I was thrown out of ‘Shuddhi’ says Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan says he was “thrown out of” Karan Johar’s production “Shuddhi”.

Earlier, Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor Khan were supposed to star in the movie, but later Salman was roped in. Actor Varun Dhawan has now been locked in place of the “Dabangg” star.

The actor talked about “Shuddhi” after launching the trailer of his film “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, which also stars Kareena, here on Thursday.

“I was thrown out of the film, why are you out of the film?” Salman said while questioning Kareena about her reason for not doing “Shuddhi”.

“I agreed because Hrithik was in the film. And eventually he didn’t do the film,” said Kareena.

The 49-year-old actor also noted that Kareena had already opted out of the film when he agreed to do the film. “Shuddhi”, being helmed by Karan Malhotra, also stars Alia Bhatt.

Meanwhile, Salman is also gearing up for Sooraj Barjatya’s “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo”.




  • I also said the same.but salman fans couldn’t accepted it.ha ha now this is what the capability of salman.he is not at all eligible to do a CLASS movie under DP banner.now they should have understood THE POWER of KING KHAN that how HE made YRF/DP in which some actors are still dreaming to work with,lol.

  • Salman Khan can never be thrown out of the film if he roped up with any film once…Bt for now its all happeded bCoZ of the fearness of Karan Johar with Salman Khan..I always look the fear type of intense in the face of Karan while talking with Salman…I think inn dono ke khuun mein hi koi gadbadhi hai!!

  • how stupid people can be.. TO BELIEVE THIS. ..
    salman did this in IIFA too… he played a prank n made joke on himself that varun replaced him…
    in an intrview varun said salman already told him before this that heis gone joke this way and varun has to react….

  • Aamir khan would be the right choice for Shuddhi, its bad luck of karan that aamir refused the offer.else it would be the first 1000crore film of Indian cinema. Aamir rocks

  • I don’t think Salman is saying the truth . A Star like Salman will not be thrown out . I still feel that Salman has left the movie because of AIB Roast . In this show Karan Johar made fun of Arpita Khan i am not sure about it but i have read this on internet . This is the most accurate reason why i feel Salman has left Shuddhi .

  • He will e thrown out from every good movie…because what will a non actor do in this type of movies…..he can do his crap pig dance and miundless actions in his usual bhojpuri types movies….

  • Salman should be thrown out of bollywood nd should Move To Bhojpuri movies . Salman ki personality ko Sobha Deta h b.t.w Akshay Kumar hve been voted Hottest Actor of 2015 By a survey with 43 % votes nd salman second by 31 % votes .
    Indicine Should Focus on this news rather then Suddhi Jiska Ab tk genre bhi Nhi pta ki h kya ye suddhii . Karan making Fool of the ppl by creating hype around it .

  • Salman is the powerhouse of star power.

    Aamir is the powerhouse of quality.

    Sarook is the power house of over acting

  • Once, there was a poor ashuddha bandarr who wanted to be shuddha as everyone was disliking him. Then he went to Kjo and begged a role in the film shuddhi. Clever kjo took him in the film and later threw him away. The holy bandarr started crying. Seeing this, a bandarrni came and said that she is also once thrown out of that film. That enraged bandarr thought of killing innocent people on footpath, but in dream he saw himself behind the bars! Poor bandarr than teamed up with bandarrni and started working on a film to destroy people’s EID

  • Destiny will not change Mark my words….
    bajrangi bhaijaan – 285 cr
    prdp – 350 cr
    both will be all time blockbuster….
    My prediction never goes wrong…
    I m confident…
    bet on this… If this will not happen I will leave this site forever

  • Bajrangi bhaijaan heading for record breaking likes…
    till now trailer cross 45k likes in just 30 hr…
    top 3 likes
    kick – 100k
    bang bang – 67k
    krrish 3 – 60k

  • Akshay Kumar Has Already beated sallu in many ways like :-

    *Akshays brothers got more views then Bzrngi bhaijaan on YouTube
    *On indicine akshay beated Lallu By Getting 57% votes On BETTER Trailer .
    *Akshay Voted as hottest actor of 2015 by getting 43 % votes nd sallu 31% only nd rest actors also ..

    Lallu Fans ?? Hahaha

    So We Can easily Say 2015 Is clearly going to be akshay Kumars years . 2 HITS Already nd now brothers will surely beat Bzrngi bhaijaan at boxoffice ..!

  • I’m still laughing on haters…lol
    Such a fools haters they didn’t even understand jokes…@indicine u also…
    Salman making fun of him self that’s it….
    he is just talking casualy…

  • Feeling sad for poor boy salman, he started begging to other khan’s fan to watch his holy crap. But khan’s fans will not accept it.

  • It was a joke..right.. but i still imagine why on earth he left..the aib roast is a baseless reason. There must be something else.. which we are not aware of

  • Salman is being witty here, no one can thrown out Salman, aukat nahi h kaisi ki because of stardom he has around himself.

    @king Aamir khan, I am not sure whether you are an Aamir fan, may be you are than can you tell me reason why you are bashing salman by saying words like bandar,motu etc, may be you don’t like him everybody has choice but doesn’t mean you showing your hatredness in cheap way, when Salman fan aren’t abusing Aamir than why you?. Don’t try to create riff between Salman and Aamir fans. You can counter act to srk fans or any other in support of Aamir and even salman fans too if they also using cheap languages just like @sss, I am nagandancer,@romance crapy,@sunny chechi etc but if some one argue in good manner at least counter them in same way. Stop using crass words against Salman or any other actor unnecessarily.

