I dont understand the 100-200 crore box office game: Salman

Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who has more than 5 films in the 100 crore club, says he does not understand the ‘100 crore game’ at all.

“They say Rs 100 crore, Rs 200 crore, but I don’t understand this Rs 100 crore game at all. It doesn’t matter to me. If the film is good, it will do well,” said the actor whose films “Ek Tha Tiger”, “Bodyguard” and “Dabangg 2” had joined the Rs.100 crore club.

Talking about the last time he lost his cool, the actor at the Bigg Boss 7 press conference said “Last time I lost my cool. I lost it the year before as well. I think they were disrespectful to Sanju (Sanjay Dutt who co-hosted season five with him). I remember that stuck in my head for two weeks and I couldn’t handle that.”

“As a person when I watch the show, I detach myself. As a host I am only there on Friday and Saturday. You go to the house as a common man. You are actually sharing your life with so many people. You behave like you are with your family, but that is your real personality.”

Every year “Bigg Boss” gets into controversies when the inmates indulge in acrimonious fights, use bad language etc.

When asked if it would be a clean show this time, Salman said: “It depends on who is going in. I don’t know who is going in. It’s a wow types or awe types.”

“I am sure they are going to have problems. But if they get along fine, tasks will be on a level that they will be forced to be broken.”

At the same time, Salman praises inmates.

He said: “They (inmates) are doing a big favour by letting you in their house, lives, and personal space. It is a very big thing.”

“So much you can learn from this. It’s easy to say he or she was wrong, but when we are there in that situation, you think I would have reacted like this,” he added.

Asked if he would ever like to be in the “Bigg Boss” house, Salman said jokingly: “It’s difficult. I don’t think I want to. Not for any other reason, but I will be too entertaining inside and TRPs would hit the roof and other people won’t be able to hit that.”



  • becoz you cant enter your movie in 200 crore club thats why
    100 cr is common now days even farhan akhtar has a movie though he is more director than actor

  • Yes truly Salman khan does not understand the 100,200 crore box office game and the only thing he understands well is entertaining people.

  • He he he now Salman saying what Shahrukh always used to say
    What happened Salman are you scared from Ce records
    You were saying I beat Shahrukh with my films 100cr in just 3 days and over 226cr in India not a kids game
    Ab dekho Jo sirf bo records kind baat karta tha ab wo kahta hai I dont understand bo records.

  • If Salman goes inside Bigg boss house in future as a contestant then Srk should also go in the same season of Bigg boss.It will be nice to see live almost all other contentants supporting Salman except contestants like Imam siddique or Laxmi tripathi and nominating Srk everytime by giving lots of reason but Srk fans will save his elimination by giving votes every week but still he will end up as a runner up and Salman will win that season with a big margin.lol

  • Lolz CE makes Salman Mental he is unable to understand 100cr n 200cr hahahaha

    When his last 5 movies done 100cr he was understanding and trying to deliver 200cr but fails. But when recently CE done magical business Salman gone Mental. “Yar jo kam main 5 filmon se na kar saka woh Shahrukh ne 1 hi Film se kese kar lia?” lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • After waching d2 ett bodygard ready i understand that u don’t have mind just sign such film sepecially d2 so my i requested to u dont wast ur time on such topic.

  • even the verdict of Delhi case is out….when will this criminal salman go to jail….Case has been dragged to 10 years because of his money power…spend only 2 weeks in jail….who will give justice to that innocent person’s family??…Indian law became a joke ??…is it a toy to play with for the rich celebrity like this women beater criminal salman???…

  • Yes , he is promoting his new movie by being mental. Once he said ‘I would prefer beating SRK records with my films’ and now he is saying he dont know anything about this game at all. :))

  • The biggest entertainer of planet with 5 back to back blockbusters and 2 more to come, taking the count to 7 consecutive blockbusters.

  • @ HNY: That is underststement. You say the combined Indian Business of last 5 films is Rs. 763 crores and with 2 films to comes, the combined turnover of last 7 films of Salman will be atleast more than 950 crores might cross Rs. 1,000 crores too.

  • have some shame srk fans.. where were u before CE??? barking like dogs everywhere.. dont be in the illusion that srk is the king of bollywood.. and as far as salman khan is concerned, king is too small a word to describe him.. he is “GODKHAN”

  • Double Standard Mental Khan

    Posted in : Bollywood,Box Office|September 12th, 2013.
    “If we had to beat each other up, we would rather do it with our work. Just like he beat me recently (hinting at the box office records of Chennai Express). Its not like my film won’t release. I will try to beat him. Aamir is also coming and newcomer Ranbir is also doing well”

    Posted in : Bollywood,News|September 13th, 2013.
    “They say Rs 100 crore, Rs 200 crore, but I don’t understand this Rs 100 crore game at all. It doesn’t matter to me. If the film is good, it will do well,”

    hahahahahah really KING is too small for him.

  • We are not being offensive towards Salman Khan, but he is talking a lot these days and everyone can see he is the only bollywood star that seems to be provoked and hurt by SRK’s last Blockbuster that he became confused and don’t know what to say, and even if Dhoom3 or Krrish3 or Besharam become the biggest grosser and record breaker that won’t harm him as CE did!

  • @dxt namm:
    i this long name will discribe him perfectly as KING is small for him.

