I know nothing about Dhoom 3, so very excited: Kiran Rao

Kiran RaoAamir Khan has two releases lined up – “P.K.” and “Dhoom3” – and the talented actor’s wife Kiran Rao says she is more excited about the latter as she is clueless about the film’s plot.

Aamir is playing an antagonist for the first time in “Dhoom 3”, the third instalment of the “Dhoom” franchise that started in 2004. In the first two films, John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan played villains respectively.

Talking about “Dhoom 3”, Rao said she knows “nothing” about the film other than “a little bit about the character that Aamir is playing, so I am excited because this is the first time in seven-eight years I don’t know anything about a film that Aamir is doing.”

She was talking at a press conference of Anand Gandhi’s film “The Ship of Theseus”, which she is releasing in association with UTV Motion Pictures.

“I have always been one of the few people to hear the narrations (of Aamir’s films) very early and I was like, ‘At least for once let me come in as an audience and watch your film’. I want to go there, not knowing anything, be able to react as an audience, so ‘Dhoom 3’ is that film,” Rao told reporters.

Aamir is paired with Katrina Kaif in “Dhoom 3” that is directed by Vijay Acharya, while “P.K.” is Raj Kumar Hirani’s directorial venture, in which Aamir will be seen sharing screen space with Anushka Sharma.



  • It indicates d3 made in great script and we always expect good quallity films from aamir khan, insallah amir bhai will create 300cr club with d3.

  • You and me both Kiran… Lol Its gonna be a super duper Smashing Christmas with Aamir this year- just like the Christmas’ we used to have last decade end…!

    All I know is Dhoom3 is going to be Double Dhoom- Double the Dosage of Action.

    No Santa Claus this year please- just give me an Aamir Masterpiece and I’ll be content for a whole year…! ;-)

  • Dhoom 3 is a fantastic scipt – aamir khan
    And u knw now just by the statement of kiran rao what a secret it is going to be.

  • Abey haters, dhoom series ko superhit john ne banaya hai samajhe.
    Hrithik to 2nd part mein lover boy ho gaya tha.

  • We have seen hrithik many tyms in cool looks.
    But aamir khan is doing it for the first tym that is what makes it so special and therfore DHOOM 3 is much more awaited than KRRISH 3.

  • Till the movie release enjoy this footage where aamir riding bike in chicago streets i think kiran Rao misses this hope she will like this


  • http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1833673/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm#cast

    There are body doubles used by all lead actors
    Proof above page

    Nick Beyeler …. body double: Amir Khan
    Nick Beyeler …. stunt performer
    Emily Brobst …. stunt double: Siddhartha
    Jeff Bruno …. stunts
    Richard Burden …. assistant stunt coordinator
    Rico Burgos …. stunt rigger
    Jacob Chambers …. stunt performer
    Brian Christensen …. stunts
    Erik Cord …. stunts
    Alex Daniels …. stunt driver
    Shawnah Donley …. stunt double: Katrina Kaif
    Shawnah Donley …. stunt driver
    Joe Dryden …. stunt double: Sahir
    Shayna Nicole E’Orio …. stunt performer (2013)
    Jesse Elliot …. stunts
    James Fierro …. stunt driver
    Mike Fierro …. stunts
    Jeremy Fry …. stunt driver
    Jeff Galpin …. stunt driver
    Kurt Gowan …. stunt performer
    Allan Graf …. stunt driver
    Jef Groff …. stunt double: Abhishek Bachchan
    Gino Haegler …. stunts

  • @pratik, whats your damn problem dude ??? why you are bringing hrithik here ??? did any hrithik fan abused aamir or dhoom 3 ??? hrithik roshan made dhoom franchise global and you must know that only coz of hrithik , dhoom 2 grossed 82 cr which was the highest grosser of bollywood till ghajini broke it in 2008. we hrithik fans don’t abuse aamir, but please don’t say bad things about hrithik , give him the credits for making dhoom so exciting , aryan was the coolest character ever in the history of bollywood.

  • Please dont abuse either Aamir or Hrithik.
    Both are great actors.
    Dhoom3 and Krrish 3 will be the top 2 moviez of 2013.
    Let time decide who will be first.

  • @summet bro i think you forgot rnbdj cot 88cr and break d2 record in both domestic and oversease. Hritic needs sequle or remake or multistar for hype, any films of 3khans are most hype film and as dhoom is a huge franchis created by jhon in domestic and hritic in oversease and mr perfectionist doing d3, huge hype sure create 300cr club.

