“I expect Dhamaal to be a blockbuster” – Indra Kumar

Director Indra Kumar brother of actress Aruna Irani talks of his new baby Dhamaal. Once a stage actor, Indra Kumar turned a director after teaming up with his East Africa-based businessman Ashok Thakeria and also formed the production house, ‘Maruti International’. Films like Dil, Beta, Ishq and Mann add to his directorial credits.

Dhamaal his new filck is a comic craper which will hit the screens on 7th september. Here’s the chat…

Tell us about Dhamaal?
The title itself suggests the film is nothing but pure ‘Dhamaal’. Dhamaal between Sanjay Dutt and four idiots who think they are very smart but are foolish to the core. They have some information that Sanju is trying to get out of them. And in this tussle dhaamal happens.

You are making only comedy films lately. Why not experiment with other genres?
What’s wrong in comedy? I think people want entertainment now. They are fed up of watching actors crying, screaming and plotting against each other in Saas Bahu serials. Same goes for action films also, ‘isko kata isko mara.’ When people pay money they want to see something that eases off their tensions in life. I am planning to do films based on serious subjects also but it’s too early to talk about it.

You and Mr. Ashok Thakeria have a great partnership since many years. How is your association with him?
Our association has been very good. Ashok and I enjoy working with each other. It’s been a treat working with the kind of person that he is. There is more in our relationship than work. Moreover, we know each other inside out.

Sanjay and Arshad have been loved by the audiences as Munna and Circuit. Don’t you think their characters from Munnabhai can overshadow their characters in your film?
No not at all. It has nothing to do with Munnabhai’s characters. It didn’t bother me at all. And as far as Sanju and Arshad are concerned, they have done justice to their characters in Dhamaal. They have definitely lived up to the expectations of my vision for the characters.
People are not bothered about what actor is in real life

Will Sanjay Dutt’s case affect the prospects of the film?
I don’t think so. For a simple reason that people are not bothered about what actor is in real life. If audience feel that the film worth watching and good, they will definitely watch it.

Will Sanjay Dutt be present at the premiere?
God willing if all goes well then, we will have him at the premiere.

Tell me some funny incidents or memorable moments while shooting the film?
I don’t recall any particular incident as such. But the making was full of fun. These guys were having a gala time, pulling each others leg. I don’t know what they used to laugh about because I was away from them near the monitor and they used to be in front of cameras. And, these guys used to gossip and laugh all the time.

What do you think about the music of the film?

Music is really nice and I am very sure that once the film is liked by the people, the music will eventually be liked.

Which is your favourite track in the film?

There are four songs in the film and ‘Miss India Martee Mujhpe’ is my favourite one.

Is the film a complete family entertainer or caters only to adult audiences?
It’s a complete family entertainer. Go, watch and have a complete Dhamaal.

Why should audiences go and watch for Dhamaal.
‘Tension se jaan chudaani hai toh Dhamaal dekhiye.’ Moreover, Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Riteish Deshmukh, Ashish Chaudhry and Javed Jaffrey are all great actors. So people would love to watch them together. All I can ask the audiences is to come and have a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the film and go home.

What are your expectations from Dhamaal?
That it becomes a blockbuster. What a mother expects from the child is what I am expecting from Dhamaal.


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