I congratulate SRK and Salman: Mahesh Bhatt

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan’s reported patch-up at an Iftaar party has impressed Mahesh Bhatt, who says it was bound to happen.

“Both have hugged each other and have sent a message across the nation that there are differences, but it’s not like that we cannot overcome them,” said Bhatt Monday on the sidelines of a press conference of Ajay Bahl’s film “B.A. Pass” here.

“In the pious month of Ramzan, in which people forget their mutual differences and talk about peace and harmony, it was inevitable that at an Iftaar party people would meet and won’t hug each other.”

Bhatt even congratulated the two.

“I congratulate both of them. They have created a very positive environment in the country,” said the filmmaker who directed SRK in “Duplicate”.

Salman and Shah Rukh were not on talking terms post a fight at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash in 2008.

Shadab Kamal with Shilpa ShuklaShadab Kamal with Shilpa Shukla

Mahesh Bhatt with Shilpa ShuklaMahesh Bhatt with Shilpa Shukla

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  • SRK doing all this thing 2 promote Chennai express.First twitter return,surrogacy n now so called patch up..how desparate a guy can b 2 promote his film?! Shame

  • I give up the fan wars. I respect both of them! Want peace and harmony to rule! Good luck! Hope others learn something from this!

  • @joya..don’t talk rubbish ok! Srk doesn’t need promotion and nor does Salman . If u remember chak de India and rnbdj released without any promotion and they turned out to be blockbusters. So please spare your thoughts for ignorant people who talk without understanding the scenario of things. And just so that u know, it was Salman who approached srk to hug him first. And u also don’t have the right to bring the surrogacy topic here. That’s his personal family issue and let’s leave it to that!

  • @joya
    so u mean to say that srk paid salman for coming to him & hugging??

    *as stupid as ever*

  • 2 big Tickts…■. sallu An saruk my super-hero…!!

    ” 21st July iS most Happy Day For Bollywood An ALso for india.. plz Cheer u p for Srk & Salm­an . . 2 Big Tickts…!!!!

  • @Joya srk wanted to patch up a long time ago and here it was salman khan who took the first step your logic makes no sense.

  • Hello joya ji
    i am now sure u r a amir khan or akshya kumar fan
    u r jelous for badshah-dabang patch up
    and srk not doing this for promotion and our bighearted salman bhai burried all past and greet srk with a hug and he responce with a smile

  • Just because they hugged each other doesn’t mean that they have really patched up internally. It is not enough to acknowledge that the 2 Khans have patched up. I remember in an interview, a couple of months ago Shah Rukh told that they have been having issues with each other even prior to this so-called famous Katrina’s B’day party. If what I remember is correct, he also said that they both need to sit and discuss about this matter in order for them to patch up;and said that he doesn’t think that it would happen in the near future.

    Until SRK or Salman or both of them make an official statement to media about this I don’t believe that they have really patched up.

    Anyway at least to see them hugging each other was a pleasant surprise. And it was nicer to see them hugging than seeing a real celebrity couple hugging each other.

  • Mr Bhatt, what’s the big deal….this is normalo in life …that people fight and become friends again…why so much stupid comments about two actors…what if they fight and come together….how stupid are the indian population.

  • Guys, it is Ramzaan, a religious fasting period, and just like in any religion we do calm down a bit and are bit more peacful with ourselves. Salman came to the party, and just went and hugged srk like he did to others, meaning, that there is no deep-rooted hatred and srk acknowledging it proves the same.

    So, let us move on, and it is a lesson for all of us that there may be many differences, but at the end of the day we should not keep malice and intent of something worst happening to others.

    Some may not like srk or salman movies, that’s an individual choice, and for fun we can call names and tease each others, but at the end of the day let us not have deep rooted hatred for one other.

  • If they hugged, they will soon sort out their differences! The most unbelievable event just occurred and u goofs r down playing as if its an everday thing tht the biggest Khans of the industry hav hugged ! Listen they will patch up and they will make make a movie in the coming years i say about 3 years from now! I love em both without theses guys mite aswell say RIP bollywood…

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