I will not say anything about ‘Shuddhi’ says Varun Dhawan

Actor Varun Dhawan, who recently replaced Salman Khan in  ’Shuddhi’, has decided to maintain silence regarding the project.

“I will not say anything about ‘Shuddhi’. People have said a lot about it, but as an actor, my job is to act… just talking about is not going to help. So, all that I will do is act and let the audience decide,” Varun said here.

To be directed by Karan Malhotra, ‘Shuddhi’ features Varun and Alia Bhatt.

Earlier, producer Karan Johar had confirmed Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor Khan as its cast, and then Salman came on board for it. But just last month, Karan Johar made an announcement saying Varun and Alia have been finalised for it.

Varun says “there are lots of new things in this film and there are also lot of rumours going around with this film”.

“But all I will say is don’t listen to any rumours. It’s a completely different film.”




  • because he knows this movie will not happen in real. when hrithik was in movie shuddhi was quality movie when salman roped instead hrithik film was masala for hr fans shows how intellegent they are. now varun so nobody exept vd fans is intrested but after some time karan will replace varun himself and movie will give tough competition to bombay velvet.

  • Lost interest in the movie once Hrithik opted out of it.But varun replacing Sallu is a redeeming factor.

  • this varun neither has look nor height he only jump here and there he will soon become another akshay khanna

  • Flop movie.. Can be all time disaster..
    Varun is oversmart.. Abcd2 will also flop..becoz its looking bad..

  • Sources claim that “With Hro and Salman opting out, KJo is planning to cut the budget of the movie from 150 cr to 50cr.” Kjo says,” I am a business man, and the economics doesn’t work out the same when you don’t have superstars like Hro and Salman.”

    The same sources also later claimed that since the budget is “less” now, they might just rename the movie to “Kam-Shuddhi” (less Shuddhi)….lol.

    The censors were already gearing up to give it an “A” certificate mistaking the title to be “Kam-sutra…..”.

    If Varun too opts out of this movie at a later date, as has been the trend for this movie, the movie might just land up with Sunny Leone, forcing it to renaming it further to “Ashuddhi”.

  • Though i like varun..but dont have high hopes for shuddhi..he is not as good as tge khans or hrithik/akshay to carry such a role early in his career

  • If hritik did shuddhi it will collect 190cr but without manipulation 140cr. So profit
    190cr-150cr=40cr but without manipulation 10cr loss.

    If salman did it .collection will be 195cr.
    profit =45 cr

    Now varun will do shuddhi. So budget will be 60 cr an boxoffice collection will be 120cr. So 60 cr will be profit.

    So it is clear that varun is superior than 2 lallu.

  • Everybody was bashing varun before badlapur and varun did well and now time will again prove that he is most popular young star.

  • Yes, KJO left Salman as Shuddhi requires acting talent which Sallu lacks.
    But don’t worry sallu, Bandar Raja is realising this EID.

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