I will be held responsible for everything: Salman Khan

Salman KhanActor Salman Khan has been delivering back-to-back hits in the Hindi film industry. He says after the failure of his 2010 film “Veer”, he makes sure the final cut of any of his films has his approval.

He feels an actor’s involvement in creative processes helps sometimes.

“When I put my foot down sometimes, I hope I am not taking advantage of my stardom and that’s a big guilt. Eventually, what the audience first watches is only me in the poster, so I will be held responsible for everything,” Salman said here in an interaction.

“So we also have to see that in just being polite, the film doesn’t go for a toss. Aamir (Khan) does it very correctly. Now I have started making it clear right in the beginning. I make sure that the final cut goes with my approval. After ‘Veer’, I have started doing this,” he said.

Salman, who wrote the story for “Veer”, admits he wasn’t satisfied with the final product that the film turned out to be.

“I was not happy with ‘Veer’ when they showed me the film. I cut down the film to one hour and 55 minutes, and eventually they released the film as a two hour and 30 minute-film, which is not a done thing. They thought they will get away with that, but they didn’t and I was very upset with the fact because I wrote its script and I knew if it has to be that long, then I need those 18 days of shoot because I needed the high points.”

“The scale of the film was very big. So one hour and 55 minutes was a perfect length for it. Till the time it is interesting, it is fine, but the film has to hold (the audience),” he added.

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  • this is called THE SALMAN KHAN..he admits when he fails and he never brags when he succeeds… nowadays actors blame many other things for their failures like srk did, but a real man would confess…post veer he has not looked back and has only given blockbusters after taking all commands of a movie..and he is gonna keep doing the same…THIS MAN IS UNSTOPPABLE FROM GIVING ONE BLOCKBUSTER AFTER ANOTHER.

  • The man with a big golden heart should have had done “this” a lot earlier like his very good friend mr.perfect aamir. Anyway we learn from mistakes, so better late than never, hope the ultimate one continues with his “not-a-foot wrong and whatever touches to gold” journey. Had VEER released today with a reworked script, lesser screen time and with some modifications, it would have had created history & sensation and would have been the 2nd biggest EPIC historical bb after the evergreen classic mughal-e-azaam.

  • Biggest loser trying to hide the fact that the veer was flop due to its long lenght
    I completely.disagree
    If the film would have been this short then there was no chance of being earnig tht money
    Tht they made due to its long length…
    In single screen they dnt call such films (paisa vasool).

  • Excellent idea for future work, try to choose good scripts,and don,t go by only friends sake ,it is good to help others but not on behalf of your career, trendsetter need to be cautious in future,..

  • So he admits he is following his best friends brain Aamir ‘Ace’ Khan ….keep following him and nobody on earth can stop you from giving ATBB’s after ATBB’s ….Aamir and Salman rock!

  • The truth is he hs no respect fr the director editor cinematographer choriographr,so they left hm aftr one film,see anubhav left hm aftr dabangg n hs role model amir hs fought wt rima on the final cut of talaash.

  • @Faruq no one will say this director movie or this producer movie is flop when the movie not doing well at box office as SALMAN said everyone blaming actor of the movie not the director/producer or writer.

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