  • @SKY
    u many salman nd SRK fans hve created These names Like :- FLOP STAR , MAKKHI ETC ETC So Ab Q Mirchi lgrhi h ..!

    I luv this name ..!

  • Salman is a arrogant man….he started doing charity post committing a couple of crimes to use d same towards seeking some relief in justice….time changes soon

  • @sunny chechi.. go and get a life man.. your silly unnecessary comments won’t affect salman fan’s… if u r someone’s else fan then go and support him.. let the other actor get some buzz

  • @sunny chechi but I hardly seen any any Aamir fan to use crass word to Akshay, especially when some one didn’t bash Aamir, unlike srk or salman fans, you can do against them why to bring Aamir but yes if you trying to troll Aamir than why you think Aamir fans spare akki..
    And yes I am talking to @king Aamir khan not you and don’t worry you deserved the name in the list which has our beloved complan boy,iamakn etc.

  • @sunny u just get lost from this site who are you to point fingers on salman ur star is not even 1% of salman who are u to thrown out of him u are not even afford salman,s slipper who are u to point finger on him what us your status infront of salman @indicine pls delete this type of comments or else i will leave this site this guy is most disgusting irritating 2rs star fan who can,t get hit on his ownpower.

  • Jus listened tu chahiye full song.. its romantic yes but quite a peppy no. .. music by pritam is rocking here..easily like a yester years emraan hashmi party no. .. mark my words.. this song is here 2 stay 4 a while!! .. atif at his addictive best!!

  • Haha some morons need to realize here the fact that has been unnoticed purposely specially @sss everyone knows yash raj is one of the most prestigious banner in india and dharma production as well and initially when srk fail to to give them 100 cr business aditya chopra went to salmam khan to bring him on board first time and trust him and made ett which was highest grosser of ALL TIME almost 2OO cr it was salman who brought 100 cr to yash raj and same with DHARMA production even karan johar kicked out OVER acting ka dukaan QUEEN srk because he failed to bring 100 cr so karan teamed up with superstar hrithik rosan and conquered the elite 126 cr whilts QUEEN srk was like brand ambassador to yash raj n dharma production ..@sss haters like you talk only shit and craps ..we bhai fan admit bhai has given all time disaster but see his stardom how he rise up again like noone in history of indian cinema All time blockbuster amd blockbuster now u will say bhai mocie is all masala movie he has done one class movie ett and he brought home secomd highest grosser of ALL time beta salman was superstar right frm the beginning since maine pyar kiya it went to collect 15 cr on that time which is like 600 cr now and jus dont want to talk about hum aapke hain kyoun 65 cr which is 1000 cr now but your QUEEN srk fail to cross hahk still despite running ddlj 25 years ..that”s why some one said TRUTH is always BITTER.. salmam gives damn to all banner and director he doesnt care abt script thats why he is MEGASTAR ..

  • ha ha now salman fans please don’t give excuses like he is joking because salman was always remained serious in front of media and he beaten some media persons in past also,lol.so salman fans can’t accept the TRUTH so easily but what WE can do TRUTH is always bitter,lol.

    @shaggy,OK we marked your future prediction ,kindly salman fans please note this as you always made fun of THE SRKIANS,


    If these film couldn’t earn this much then we ‘ll tease in the same way where is bhojpuri bhaiya/prem-ratan bhojpuri jodi is coming with 300cr club ,lol.and easily an intelligent fellow can clearly remark how much these bhojpuri movies can hardly collect,ROFL.

    @sky,ha ha insecurity.whatever @real amir khan fan/@kingu amir khan fan did that should be done by every amir fans.oops sorry amir doesn’t have fans.so sorry.and your comments seem like you’re a salman fan turned now amir fan due to his success in recent years,lol.and BTW only you (@complan boy,navin the complan auncle,lejhandu yeda,hrithik bhojpuri,bandar fan,and other chotu/motu fans)have bought the license or holds the copyrights of making fun of other stars or actors and the similar thing when happened with your star then suddenly it becomes cheap language .while when you used the words that I don’t want to tell are seems like heavenly language to you?????grow up complain kiddo,remember complain can never help your star neither in height growth or in career growth,lol.

  • bajrangi bhaijaan already cross lifetime likes of khiladi and sid,s brothers in just 20hrs fastest40likes even trending on top in twitter and some fools still belive their 2rs star is bigger than King Salman hahahahahah….


  • @ivan waiba,many of your lines I couldn’t read.what a joke?????do you know what KJO said about KING KHAN I’m KWK show?????HE respects KING KHAN as HIS OLDER BROTHER and for YASHJI/HIROO YASHJI KING KHAN was just like a family member of HIM or THEY treated KING KHAN like their ELDER SON.and you’re telling KJO ignored KING KHAN?????who cares about 100cr blah blah KING KHAN who gave 1ST 200CR WW club to DP.about not working with YRF/DP,just like how KING KHAN made YRF/DP ,after RNBDJ ,HE was trying to made HIS OWN PRODUCTIONS RCE and HE DID IT.can salman/amir can give huge hits with their own productions?????ha ha I know they couldn’t because now they are habituated of licking feet of southr remake/big director/brands,got that?????if still you are not a mood to agree then kindly check YRF/DP’S success before they worked with KING KHAN.you’ll fins they had numerous failure with actors like BIGB.that signifies how GREAT is KING KHAN.but what happened to rajshri productions/amir’s chacha productions all of them are sunk with time.that’s the point pota,whatever KING KHAN touches that turned into DIAMOND.and this is out of your puny mind’s reach,so better stay out of this,lol..

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