I cannot handle people calling me bhai: Salman Khan

Salman BhaiAt the launch of yet another ‘Being Human’ merchandise store, Salman Khan was asked how he reacts when someone calls him ‘bhai’. To which, he responded by saying ‘I cannot handle people calling him bhai’.

“I have four sisters and two are Rakhi sisters . They are enough. I cannot handle people calling me bhai. Infact, I really don’t know how to react when a girl calls me bhai” Salman said.

The actor was also asked to share the secret behind his good youthful looks even at the age of 47 “My father (Salim Khan) says after 30 years a man is responsible for his own looks. If you are a frustrated person then it will show on your face”



  • Sabi Ladkiyo Ke Bhai Hamare Salman Bhai :-P :-P.

    Chaahe Ladka Ho Ya Ladki, Agar Bhai Chahiye Toh Salman Bhai Ka Naam Lena.
    Isiliye Bhaijaan Ki Shadi Nahi Horahi. Bechare Sallu Bhai.

  • Wow Modesty at its best. Bhai jaan is truly everybodys Bade Bhaiya and he is also Bade Dilwale.
    Bhais simplicity and laid back approach to life is what brings him closer to his followers than other egoistic power hungry self proclaimed influential global super stars…! ;-)

    @rizwan khan- if only Srk was as modest as Bhai Jaan then he wouldnt have so many deep valley like wrinkles on his forehead and baggy eyes. Salman inadvertedly took a swipe at SRK in the last sentence

  • Salman’s fans r totally mad !!! They’re calling salman bhai look at his age 47 and that’s y he is angry people calling him bhai !! Call him uncle or buddha salman then he will be very happy ! I’m i right salman uncle ??

  • salman himself hates being called bhai but his ullu fans don’t understand human languages and they still keep calling him bhai, give him some respect, call him uncle !!!

  • haters have started to bark. They care so much about salman that they want to intrude even in a Salman’s message to his fans. For those who r saying he is Bhai of all gals? I hope they remember Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali, Aishwarya n Katrina, most beautiful n good looking ladies who dated Salman. Srk can dream n fantasy of dating such lovely ladies. :p

  • @MY-FOOT you’re wrong but thats the story of your sorry life so no surprises there. :-P

    We already call Smeagol Rukh Khan ‘buddha srk’ so to keep things unique we call Salman Khan ‘Salman Bhai’ and Aamir Khan ‘Mr Perfectionist’. Theres only 1 buddha in Bollywood and that is Smeagol Rukh Khan…! :-)


  • @Navin Look at the old guy who can’t see my nice name its my -force dude !!
    As I said old actors old fans buddeya actor ka buddha fans who can’t see Take Care !!!

  • He is the best Bhai in the tinsel town. But honestly all the girls would love to have him as valentine partner.

  • Hrithik lol….
    dont mind but r u married..?
    If u r den u shdnt hav said dat abt srk…
    Cozz shahrukh izz a loyal n loving husband.
    N yepp I remember at kolkata film festival kat said sallu izz like his big brother…bade bhaiyyaa…
    If u dont believe den pplzz go on.u r just a click away from google.

  • I swear He looked like a buddha in Ett…n all d actresses like aish,kat,somi ali dumped him cozz dey discovered salwoman izz actually a gay…hahaha

  • @Damnn..!… : It seems u have experience both Salman n srk’s sexuality thats how u r so sure about it. And cut the crap, srk is no saint (remember PC scandal?) despite married, u know n believe what srk PR shows n wants to know it. In a way, u r right, srk dream only about Kjo, Arjun Rampal, Manish Malhotra. :p

  • Ask a common person who can be associated or fit for name ‘Tiger’ between srk n salman, u will get the answer. Srk got more gray hairs than salman, and morons like Damn is calling salman as buddha. Lol.

  • Salman has such a I don’t give a damn and natural attitude! It’s a refreshing change from other pseudos forever projecting an image!

    He’s called bhai because many in the industry rely on him and his assistance and he’s their pillar of support.

    He’s got no dearth of female fans or gorgeous girlfriends in his lifetime.

    Bhai is an affectionate title for him which shows the personal connection he enjoys with his audience. Unlike his friend who’s always posing as a baba! You know who!

  • @deeper in denial Deepu sorry but we dont know who you talking about…! :-P
    Infact noone cares about what you talk about- you lost any shred of credibility you had at birth when you opened that trap of yours and shamelessly /savagely attacked Aamir and SMJ. Cant say I can differentiate between the social works done by Srk, Salman and Aamir but you clearly see some Differences and want to attack one over the others. I dont know why you resent Aamir and I dont really want to know but as Salman bhai said on another article:- ‘Do charity whatever the reason’. You should let that sink inside your empty head and realise people who need help dont mind where it comes from because until you reach rock bottom (in your case I hope that never happens only because I dont want you taking free help in the place of more deserving people….! :-P) then you will never appreciate what a good gesture is…! You blinded by hatred and cant see the truth staring you in the face.
    Helping those needing help is whats more important than discussing the credibility of those giving that helping hand…! ;-)

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