“I have stopped watching RGV Films” – Anurag Kashyap

Well, it’s not just his fans and audience but even the bollywood industry has a say when it regarding RGV”S Aag.

Anurag Kashyap who once assisted Ramu says, ” Ramuji has lost it all in Aag. I can’t see the Ramuji I used to know, at all now. I have stopped watching his films completely. The last Factory productions I saw were My Wife’s Murder and Ramuji’s Sarkaar. I have not seen Aag or Darling and have no intention of watching them either. I firmly believe that he is quite capable of doing so much more than what we see him doing. I would love to see the new film that he has announced, about the underworld. I am sure it will have the Ramu touch in it, I hope.”

However, Anurag admits that he has drawn inspiration galore from RGV. No Smoking is up for release and Anurag is ready to field questions about his film. He even agrees that his film is inspired by one of the segments of Darna Mana Hai. His film draws directly from the Saif Ali Khan and Boman episode.

He further adds, “Yes, it was Ramuji’s idea. I loved the idea and thought that it could be turned into a full- fledged film. However, Ramuji wasn’t convinced about this and asked me not to waste my time over it. He felt it was just right for a short story. So, he went ahead and made a short story with Saif and Boman in Darna Mana Hai. However, the original idea remained with me and now it has shaped up as No Smoking. I wanted to give Ramuji credit for the film but he doesn’t want it. I will just acknowledge him in the titles, I guess.”



  • Anurag,
    Don’t stop watching RGV films. It will give u an idea how not to make a good film. For DEVD Congrats, though the second half was not good enough. Best of luck for GULAL.

  • hello sir,
    i am jay from banaras U.P. i am working as an assistant director in miditech from last 2 years . i want to be the part of yur team like in udhaan, life in mumbai or in DOGA. just give me a chance to work with u i will not let u down . i love yur way of style to make films. sir plz give me 1 chance vaise i am trying to meet u but i am in mumbai but i dont have yur address if u read it so plz e mail me plz sir .
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  • Hi Anurag,
    I am a copywriter and Conceptualiser. I love writing Novels and stories.

    As a writer, I understand your emotions completely. A person who makes movies just for himself can never deliver good films for public. I enjoy your films a lot. Few days back I saw Shagird and Shaitan. Good Movies!!!
    I hope we’ll see good movies from you inshaallaah!

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