  • Both D3 and K3 will be 250cr grossers people. ;-)
    Please lets first enjoy these films as it will help us all recover from the traumatic experience of Chennai Depress catastrophically derailing during Eid due to the negligence of the depressed train driver- Thakur of Sholya…!
    2013 will end with a Mighty Loud Ruckus

  • @Romance Express first know about hrithik he is not like other people to follow trend or anything he himself will create trend that is

    Sci-fi genre that leads to franchise people from years were enjoying the status of super star were hit because of Romantic genres or Action genres only hero popular with Sci-fi genre in entire indian cinema was only hrithik(You are calling it as a sequel)—>>>Answer to sequel

    See in the history of bollywood did any one risked their career to do an flop movie as a remake its hrithik who created trend by remaking a flop movie for his friends vision——->>Ans to Remake

    How many multistarrers he has done to get a hit from other For eg you are talking about ZNMD will people come to theatre because of farhan or abhay deol the answer is no they will come to watch only hrithik roshan even though he underplays his role—————–>>>Ans to multistarrer

    See dhoom has got value in domestic markets through out india because of hrithik and i agree jhon got only made bikes crazy but he was not able to captured dhoom what hrithik created as he had done his own stunts which are 1000 times greater than Dhoom

    Dear romance Expiry hrithik is just underplaying these days to grow step by step time has came to show his full potential so nobody can stop this mania you have to cry to see his growth so grow up and accept his growing popularity

    You are thinking you are too clever to degrade the most experimental hero of the bollywood but mark my words “Experimental actors like hrithik will create some standards which others will follow him”

    For eg:Onscreen debut,Dance,Kungfu skills,Looks,Sci-fi genres,super hero,Own signature styles,off screen nature etc list goes on updated

  • See this link


    He is nickbeyeler the body double for aamir khan was publicly had kept in his website so it is clearly evident that he has not done most of the stunts on hos own

    See guys only to give strong answer to Romance Expiry i have done this but no offence on Aamir Khan
    If you bring again hrithik i will bring lot of things like this!!!

  • John and hritik both made dhoom series bigger and better but aamir take it further and made it more popular in worldwide and d3 is going to more better because aamir is class act and he always going with new thinking so d3 is going to 400 cr. Worldwide

  • vhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PolkBjEklO0

    Aamir Khan calls Hrithik Roshan his GURU for Dhoom3

    This clearly shows the standard of hrithik which he raised even his seniors also follow him and call him as gurus

  • @ hrithiklover your hrithik also used body doubles in dhoom2.and krissh. so why are you so jealous on aamir khan.aamir is mrperfectionist he will do better than hrithik in dhoom 3.

  • @hrithiklover Lol- several months ago I used to have direct run ins with Romance Express but the worst I ever called him was ‘romanceless express’ but this ‘romance expiry’ is a killer name. Loving it and for the record Im a huge Aamir fan, I love Salman bhai and will defend him religiously against all haters plus Hrithik, Sunny and Akki complete my top 5. I love all their works and I cant bear to see them being ridiculed by haters so you keep rocking and always stick up for what you believe in. ;-)

  • @hrithiklover : Dont do that then there wont be any difference between Romance Express (srk fan) and hrithik fans. Let him bark whatever he wants. I know both Aamir and Hrithik will double treat audience this year in absence of Salman.

  • @prince i m not jealous of Aamir i love him more as he always said good things about duggu you told hrithik used body doubles for Krrish and dhoom 2 but show me proofs as i provided then i am ready to agree

    @hrithik i have no intention to spill on Aamir even i like him so much if i give a chance i will defend him he is such a perfectionist to shut the mouth of Romance Expiry I have brought the facts i will respect your words will try max level not to do this stuff anymore but if the hatretism exceeds then some jatkas will be enjoyed by romance expiry or any hater but i will try maximum to control and just answer them
    but you see i m just defending hrithik but not abusing aamir even i support the decision of him
    I know you @hrithik since long time i think you are salman fan too

    @Navin Some time it happens to name others it looks killer we have no offence to hurt others but this jealous fill nature should expire soon so i named it as Expiry If at all any thing he does by hurting other fans we can just through the word Romance Expiry His jealous may expire

  • @hrithik well said bro

    Great news about K3 but I aint had time to read up on anything about it myself but its amazing news and cant wait.

  • @hrithiklover You do what you gotta do man. Each fan devotes their life to this passion/ obsession of ours and noone has a right to make a mockery of their beliefs.

    Believe it or not but I want fans like xzone or nexus to mock my belief in Salman bhai as for me it just reaffirms my love and dedication to bhai each and everyday. Its good to keep the fire burning and thats what we do here in a weird kind of way- kind of sad but sometimes we need hatred to evoke our inner flame so for me ‘romance expiry’ plays a vital role in this wheel of life and vice versa.

    I never take it personal and as ‘hrithik’ says its just “tit for tat” so alls good that ends well.
    Good day my friend.

  • Dhoom 3 will be huge but it’s exaggeration to say that it will be some quality masterpiece! It’s just an action film. Nothing more. Just because Aamir is doing it doesn’t become a quality film. Quality films are like TZP, 3 Idiots, Lagaan, RDB. Not Dhooms or Ghajinis.

    Krissh 3 and Dhoom 3 are the biggest hits of this year hands down. No other film can come close at box office.

  • @navin thank you

    #Krrish3 “It does not matter which day the film hits the theaters. Krrish is a big brand. The Rakesh-Hrithik combination has never failed (Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya, Krrish). Some distributors have seen the rough cut of the promos and they are impressed.”- Taran Adarsh

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