I will make SRK watch Bigg Boss once I start hosting it: Farah Khan

Farah Khan will replace Salman Khan as the host on controversial television reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. The director of ‘Happy New Year’ has been signed to host the last four episodes of the show.

“Everyone knows that I am a huge Bigg Boss fan. I used to tweet about it all the time. I am a Bigg Boss junkie. I follow all the contestants and I am thrilled to be hosting it.”

When a reporter asked Farah if her good friend Shahrukh Khan watches the show, she said “SRK doesn’t watch Bigg Boss. But once I start hosting it, I will make sure he watches it”

Farah Khan

Farah Khan



  • I’m afraid whether contestants will start laughing after seeing Farah as a host. Because to host such controversial shows you need an aura and style of your own. Whatever you speak , people should give attention to your words. I couldn’t hold my laugh after watching the faces of Preetam and Praneet last weekend, when Salman took a dig on them as they came late. They were afraid and panic like anything.
    Does Farah have the same aura or charisma?? Definitely NO !

  • @tiger,at least KING KHAN will not go to any tihar jail,you know very well about which star I’m talking about now,lol.

    @chulli,similarly his fans also don’t care about whatever past background he has,lol.

  • Some Zor ka Jhatkaa n Paanchvi pass fans are feeling jealous n relates professional life with personal matters !!!!!!!! Lol on idiots !!!!!!!!!

  • yeah c is right…srk will watch alone bcoz there will b no any viewer without salman khan..

  • also some more than a decade failure star is crying here instead of this article have no relation to star.who is enjoying the success of big boss after some failures like 10 ka dum that already became huge due to arshad,BIGB .lol on those morons!!they will get a new shock on HNY,when GOT TALENT will beat their tiny star’s tiny trps,lol.

  • @sss exactly bro

    @hritik i think criminal fans shud nt comment like dat whn deir criminal n characterless star is leaving dat characterless show…lol

  • @Chulli,absolutely bro,keep it up.

    @tiger,TRUTH always gives PAIN,well find any strong reason to bash,lol.OK if you have the number,then kindly give me after calling that security I’ll tell you what he said,OK.

  • SRK always gets stop by USA immigration because of what they have over him, they are well aware of all his money laundering techniques etc. He is not the saint that people make him out to be. They call Salman all sorts of names but at least he is open and his love for the common people show. SRK is very sneaky in the way he has been able to keep his sins hidden in the closet when the closet gets open one will be shocked. The USA is not so stupid as one might think.

  • Farah Khan is the most pathetic personality of Bollywood.

    She knows she is nothing without SRK. so she rides him for every news item.

    I hope shahrukh distances himself from her and Rohit Shetty and concentrate on script oriented film makers like Aamir does.

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