    Double Standard Mental Poor Fake Superstar Remake Khan

  • SRK IS CALLED THE KING OF THE BOLLYWOOD BECAUSE HE RULES THE BOLLYWOOD…….SRK IS THE MOST SUCEESFUL ACTOR IN BOLLYWOOD WITH MAXIMUM NUMBER OF HITS AND LEAST NUMBER OF FLOPS…LALLU HAS 1 THING IN MIND i.e, to copy paste the blockbuster south masala action films in bollywood and to get success………the funny thing is that SRK given 100cr clubs past 3 year without doing masala genre…..and with 1 masala film recently, he broke all the records in bollywood history that too only 6 days open and competition from other films(which salman khan could not achieve by doing back to back masala movieS IN LAST 5 YEARS with open weeks)…..KING KHAN IS THE NO.1 STAR BECAUSE HIS MOVIES ARE CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED TOO……SRK HOLDS THE MAXIMUM NUMBER OF FILMFARE BEST ACTOR AWARD

  • Some part of Salman’s Latest Interview, have a look:

    Is 2014 going to be Salman Khan’s year?

    January main yeh Sohail ki film ayegi.

    Is it called Jai Ho?

    Arre yaar! No, Mental’s just the working title… I don’t wanna give out the title. We’re gonna launch it soon. With Bigg Boss we’ll launch it.

    What about your other films?

    Kick ayegi Eid par, then there’s a film with Sooraj Bharjatiya, there’s No Entry Part 2 and then there’s a film with Kabir Khan after that.

    The heroines you are working with – there’s Jacqueline Fernandez and we’ve heard that Nargis Fakhri will be working with you in Sooraj Bharjatya’s next?

    Really! I don’t know, they’ve not signed anybody yet for it. But Nargis Fakhri is really good – I like her energy and if there’s a film that comes I’ll definitely work with her. I think she’s lovely.

  • Salman ji srk also doesnt care about 100 and 200crore clubs thats why he gives a retweet about his films collections from the most honest man Taran adarsh.rofl

  • hehehehe sorry salman

    SRK Last 5 Movies Worldwide BO Collection — Salman Last 5 Movies Worldwide BO Collection
    My Name Is Khan — 201 crore —————– Dabang ——– 215 crore
    RA-One ———— 240 crore —————– Ready ——— 185 crore
    Don-2 ————– 236 crore —————– Bodyguard —- 223 crore
    Jab Tak Hai Jaan — 252 crore —————– Ek Tha Tiger — 307 crore
    Chennai Express — 413 crore —————– Dabang-2 —– 254 crore
    Total ————— 1342 crore —————- Total ———- 1184 crore
    Everything is crystal clear. So stop barking and accept the reality. SRK is Real KING. He is way ahead during his so called Bad Phase. So when bad phase will over just think what will happen. Cheers

  • @hnyrocks – who cares what u srk fans think.. dude where were u guys before CE.. just one big blockbuster n behaving like mad people.. next year salman khan will take his tally to 7 blockbusters in a row.. let srk achieve that then we will talk.. n CE will be history by the end of this year.. n then salman khan will come next year n u know what will happen next!

  • Salman Khan’s next film first named as “Radhe”……then named as “Jai Ho”…….hahaha…..the named as “Mental”…..HAHAHA….now hearing that it is renamed as “Azad”………HAHAHA…..Once upon a time in mumbai dobar was earlier named as “once upon a time in mumbai again” ..again added some letters to it…it went on to beacme a flkop…same result is going to happen with salwoman’s next movie

  • @saabir khan: Stick to one source dude. You have mention Producers figures for srk films & boi figures for salman films.

  • superb reply by salman this is the smart answer to any media questions Salman said that he don’t care 100,200 cr club srkians or salman haters giving these kind of nonsense comments here and if he said that he care about them then they also thrashed him the best part of Salman is yet he talked first time about collection when his record broken and also when his rival srk broken them, but srk is the one who always talked abt records if his movie made then like he tweeted ce collections as given by Taran adarsh and when he wasn’t able to get and break salman before ce than he used to saying that he don’t believe on mos. what a way of srk ans srkians stupid.

    and salman created and break the record one by one and srk able to beat him when he is absent from boxoffice this year andby using the festive season created by Salman himself, and i remember srk is able to break salman’s Dabangg 140 cr record after 3 years even Ready 123 cr record after 2years by having 4 releases since Dabangg while i m sure Salman will break srk’s ce record in next year by Jai HO or Kick withing 1 year max and also remebered Salman HAHK (1994)70cr collection record was first time achieved by Srk in his career in 2007 with OSO after 13 years from HAHK release and here srkians are saying he will not able to break his record blah blah poor moron gets a life.

    @sabbir i think you are idiots don’t know from where you copy-paste srk movies figure i m laughing Ra-one 240cr, Don 2 – 230 cr and JTHJ-253 cr hahahhah joke of the year dude.

  • @dxt naam. we were always here. because we knew SRK even in his bad phase would give 100 CRORE movie. and in his so called bad phase if even surpassed the collections of 3 idiots by a margin. on the other hand SALMAN in his best phase with successive Eid releases and weeks empty couldn’t surpass 200 CRORES. let alone beat 3 idiots. first tell Ur bhai KHAN to surpass 200 CRORES and than definitely he would understand what is 200 CRORES.

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