I will only make clean films, not sex comedies: Arbaaz Khan

Arbaaz KhanActor-filmmaker Arbaaz Khan, who recently directed “Dabangg 2”, says he would not try making a sex comedy or even a dark comedy. Not because he feels there’s anything wrong in it, but he believes one should only do those things that reflect a bit of their own personality.

Asked if he is interested in making a film of that genre, Arbaaz said: “As a whole, maybe not, because I think one should only do things that also reflect a bit of their own personality.”

“A film that you produce, write or direct should reflect the taste that you have in films. Even when a distributor is buying a film, he is putting money on a film that he thinks is a good film to promote.”

“I can have a joke or maybe a part of that in my film. But tomorrow, I might not have the confidence because I am not the kind of person to enjoy that kind of stuff,” he added.

However, Arbaaz feels there is space for every kind of cinema.

“Some people are very good at it, so they can do that. There is nothing wrong in it. Every genre or any sort of filmmaking – whether it’s a sex comedy, or anything – it is okay. I don’t think making only clean films is good, because there is going to be a taste of all kind of cinema. It’s fair enough. There is a space for every kind of cinema,” the 45-year-old said.



  • ya, fevicol se is the cleanest song ever in bollywood. and there is no vulgarity when salman talks about farting and villian’s underwear……………….arbaaz is a legendry ditector. hats off.

  • For me,,sex comedy whatevr.. doesnt matter bt a good script should be there which lakes sallu’s recent movies. . .

  • Srkians dont cry about super successful director Arbaaz not wanting to make a sex comedy with your king Srk…! You still have John Abraham planning to cast Srk as a 50 yr old sperm donor in the ‘Vicky Donor’ sequel..! :-P
    @IMAM im sure you enjoyed watching ‘Criminal’ song in theatres with family. Im sure you loved seeing the half naked dancers shaking their booty on the big screen…! I must say you are a very liberal IMAM saheb which is a good thing as this is the 21st century so respects to you for that. :-P

  • @jilu Worry less about Salman bhais film scripts which I must say are highly irrelevant in his films and worry more about your poor grasp of the English language and grammar…! :-P

  • @beingsallufan Spot on bro- fevicol and munni are ‘vulgar’ but Srks lovemaking scene with Katrina (who is half his age) in JTHJ was so tasteful and brilliantly shot that little children would have had no idea what buddha srk and kat were doing under the bed sheets…! (to be fair I dont know even know what they were doing as it ended all so quickly. :-P )
    Thank god Srk makes movies for family audiences unlike the Bhatts who make ‘blue’ films for Adult audiences with ‘A’ rated certificates, their films could still be viewed by impressionable teenagers!!!

  • @navin and our idol (sallu) will b playing a 50 year bachelor who finaly got maried 2 his bodyguard. btw, u r ryt in saying tht script is irrelevant 4 our idol’s movie, tht goes 2 shw hw dumb v r. bt b rock.

  • Salman shud act in vicky donor sequel i think. Coz salman cant produce sperm so atleat he can act as one and be happy

  • Arbaaz khan is a genius. I was crying in the climax scene when sulaiman lost his unborn baby. Sulaiman was cryin in tht scene, i too was crying along with sulaiman bhai. But that cry cost arbaaz dabba(ngg)2 collection 50 crore less and his direction cost 50 crore less. Any way ur genius arbaaz bhai.

  • Arbaaz u knw how films r made…?
    N talking abt dark comedies…huhh
    After watching ur dabba 2 dozens of ma frnd fell ill…n ma hedache waz dere foh a month until I watched race 2…
    pplzz quit direction like u did acting…

  • The last thing we indian people want now is your cult classics. So would you be kind enough to shut up and be quiet? Atleast, many innocent lives will be saved.

