I see a lot of myself in Salman: Dharmendra

DharmendraFrom serious roles and comedies to romance and action, Dharmendra stepped into all kind of roles in his heydays and says he see his reflection in Salman Khan, who, just like him, does everything to entertain the audiences.

“All the heroes are like my kids. Hrithik Roshan has his own style, Shah Rukh Khan has his own way. I see a lot of myself in Salman. He does anything – some weird dance moves and all. He is very good. He is emotional and a good dancer,” the 77-year-old said here Wednesday on the sets of “Dance India Dance Super Moms” auditions.

He summed up, saying: “Everybody is good, I can’t say who is the best.”

Dharmendra came with son Bobby Deol to promote their upcoming home production “Yamla Pagla Deewana 2”, which also stars his elder son Sunny.

Dancing is not Dharmendra’s forte, and his son Sunny is not an expert either. But what makes the senior actor happy is that Sunny is finally taking a keen interest in dance.

“I feel embarrassed when somebody calls me a dancer. Bobby is the dancer, he is the best,” he said.

“I used to tell Sunny to learn dance, but he used to say, ‘Papa when you didn’t learn dance, why should I?’ But if you see him now in the upcoming movies, he has become good. He is now learning and I am so happy that he is really taking interest,” Dharmendra said.



  • It’s good every one have this
    legendary actor Sir dilip Kumar says,” i see myself on shahrukh khan”

  • Dance moves of both Dharmendra and Salman are weird but important thing is that everyone loves it.Both are natural dancers and don’t need choreographers.

  • i m nt lyk salman’s fan to bash dharam g 4 this.
    they evn didnt spare yash g & made fun of his death. morons!!!

  • Finally Dharam pa ji accepted it. He is father figure for Salman. @IMAM : dont bark about srk on this page, u insecure moron !!!!

  • Dharmendra is right. He was also a bratty gunda in his heydays, having affairs, beating up people but pretending to be good soul. Salman is an extension of his youth. He’s even killed animals and humans.

  • @khan kapoor my bad, sorry to all Talpadians worldwide. I actually like Shreyas and think he was the only highlight of OSO with his magnanimous acting and controlled laughter…!

    I was gonna quote Tusshar Kapoor but didnt think he deserved to be mentioned in the same sentence as Smeagol after his excellent performance in SaW which I saw last wknd.

  • @indicine You have still not publihed my 2 earlier comments directed FAO @being a lallu and @IMAM and I really dont see why there would be any cause for the delay…! :-(
    I havent used any profanity and my info to attack the claims of those 2 notorious dangerous criminal minded individuals is the highly reputable website ‘Smeagol Rulez Middle Earth’ so why the delay in publishing my comnent? You publish their insane comments with bogus info so why not publish my very own outlandish claims and even greater pack of lies…! :-P

    @IMAM sorry you didnt receive this message earlier but you suck…! :-P
    @beingasmeagolfanandnotasalmanbhaifan You too suck…! :-P
    @indicine this is important- both the above gentleman need to know they still suck to boost their low self seteem ever since they found out ‘xzone’ had escaped from the Asylum and they are both afraid I will not devote as much time to them as I did before. Thank you and god bless

  • @prachin
    yes, i hav all the quality of a typical salman fan, thanks 4 ur complment…..v rock wth our moronic thought & pathetic choice- lallu the great (salman)

  • Like dharmendra salman too wil b at backseat after sometime…
    Insha Allah shahrukh wil follow Amitabh’s footsteps n wil achieve evn greater heightss…

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