I don’t read reviews: Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has confessed he stays away from reading film reviews and catches them only if they are funny.

“I don’t read reviews (not taking away from the importance of reviews),” SRK told mediapersons here Wednesday.

“I have a sense of humour and most of the time my sense of humour is about how I can make fun of myself, about 70 percent of the time, and 30 percent of the time it is about making fun of others.

“But they take it very, very, seriously so I stopped doing it,” he added

SRK was in town to celebrate the success of his latest release “Happy New Year.”

“So, I do it just about myself and if it’s a review I try and catch it only if it’s funny. If it’s serious about how filmmaking should be, I am really serious about filmmaking, so I don’t really want to get into that,” he said.

The Farah Khan-directed “Happy New Year”, which released Oct 24, is yielding profits at the box office – it crossed Rs. 100 crore in the opening weekend itself. Produced by Shah Rukh’s Red Chillies Entertainments Pvt. Ltd. (RCE), the film raked in Rs.108.86 crore.


Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan



  • Our king dont read reviews but people read reviews before buying tickets so our king needs to make quality movies in future to get good reviews

  • King Khan Doesn’t need reviews bcz his fans watch his movies by his name! No matter rewiews are Good, Average or Bad! King remains King!!!

  • babaji you please concentrate on Akki & ask him to come out of his 60 cr. shell.
    even newbies are delivering bigger grossers than Akki movies now.

  • HNY – opening day and weekend records and 2nd highest opening overseas. Kick has no records. Apparently hny has failed. Then salman’s career before dabangg is a fail.

  • Its sad to see so much artificial negativity created by some people, who have not even watched the movie.. If you dont like an actor, dont kill him.. and with him, the efforts of thousands of people who have made the movie..

  • ticket seller – boss no one is buying hny tickets…
    srk -give it free, once public enters…close the door and start selling exit tickets..@ rs 200…

  • First of all, how can he read reviews of his films post MNIK? Secondly, if he doesn’t read, how does he know which review is funny? Thirdly, those 30% includes Aamir, Salman & Hrithik?
    Again, self-proclaimed that he has sense of humor. Others should have said that instead.
    None can save hny ship from sinking?!

  • SRK is the king of Bollywood and always will be. In jungle, Elephants and Rhinos are bigger in size than that of a tiger. However, the tiger is still considered to be the king of the jungle. Aamir and Salman may ahead of him in terms of box office, but SRK is the king of Bollywood.

  • @indicine-haha this is first i saw that the collction is not confirmed by distributor(yrf)…collection is confirmed by farah khan(director)only…what a team!!!

  • this is a clssic.. you make a bad dish and dont want to accept it cos others will not taste it!! what about the people who have tasted and not liked it??
    do you have no responsibilty towards the people who have put you there where you are??

    do you have no respect for their money when they come with your families to watch puke on the screen??

    seriously ive never ever seen such ghasltly humour and nevere expected from a civilised superstar that he could not have his way on his home production!!

    yes it is all about movie making and yes its about producing films allright!!

    i did not expect the superstar to work in aremake of mr bean episode like film !!

    im sure he reads the reviews ..who doesnt want to know how the film has been reacted by his fans.. surely he must have read the twitter remarks send to him or does he not read them also??

    does he even not read the newspapers also??
    do his friends not tell him what they have read??

    most of all does his family not tell him what they read??

    his sick sense of humour resticted to his acting in farah khans film when he is talking away from the character and the woman sneaks back on him to listen what he thinks about a woman.. it was self depreciating but also derogatory towards the woman the way he described..

    i do not respect him at all after what he has given to the world with his present showcase..

    in the entire film he was disrespectful towards woman and behaved as if the world revolved around him ..the 5 people put their neck out for his cause!!

    its time he put his feet back on earth and started to accept his faults and learn from the vast criticism he has got

    the verdict of rejection is en masse

    so what if indicine gave him 4 star rating?? didnt he read that review too for whom it was writtten??

    his obnoxious film needs to be doomed..!!!

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