‘I love my daughter the most’ – Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan, who celebrated 1000 weeks of arguably his most popular film of all time, said he was a very friendly father and he loved his daughter Suhaana the most.

Kajol asked Shah Rukh what kind of a father was he in real life. Was he like Amrish Puri, who played her father, or like Anupam Kher, who played Shah Rukh’s father in ‘DDLJ’, she asked.

“I think I am a mix between both of them. I am a very friendly father and like all parents, I love my daughter the most,” Shah Rukh said.

In response, Kajol said “I love both my kids equally”

However, Kajol surprised Shahrukh and everyone else when she said that her daughter didn’t like DDLJ.

“My daughter Nysa told me she can’t watch this film. She said you are crying too much in the film. ‘Why are you crying so much? You should do films like papa does like ‘Golmaal'” she said.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan



  • after all trailers of jan releases r out. Here is the verdict- khamoshiyan-Superb trailer. Will do 5 cr lifetime n becum a
    Alone trailer was also superb.
    Alone,khamoshiyaan,baby looking better
    than tevar.
    My prediction-
    alone- 40cr.(horror, ankit tiwari n mithoon
    music magic)
    Tevar-25cr(bad trailer, misfit lead actor, poor
    baby- 90cr (100cr+ will be ideal)
    khamoshiyaan- 10cr (verdict matters whicj
    will be hit)

  • Yeah I know HE loves HIS Daughter the MOST just like most of the fathers do their daughters.however kajol’s daughter is still a kid who can’t understood what DDLJ is?also DDLJ coulbe enjoyed more by elders rather than youngers.This Film might not the favourite love story of some people or but whoever dislike this film are not humans and don’t deserve to live on earth.

  • hmm makes sense she doesnt want to see her mom cry but the idea of doing more golmaal type films over a ddlj made me laugh LOL

  • @sss.. srk ke chamchey u dont deserve to live in this earth .. bakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas movie ever made …pakauu acting srk ka but kajol is good ..bro if u r a die hard fan of srk then talk god thing abt him rather u show ur attitude every article how could u say that if u dislike then ..cant live in earth ..itna chamchagiri bhi thik nahi..how much u try to prove but no 1 is always THE SALMAN KHAN ….now calm down n watch yuvraaz which 1000000000000 times better than ddlj …cheers n peace !!! no dramas ..

  • @sss, I don’t understand your comment. let me get straight it.
    you are saying, everyone who disliked DDLj are not humans n don’t have right to live in this world!!!!!
    loolz on your comment. it really shows that how stupid you are.
    Man, you can’t force someone to like or dislike a movie. everyone have his own taste of films.
    some may like horror,some may like romance and some may like comic books movies so please stop talking nonsense all the tym and respect others.
    Besides, you don’t have right to say that.

  • i dnt like srk but i do like his fans they r very funny look at some of comments here
    srk best actor
    those who dislike ddlj r nt humans so acc 2 him monkeys also watch films

  • u r my god..u r my idol.u r my heart.i love u @iamsrk sir..u r my every thing…..love u sooo much..more than my life..i love u and respect u..

  • @ajay rocks,I don’t said that for kajol’s daughter.I respect all woman just like my MOTHER/SISTER.I mean whoever hates that beautiful movie are not human not who dislike,my mistake.also I understand Kajol’s daughter likes comedy films which is incomparable with a eternal love story still I enjoyed that and didn’t even got a bit angry on her comment.I respect all actors be it’s ajay/akki/salman/amir.

    @salman the fan,actually you’re in a angry mood.be cool at 1st ,then talk with a KING KHAN’ FAN.kajol’s daughter will surely laugh at your jokes that yuvraj is better than DDLJ and KING KHAN who got FILMFARE BEST ACTOR for HIS performance in DDLJ is pakau ,I confirmed rohit shetty/Farah khan will use this joke in their next film..dude I’M not claiming I know KING SRK is ALL TIME BEST HIT GIVEN ACTOR and THE NO.1 who ruled each decades consistently and far better than salman in terms of aactin.so dude be calm.sometimes you salman fans like @navin,@bulli,@tiger,@you are so funny and also hope our angry salman could have a bit funnier or having the types of sense of humour you guys have,lol.total mismatch.

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