I have only done 5 romantic films: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan

Excerpts from a group interview with Shahrukh Khan last evening.

King of Romance?

  • SRK: Honestly, I think acting is my forte. I think this is oversimplification – five out of the 75 films that I have done have been romantic. They have done well, so have the other ones.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan is a modern take on love

  • SRK: Yashji wanted to make love stories. He said that we have had enough of these fighting films. I believed in him…… (with this film) he said he wanted to make a simple yet complicated film on human relations. It is a very modern interpretation (of love). (But) I think love remains the same

His definition of ‘true love’

  • SRK: You should sit with who you love… you don’t need anything else… beach, candle, a car or anything. When you love someone, you don’t need anything else. The fact that you do need other things means that you don’t love that person,” said the actor who is happily married to Gauri.

On his larger-than-life screen persona

  • SRK: You will only know who I am from the impression you make of me from my films. You will never get to know how I really am because you don’t know me, neither do you spend time with me. And my larger than life image is so big that if I romance well, you will feel that I am a romantic. My image is so big already that whatever you think of me will be based on your perception of me from my films.

More than a brand, just an actor

  • SRK: I feel that more than the brand, I just try to enjoy my acting. I have been enjoying it since 20 years. I don’t think I will stop soon. Till the time I get happiness, I will do it. Very few people get the chance of doing what they want to do, and very few get the chance of doing new things every day.¬†Sometimes I am romantic, sometimes I am dancing, fighting…going to new places….so I cherish these moments. I get excited and this shows on screen.¬†Whatever role you give me, I will make it out to be something. It is like a challenge to me when I can add something.


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    first day 25cr 26 crore
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  • haha he’s kidding obviously. has he even had success in any other genre besides romance ( barring CDI, all were unsuccessful)??
    it’s his sense of humour. try to understand it, though it’s very tough to get it.

  • 1.Deewana
    6.Chalte Chalte

    These are the films that everyone knows.

    There are lots of flops that everyone may not know like…Dil Ashana Hai,Kabhi Ha Kabhi Na,Koyla etc

    but he saying that he did only 5 romantic films.

    Not surprising because someone who is part of bollywood more than 20 year
    if say that “Screen were booked a year back”.He can say anything.

  • srk is the such a best romantic actor of bollywood…and i felt #jthj would be the biggest grosser movie of the year…13 nov. aa rha h

  • Every srk fan’s impossible dream:
    jthj collections in india 1st day-30 crores
    2nd day-35 crores
    3rd day-27 crores
    4th day-30 crores
    5th day-32 crores
    6th day-24 crores
    7th day-20 crores

  • Great news
    in jab tak hai jaan srk done mind blowing acting, some one saying he done some magical acting… Whole will keep u alive 3 hour with great story, great music and great srk

  • India collection jthj
    1st extended weekend
    1st day 20 crore( dewali puja)
    2nd day 27 crore
    3rd day 19 crore
    4th day 17 crore
    5th day 20 crore
    6th day 22 core
    total 1st weekend .. 105 crore.. Break ett 100 crore…. Overses it will be ATBB within is first week….

  • here comes the story of dabangg 2

    movie starts with non sense action like sallu’s one kick derailing the train

    than comes a paddu haggu dialoge

    then comes a vulgar item no ful of idiotic and cheap lyrics

    this tym sallu’s shirt will go off when the villan will fart no need of heavy wind like last one

    and than he kills the villan and yes ofcorse a romantic song with buffalo sonakshi mowwwwwwwwwwwww

    atbb boss
    ye lo bhai log ho gai puri dabang2 ab jao kuch sensible dekho ya fir apna brain ghar p rakh kar jao ye non sense movie dekhne

  • Review of jthj are very gud dear..very and it also effect talsh and khiladi 786 ..now amir and aki also should postpond there movie with ajay otherwise that will huge loss for them..

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