I will be happy if ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ breaks ‘PK’ record: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is not known to be lavish with praise, but the superstar has hailed ’Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ as Salman Khan’s best film ever and said he would be happy if the film breaks the record of ‘PK’.

The two actors, who shared screen-space in 1994 cult classic ‘Andaz Apna Apna’, said “Just came out of Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Outstanding! Salman’s best film till today! Salman’s best performance till today!” the actor wrote.

Aamir also praised director Kabir Khan and the young girl Harshaali Malhotra.

“Amazing story, superb screenplay, heart warming dialogues! Great writing! Kabir Khan has made a truly special film. Must see! And that little girl is too too good! Just steals your heart” he tweeted.

There are pictures circulating on the internet of Aamir crying after catching ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ at a special screening.

After the screening, Aamir said “Box office collections shouldn’t matter for a film like ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’. It’s that good a film. It’s about humanity, so box office does not matter. But since you (reporters) are asking me, it will break all records. I will be happy if this film breaks the record of ‘PK’. I will be very happy”

Aamir went on to add that Salman has just delivered the performance of his life in ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’.

“Salman has done every scene well. The screenplay, story, writing and every moment in the film is outstanding. I have just seen a very good film” he said.



  • Another facepalm moment from Aamir Khan. Haven’t heard him saying anything positive about SRK, Hrithik or Akshay’s film. He hates SRK, we all know that.. but why make his love for Salman so obvious??? Why the need to come in front of the camera in front of all the media and cry. Cry inside theatre, go to the bathroom and cry or go home and cry.

    When cameras are flashing he is wiping his eyes looking and staring at them..

    Will he praise Drishyam when it comes out? Its expected to be one of the best films.

    I watched Bajrangi and in my very honest opinion it was a good film.. but nowhere close to classical or best film of all time as its being made out to be… Harshaali Malhotra made it sweet and adorable. First half was boring with 3 songs….

  • sorry yaar,record to shahrukh hi todega.aamir bada smart hai use pata hai ki salman todega to jyada margin se nahi todega but srk todega to bari margin se todega jo kabhi wo nahi tod payega

  • Actually….eid feStival isnt like diwali or christmas periOd bcoz schools colleges r on during eid. Excatly opposite for diwali n x’mas…all vacations period. In addition to dat rainy seasons does affect to some extent , believe or dont believe. Dis year eid raining is not like last year Eid still kick had gr8 figures. Plus bahubali going still strong. Bajanrangi really rocks…..hats off ! Between waiting for Andaz Apna 2….. Plz amir sir

  • gujrat government banned aamir’s fanaa because he questioned to government about poors of mp who are displaced by narmada dam project. aamir was with medha patkar that time. i worked in sarvoday press service when i met to her and those inocent people. aamir is legend who stood with poor over government respect.

  • @ all aamir fans- eric and some other fans supported srk fans when they ask about quality of salman films thats why i asked some questions to you. dont mind aamir is legend.

  • Bajrangi bhaijaan can cross 300cr but not lifetime of PK even with such good content like PK…that’s why aamir is the best..

  • amir dont take intrest in collection.very in secure actor for boxoffice collection is srk.he starts heavy promotion from 1yr ago.slam tour,hny reality show etc etc.btw bb crushes each n every record of hny.be it single day collection or weekend and % of opening by trade.as manipulation it is behind hny.if hr is in bb then collection is now 130cr n if srk it is 120cr.two manipulation kings.

  • Cant’t say anythng about your opinion mohit..first go nd watch the film..don’t say blah lah without watching it..amir was right that is salman’s best movie in a decade or so..nd dude the place where these celebrities watch movies aren’t like normal theaters in whixh they have to stand in a line to get out from theatre..its been hardly few seconds,,nd if u watched that film u know that anybody can cry for few mins.
    And rahi baat drishyam n all ki so its aamir’s choice to praise whatever he wants..and whomever he wants,its none of ur business,u r not his dad or big bro to tell him where to cry,what to praise and what to watch..grow up kid !!

  • Thanks @indicine for posting this.. hope aamir fans wld respect their stars wisdom n honesty n respect other stars too even if their fans behave impractically!! .. kudos to aamir 4 praising the movie honestly n kudos to salman 4 a truely beautiful film!!

  • PK was little BOring in 2nd HALF ßt bzrangi Bhaijaan Iz Throughly Entertaining ..!
    it hve 4 weeks till nxt Big release ..!
    Good chances
    let’s c

  • @mohit
    aamir praises hny,ce,itni,ra.one,bang bang,krissh 3etc is not possible these films no where close to bb so why aamir praised these crap films
    aamir khan praises only good films an aamir not praises salman,s other films d2,bodyguard,ready etc because these are not good films

    and remember aamir and Salman are always good friends

  • CE did 100.45cr weekned on 3600screen in 2013 #BajrangiBhaijaan did 102.60cr on 4500screen in 2015 #difference

  • @aditya.. i suggest you go and watch the film first. If you have already watched it, then go again and watch it as neutral audience and not as a fanatic..

    Go to the Indicine page of Jai Ho. Read any comments in the first week of box office reports.. everyone was saying Jai Ho is best film after 3 Idiots. Its same again now.

    I have no problem with Aamir praising any film.. He is free to do whatever he wants to.. But getting in front of the camera and shedding crocodile tears is disgusting as hell.. He has been licking Salman’s backside for years now. Even supported him after that court verdict, which was even more disgusting.

    Make no mistake, I love Aamir films.. But as a person, he doesn’t come across as straight forward. Too pretentious. Too fake.

  • as i say collection is all about holidays nt opening weeks.srk fans think srk gives highest opening but he enjoyed 3holidays.see the rank
    bb-101.25cr_hindi version(2 holidays eid)
    d3-101.05cr-hindi tamil telegu(1 holiday normal weekend
    hny-99.91cr-hindi tamil telegu(3holiday diwali) according to trade.
    according to producer

  • Well said aditya @mohit so according to you crap chennai express n happy new was worthy to praise by legend aamir .. really man these srk’s stupid fans jus living on dream worlds where only srk is hero wake up morons there are 2 legends sir aamir n salmna bhai ..

  • I agree with that guy if the movie has touched ur heart , if it really affected u so
    why u did not cry in the bathroom or in
    a privacy….. !!!!
    he cried just to show off that he really supports bhai so that bhai fans watch his
    craps …. lol !!!!!!

  • I see some SRK fans who’ve loved #BajrangiBhaijaan but still don’t appreciate it. Feel like saying them, “Aapka ego neeche pada h. Utha lo.”

  • @ALl jealous rk fans burn as much as you all can. need a burnol????? aamir is far better than selfish srk who needs to promote his next year’s films from now on. what a shame. aamir is not as insecure as srk.

  • I agree with mohit…..!!!
    I still remember aamir prasing jai ho and
    he was saying jai ho is best movie don’t
    miss this kind of movie ….. this kind of movie is rarely made … blah blah…!!!

    Sallu and aamir fans support each other
    because they know if one of their star fails to
    give highest grossing movie they will
    hide behind another continue plz ?

  • Difference – all @aamir_khan fans r happy for #BajrangiBhaijaan Success and all @iamsrk insecure fans r Burning like hell losers … :)

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