  • @soroop Guess you must have had some ‘first hand experience’ coz how else would you know if Bhai cannot produce ‘sperm’…! :-P
    Whatever dude, all we know is that when buddha srk was ‘trying’ to make love to Kat, poor bichari Kat had to close her eyes and imagine that Hunky Salman was on top of her and not some dying rotten skeleton smeagol looking creature calling himself Lord Saruman sorry King Srk. ;-)

  • I dont think anybody wants a film from arbaaz now, so irrelevant to genres… plz stop it….. atleast we remember you for the acting in Daraar, dont let us forget wat u deserve by doin such crap things

  • @Damn…!… Loser- just imagine the day when shitty Director Shetty or Fatty Farah will deliver Srk a 150 cr BlockBuster then perhaps we can say Arbaaz is a crap director but for the time being he has beaten sorry smashed the collections of all of Srks last 5 directors hands down. Overseas, India, Worldwide combined Arbaaz wins by a margin so keep dreaming of the day when Srk auditions for a role in Arbaaz’s movie but Arbaaz will in all likeliness turn around to say:- “Sorry yaar, I just dont think you are young and energetic enough to be Salman bhais SpotBoy…!” :-P

  • @beingsallufan Yes bro we are dumb for watching Salman bhais film because they have no script. I mean all those people never realised that during the movie:- “Hey wheres the script gone???” Ah man I mean you would think that after watching 5 back to back Blockbusters that some silly little sod, perhaps you my brother would have realised sooner that there was no script…!
    Listen bro I think we need to get together in Bandra and inform the masses that Bhai jaans ‘Script’ is missing from his films and we can start a nationwide hunt for it. Good luck bro with all the ‘chaiwalas’ and I will lead all the ‘rickshawalas’ and if God is smiling upon us then maybe we can find ‘script’ just in time before the release of Mental and save us all from watching a 2 hr movie which would have no ‘script’ in it…! ;-)

  • All the salmans remakes like bodyguard, ready, wanted are well accepted films down south, infact bodyguard is a classic film and my favourite malayalam film. But if salman does tht movie becomes crap, seriously. Is tht coz of his acting ?. Superstar are those who can give bumper opening, there r lot in bollywood now. But megastar are those who can make ordinary films look extra ordinary with his acting power like srk did in rdbj. if salman had been in rdbj then it will automatically becom crap film. Even salman fans agree tht his all films are craps. Eid aur single release ka fayda kab tak milenga tab tk salman tikega uske baad salman khalaas.

  • Srk fans wait for srk movies eagerly to watch his acting and the movie but sulaiman khan fans wait for his movie for boxoffice collection coz they do agree that all movies are craps.

  • All haters : get lost else u will have a Gendaa bhaiyya experience (interval scene in D2) from Salman. Kamaal karte ho yaar, Script nahi thi toh kya huwa? Salman hai, Fevicol item number, BO collections hain, Blockbuster verdict hai. :p

  • Navin ha ha ha
    First u tell me wer u got ur first hand xperience of ur crappy imaginations about srk….oh wait might possible srk kicked ur a$$…
    N wait u said overseas…again imagining.
    Currently salman izz rulin domestically.
    But your shitty directors hav given blockbusters way b4 lallu khans recent crappy movies…
    Sallu wil definitely go mentle after mantle flopsss….

  • @Damnnn….!…. : Mark ur words, Mental will be a flop according to you? I will be a srk fan if Mental flops, will u be a Salman fan if it is a super hit? And first learn to spell Mental then try to critize salman n movie before knowing anything about the movie.

  • @hrithik: as long as you senseless mentals exist, nope it won’t going to flop no matter how crappy the script would be!

  • Haha it’s so funny that when they have no other points or work salman fans are busy correcting spelling, punctuations and grammatical mistakes. Come on guys… Keep up the good work!

  • Here comes the big, faulty n broken Ruler. You are nothing but jealous. You very well know srk will never get the kind of response for his movies as same as Salman.

  • @soroop No idea what you were harking on about. Take ‘armans’ advice on board and in future correct your own spelling as your comments could only be understood by this armainac ‘arman’ loser.

  • @Damn…!… Buddha srk kicked my a$$!!!!
    Dude in his dreams he can ki$$ Karan and Arjuns a$$es (Karan Johar and Arjun Rampal) but kick my a$$? Thats never gonna happen in a million years. I will go into Jalwa Mode and do to srk what the Wankhede Stadium Security Official did and that is hand his smeagol looking a$$ to his boney hands and make him ki$$ it…! :-P
    I guess maybe you srkians like ki$$ing srks holier than holy a$$ but to bhai fans that a$$ is the butt of all our jokes. ;-)
    Get real, get Lord of the Rings dvd boxset and watch great acting of your King Srk as the Gollum- he was so good that you wouldn’t have ever guessed Srk could look that good. :-P

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