I will not make Baazigar sequel without Shahrukh: Ratan Jain

Ratan JainProducer Ratan Jain currently has no plans for “Baazigar” sequel, but says he may do it after couple of years, but not without Shah Rukh Khan.

“Yes, I am contemplating with the idea of the sequel to ‘Baazigar’, but not right now. I am busy with my other projects. May be three to four years down the line, I will make a sequel to ‘Baazigar’,” Jain, whose brother Ganesh Jain had produced the crime thriller, told IANS.

“However, I will not make the sequel without Shahrukh. So let’s see how things fall in place. It’s too early to comment on anything at this point of time,” he added.

“Baazigar”, the 1993 blockbuster, was Shah Rukh’s first blockbuster. Directed by Abbas-Mustan, the film introduced Shah Rukh and Kajol’s pair on the screen as well as introduced Shilpa Shetty in filmdom.

Meanwhile, Jain is set to roll out the sequel to “Dhadkan” with a fresh star cast. The 2000 hit love triangle had Suniel Shetty, Akshay Kumar and Shilpa Shetty.

“The film is in its scripting stage. It will be a fresh film and not a continuation. We won’t repeat the same star cast. It will have a new star cast,” said Jain.



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  • Yes take Srk only in the sequel of “Baazigar” and after 3-4 years when Srk will cross 50 he will look like a joker riding horse and sports car and running here and there to kill heroines and the crime thriller will end up in a comedy movie.lol

  • @sachin11 lol
    Not sure but wasnt SRK spectacularly killed of in Baazigar? So I guess the second film will be a franchise movie and not a sequel unless Kajol has a kid who 25 years later looks like an older carbon copy of SRK. Sequel could be where SRK Junior has superhero type powers and wears a kids halloween mask masquerading throughout the movie riding on his pony and recklessly slinging about his samurai sword before in the end killing Dalip Tahils son. The role will however be played by a young fitter Dalip Tahil- why you ask- well because Dalip Tahil Juniors dad killed our superhero dad in the first movie so its an out and out revenge movie for the masses…! And to make the film an even sure shot blockbuster, our beloved Rakhee will reprise her role and throughout the movie will be seen sporadically chanting: “mere SRK aayenge, mere SRK aayenge…! ;-)
    Go ahead and make the sequel please…! :-P

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