriate 4 Srk,afterall any established directors rn’t willing 2 direct this poor actor :p

  • @INDICINE, 1st april 2017 : John abraham, shirish kunder & srk on the sets of their new DRAMA TV SERIAL ‘yahoo! mei raja bangaya’. RETIRED superstar srk will be playing the character of an evil & treacherous foot soldier, ‘RA.ra’, who becomes a king after poisoning his ruling king ‘joooker’ played by shirish kunder (for those who dont know, shirish even directed few bollywood movies). The serial will be telecasted on ‘doordarshan/DD national’ every sunday at 11 p.m in the night & is being directed by a muscular ‘character artist’ john abraham, who few years ago played lead roles in some unsuccessful movies. Former superstar srk, who just retired from bollywood a few months ago after giving 5 epic disasters in a row, is very excited about this serial being shown on DD, hoping that atleast this serial will turn out to be a hit unlike his disaster movies. On 2nd of march, 2013, indicine published an useless article about john abraham dreaming about directing a movie with srk & other actors but ironically after 4 years the same john is now directing the now retired superstar srk in a TELE SERIAL and not a movie!! Well, how cruelly can anyone’s life change!

  • @NVS…hahaha….i can feel the smell of smoke….jealous?? jealous that john even doesn’t find it necessary to mention the name of that “crapstar”….actually…he desrves it…he is not more than a “joker”…now …it’s upto u…when ll realize it…
    @navin….ur bhai won “ghanta” and soon going to collect “golden kela”..

  • @NVS..ur right..people dnt knw sirish directed sum bollywood movies..u knw why? Bcoz he directed the epic disaster jan-e-mann..which starred ur macho man..waise logo ke saath kaam karega toh kisko pata rahega..lol

  • Imam john indirectly sayin that Srk badly needs a good direction and he wil teach him hw to stand walk run fight like a strong man instead being like she male . . Hope u got the real reason for this Haha Haha

  • @NVS hahahahahahahaha Oh my, Im Laughing out loudly at your Blockbuster comment. You make rare comments here and there but just like Aamir when you do say or do something then its a HIT. Oh my god I thought this was a joke on joke article about a useless third grade actor wanting to direct a fading old king but these srkians have lapped up this article and now dream of the day John directs srk in a Force sequel. Lol so hard at how these losers will want anyone and everyone to direct srk in any movie so that he can finally beat Readys record. Tomorrow Indicine will publish article on Pooja Bhatt saying she would like to cast srk in her next so SRK will be seen playing the role of a gigolo in Jism 3 paired opposite Farah Khan and Saroj Khan. (yuk yuk and yuk) Lmfao
    So sad that saroj and farah have to do such sleazy disgusting roles.
    What a day- Theres one article on Sooray Sir soon to be directing bhai jaan and another on John useless Abraham dreaming of directing Buddha srk. Oh what a surreal world we live in.
    @xzone John will direct SRK and bith will be sure shot winners at the Ghantas and Golden Kela Award shows.
    @star John will rock srks fading career.

  • @xzone. rofl…. john Abraham is so concerned about your ‘crap-wrap star’ srk’s fast waning career that he is planning to rescue grandpa srk and wants to make an epic crap with your crap star. even though john was joking, srk fans took it so seriously that they are imagining john to be a James Cameron or a Steven Spielberg or our very own raju hirani. hahahaha……. we have had enough of ra.1s, dons, jthjs, crap expresses, horrible new years and now this tv serial ‘yahoo! mei raja ban gaya’. mr.john, people of India have already endured enough mental and physical torture from crap star srk for years, we cant bear it anymore, please, enough of this srk torture. srk is the greatest torturer in Bollywood history. lol.

  • Everyone knows John’s level as an actor n star. And no one knows his skills as a director. Salman will not even think of working with him. John rebeled against Salman on a world tour stage show in 2008. So entire world knows what happened to a certain ‘vivek oberoi’ n ‘Sanjay Leela Bansali’ after fighting with Salman.

