‘I want to silence my critics’ Sidharth Malhotra on Stardust cover

Sidharth Malhotra is featured on the cover of Stardust for the month of July 2014. The cover reads “I want to silence my critics”.

Check out the cover.

Sidharth Malhotra on Stardust Magazine Cover

Sidharth Malhotra on Stardust Magazine Cover



  • Sid you are best!
    Giving competition to akki’s holiday..it didnt even manage to stay top groser of 2014 for even 10 days.LOL

  • His Acting in the last 2 movies was gud 2 very gud but in Ek Villian he was just Outstanding (except in the Ist action scene in the ship) and another thing dat Siddhart possess is his natural Intense looks which other hav 2 learn 2 get dat… WAY 2 Go my Boy

  • Sid was good in Ek Villain but still there were many instances where he was expressionless…
    @dark buoy
    Don’t worry P.K won’t be able to beat Ek Villain also.

  • dark boy rises ek villain is yet to beat holidays overall collection. don’t judje by seeing first weeks collection.

  • Ek villain would hv flopped even aftr a massive start if it didn’t hv superb performance from all d actors.Sid was outstanding as the loner who after witnessing happiness for a short time in life is forced to return to the dark world.shraddha as d energetic,cheerful,philanthropic girl suffering from a life threatning disease was excellent.ritesh as d psycho killer longing for love and respect from from his colleagues and wife was also a treat to watch.even krk shined in his cameo.who can forget d scene where he is faking is his death and suddenly burst into a wicked laughter.

  • k.jo creates another srk salman in face of Varun(salman)-sid(srk) n both jr. Are have to learn from two khans, name is Irfan and Aamir, Forgot Hrithik coz they wont match his talent

  • This film is only old wine in a new bottle type.only small changes here and there .did you remember the asin’s character in the film gajini and some of mithun,jacky,anil and sunny deols characters in the eightees and ninties films.

  • #EkVillainWknd 50.70 cr, Mon 8.10 cr, Tue 6.80 cr, Wed 6.40 cr. Total: ? 72 cr nett. India biz. Aiming for ? 77 cr Week 1. MONSTER BLOCKBUSTE!

  • @eldho many arw calling it a rip-off of korean film’i saw d devil’.some r saying its a mix of murder2 and aashiqui2.nw u hv added d ghajini and 80s films angle to it.so by assembling all these points I hv cm to d conclusion that memento was a copy of 80s Bollywood film which was later copied by gajini and I saw d devil who also got copied as murder2 and aashiqui2 who finally got copied as ek villain .wat a cycle

  • @ankan varun will not be long running horse, sid n ranbir will rule, ek villen open 3times better than znmd lol

  • @Romance crap yr
    First go n learn maths..
    ZNMD first day was 7crs..
    And Ek villain’s first day is 16.8crs..
    How come it is 3 times,u illiterate fool??
    U better care about ur HNY..
    It will be very sad scenes for you this oct when our king will be beaten by HR..
    So be prepared..

  • Sid still has to work in acting department…hes nowhere near ranbir kapoor.. Plus I like varun more in mth.. His comic skills are great.
    N I dont think ek villain wil beat holidays lifetime collection as its not trending dat well.

  • @babaji ya hritik will beat srk with bang bang like aki already beat khans with holiday lol

  • @babuji ki thulli
    Why don’t you understand,hritic’s stardom is too less.
    After bong bong,he will have no movies to work.
    He should call his JADOO by playing piana Dong dong dong dong,and should go with him in his spaceship to whatever planet,may be jaaduland.
    After his departure their will be no earthquakes on earth,due to absence of his shivering.lolz

  • Babaji ka ullu- as we all know you never went to school but you don’t know simple maths is just full moronic. Rajnikant.one 118 cr > holiday 110 cr. First go and learn maths than compare your smaller than sid star to SRK

  • Indicine please post about your megastar’s advantage hit dhoom 3 trp. Maybe ppl didn’t watch it on tv coz they had been tortured enough once but the audience happily watched Chennai Express again on tv and broke records of some idiots . It was watched by a huge 5.5 crore people shows who rules peoples heart

  • @dynamic, romance, thullu, don’t worry, your farah khan piece of crap will be a disastrous flop and people wont watch a crap film after seeing mega blockbuster like BANG BANG!!

    Remember how KRRISH 3 destroyed CE just after 3 months ??

  • ur performnce was supprbb, Villain …. is combo of best three things music+acting+direction(productin design)
    so credit goes to….. Mithoon sharma,Ankit tiwari, sid,ritesh,shraddha and the one only captain of the ship ….Mohit suri

  • @babaji if ek villen, haidar or bomby velvet beat ce then srk fans will be happy, as srkians always with young brigade.

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