‘I was not drinking or driving’ says Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has recorded his statement in a Mumbai session court in connection with his 13-year-old hit-and-run case.

The actor has said that the case was falsely registered against him and that he was neither drunk nor was he driving the car, which ran over 5 people who were sleeping on the pavement.

“My left door was jammed so I could not open it” Salman said, admitting that he was sitting on the driver’s seat, but only for a brief moment when his driver got out of the car and another driver took over.


While he agreed that he was at a bar with his brother Sohail Khan, Salman said he only drank water and never ordered or consumed cocktails or any other alcoholic drink. The bills which were produced in court, which were made for drinks and food, were not his, he said.

The actor also refused to accept that he ran away from the place where the accident took place, saying ”I instructed the driver to inform the police. I remained at the spot for 15 minutes or more” after which he said one of his aides asked him to go home.

News reports say, his response to most questions based on the accounts of prosecution witnesses was “false.”

“I was not driving” he said, adding that his driver Ashok was driving the car. He also said chemical analyser Bala Shankar was not an expert.

Salman is accused of running his Toyota SUV over a pavement in the early hours of September 28, 2002. One person was killed and four were injured. The actor faces charges of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison.



  • I dont know why Srk is still roaming free when a whole stadium full of thousands of people saw him abusing an honest guard at Wankhede. We dont have 2-3 witnesses but thousands of them. Even it was well recorded on camera and his expressions clearly show he was drunk. So he should be immediately jailed for the legal complaints put against him.

  • Nothing is going to happen. It’s already been 13 years. And why would he sit on the driver’s seat if he wasn’t driving?

  • Bhaijaan we fans are with u did nothing wrong now i am 100% sure u are innocent because those can save millions life can,t take anyone,s life.

  • @js
    u r comparing a culpable homicide case with abuse case?? get a life u moron. don’t b blind follower.

  • The truth is now out there…. Justice will prevail…

    Time to move onto a more serious matter involving a commin man security official at Wankhede who was shamelessly beaten to within a pulse of his life by the overzealous entourage of an egomaniac self proclaimung global star who was so drunk n disorderly that Suhana even today is embarrassed to tell people that that drunkard is her father…!

  • @amit you blind moron- Salman has said he is innocent so dont be a blind moron acting like you know the truth more so than the actual people present then in 2002…. And our Sarkar has openly said he was guilty so now its time to punish him under the law- justice for the commin man security official of Wankhede Stadium.

  • @prince of paglapur

    Cant you read….?

    As he said his door was jammed so in order to get out of the car he switched seats so he could get out from drivers side but was then told to stay put by his aide…! Comprehend or do we need to draw a sketch for you to understand our little prince of paglapur….?

  • Kings fans are scaling newer heights of stupidity….

    Salman Khan has said he is innocent but our kings fans are still coming up with false witnesses like ‘munna’ or ‘bala’ or ‘scooby’ to try n frame bhai jaan and when their King has publicly admitted to being guilty in the Wankhede Case they are too busy carrying out a public character assasination of the Wankhede Security official/ family n colleagues…! Only our kings fan can swim in the sewer looking for filth n resurface trying to claim they are still whiter than white…

  • “I was not drinking…”

    Sadly our King cant use the same defence in his case against Wankhede Security Officials as there are thousands of witnesses who can testify the opposite was the truth…

  • #IStandWithSalmanBhai, because I can”t stand infront of him, especially on footpaths.

    Walking in footpaths of my city is quite safe, because Salman Bhai never visits my city.

  • After hearing this Ajmal Kasab says from hell :- I was just playing chor police with my friends in mumbai that night,it was people’s mistake they came in between.

  • This criminal is lying in the face of everyone, in the face of justice even when everybody is aware of the truth. And his brainless fans are still crying over an unproved BO collection manipulation allegation with non sense logics that hardly makes any sense and hardly matters..

  • Salman khan : I wasn’t drunk and neither was I driving
    Me : Neither u act nor ur movies have a script.

  • Aliens have taken over earth. Humans can now fly to work. Robots eat poha & halwa. Salman Khan’s hit and run case still pending.

  • Dear lungiwalo, you don’t need to trust him… court trusts him that is enough for bhai and we bhai fans.

  • “I was on driver seat, but I was not driving” Why??
    “My left door was not opening”. Then you should be seating on the left seat, what were you doing at the driver’s seat which is on right?? If yoy wanted to go out by opening the left door which was not opening then why did not you go out by opening the right door??

    “I was present in the bar but I only drank water”. Alok Nath wannabe. LoL

    “The bills were not mine”.
    “The one who examined my blood and found alcohol content in it is not an expert”
    LoL What a sore lier this guy is. I’ve always doubted your acting skills, but you are a brilliant actor when it comes to lying. Hats off bhai.

    Last but not the least, You can lie to everyone, but not to yourself Mr. Khan. All the best.
    May The Innocent Soul Rest In Piece.
    Thank You.

  • what if salman did that thing? nobody can give rebirth whose killed in that incident. can your law and system will give rebirth to those peoples or will thety give guarantee nobody killed by anyone accidently by anyone? its better if somebody did that will get punishment of take care of those killed peoples family.

  • I believe him but he should still pay a large sum of money to the family of the deceased and to the four other injured people so that all these dumb fanboys(Both with Salman and against Salman) can get on with their lives

  • Every criminal is saying he didn’t killed anyone.that doesn’t mean we should believe them.if also this is true why bhabi is clarifying this after so many years.

    There is no way out bhai,you’re completely trapped.kanoon aur phansi ka phanda lamba hota hai and WE Real Indians will not spare you with out taking your life from you.

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