  • @NVS…first tell ur budha,capsule feeded sallu to get muscles like john (the natural ones)…look…how these double -faced “crapstar” fans started barking abt john…..ya…he is far better than ur budhau unmarried salman khan in terms of look,acting and other aspects….and he is a self made person not like a dad’s spoon feeded guy, who enters into bollywood while catching the fingures of his writer “baap”…

  • @nvs, @navin why you are give faltu coment for srk nobody cares you coments i.e. you are a gay or don’t have any gf so you allways say worng about srk. I think you cannot tolarate that srk is the king of romance, king of oversease,badsha of bollywood. Last 3 films of srk ra1,d2,jthj are class oriented and get negetive review from both critic and adience but all of 3 films are hit by boi and other site and join 100 crore club but behind sallu film as they are mass and class both oriented. Last 3 film of srk collect more than 200 cr in worldwide boxoffice he is allways king of boxoffice sothat bollywood industry call him king khan not call sallu whose last 5 film performed better than srk last 3 film. Everey derector express their excitement to work with srk in a film as if he work with srk then sure the film will be a hit srk hater know his last flop film is paheli in 2005 after that all of his film hit but srk haters say ra1,d2,jthj are diastar see boi and any other sites all films are hit in india and blockbuster in oversease . This eid chennai expess,a class and mass both oriented massala entertainer is releasing srk will show he is also the king of domestic boxoffice.

  • Salman fans should remember that in 2008, the sum of Salman’s three films GTGH, Heroes & Yuvraaj were lesser than the collection of John’s Dostana. Akshay, Aamir,Hrithick & SRK never had that situation

  • @jacky. Lol….Ya dude, jaan e maan was a flop, yes it was, but it was atleast 44144 times better than many of srk movies, there is no denying that. My dream combination would be srk+ram gopal varma, srk+shirish & now srk+john abraham, hope these ‘once-in-a-nano second’ geniuses will come up with movies like ‘rgv’s dilwala DULHE ko bhaga le jayega (ddkblj)’ , ‘joker king’ & ‘dostana 33’ respectively.

  • @navin. Hahaha….. Thank you bro. Well, in bollywood there is this legendary rivalry between the ultimate megastar salman & the unbearable crapstar srk and here on indicine, the rivalry between you & my poor helpless, hapless friend xzone is perhaps the most memorable on indicine. Your comments are so funny, so witty, so complicated & so in- your-face that most of the srk fans, who are ‘intellectually challenged’ & ‘intelligence challenged’ can’t even comprehend what you are actually saying. My friend xzone always tries his best to beat you, but you not only beat him comprehensively every time, you also tease him so humorously. Hahaha….. Oh ! My poor helpless friend xzone, god bless you.

  • @RAJ thanks for the comment- you obviously cared enough to make a comment!! :-)
    Next time act rationally and leave the irrational emotions at home for the wife or girlfriend or even the boyfriend, whatever dude its 21st century so these things dont matter as much as they did 20 years ago.

  • @NVS apreciate the comment and truth is that its a tough job knowing where and when xzone will next pop up to leave his ludicrous comments. At times I feel like a seaman struggling against the tides but I think we all do a wonderful job in meeting him head on and challenging his beliefs and to proceed with dismantling his belief in his psychppathic scholar IMAM. It gives me great satisfaction in knowing that he is now detained at the Asylum which coincidentally is sponsored by Bhai jaans ‘Being Human’ foundation but we dont expect a ‘Thank You Bhai’ card from xzone anytime soon!!! My only concern is the damage he may be doing to other inmates and I pray everynight that he does not raise the expectations of the other patients of Chennai Depress before its release. Those patients could be severely damaged for life beyond help after watching crapstars crappy film and forever be labelled clinically depressed. :-(
    Thanks bro and looking forward to many more fun filled arguements from pro bhai fans than ridiculous self pampering comments for pro buddha srk by srkians.
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx

  • @NVS,navin….hahaha…do me a favor…make a union of atleast 10000 salman fans on indicine and then dare to communicate with me…u 3-4 people communicating in urselves are thinking that u ll make me feeling uncomfortable…but dements….i m only feeling sorry for u guys bcoz even if u call 1 m fans of salman to cooment on indicine…still a single srk fan will be enough for u all…
    @navin….ur “ghanta” bhai has such a coward fans like u….

  • @xzone Sorry I cant find 999 bhai fans in a world dominated by 3.7 billion srkians so I guess you gonna have to be content with contending with me for the time being. :-(
    Come on xzone do something, say anything, say the first sadistic thought that comes in your mind and I will try my best to come back with something even more wittier.
    @star This battle for the Ghanta is between xzone and me so keep out…! :-P

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